How to Assemble Your Wedding Invitations Properly

Follow our guide to assemble the perfect wedding invitation suite.

invitation suite

Shannon Von Eschen

When you receive your wedding invitations from the printer, you'll probably be excited to get started stuffing envelopes and sending them off to your friends and family. But if your invitation suite involves multiple cards and pieces, you might start wondering how to assemble wedding invitations properly. The truth is, it's less complicated than it looks. Read on to find out exactly how to put wedding invites together and start an at-home assembly line with your bridesmaids.

How to Assemble Wedding Invites
Jiaqi Zhou / Brides 

1. Start With the Invitation

Start with the wedding invitation, which you should place face up on the table.

2. Decide What to Do With the Tissue Paper

If a sheet of tissue paper came on top of each invitation, it's your choice whether to leave it in or not. Traditionally, it was used to keep the ink from smudging. While most inks used these days won't smudge, the tradition has continued. If you want to keep the tissue in the invitation suite, place the tissue on top of the wedding invitation.

3. Add the Reception Card

Place the reception card (if applicable) face-up on top of the invitation (or tissue paper, if you included it).

4. Add Any Other Enclosure Cards

Place any remaining enclosure cards, such as a map card or hotel accommodations card, face up. If there is more than one enclosure card, the order doesn't matter unless they're different sizes. If they are different sizes, start with the largest enclosure card and work your way to the smallest.

5. Include the RSVP Card

Place the reply envelope face-down on top of the enclosure cards. Insert the reply card under the reply envelope flap, face-up so that the printed side is visible.

If the invitation is a folded-style invitation, all enclosures are placed within the folded invitation rather than on top.

6. Stuff the Envelope

If you're using two envelopes (an inner envelope and outer envelope), insert the now fully assembled invitation suite into the inner envelope (left edge first for a single-card invitation; folded edge first for a folded invitation).

When the envelope flap is opened, you should see the printed side of the invitation. Insert the inner envelope into the outer envelope so that the handwritten guests' names you've put on the inner envelope are visible when they open it up.

If you're using just one envelope (an outer envelope), insert the fully assembled invitation suite into the envelope (left edge first for a single card invitation; folded edge first for a folded invitation). When the envelope flap is opened, you should see the printed side of the invitation.

And that's it—now you know exactly how to stuff wedding envelopes like a pro! Go forth, assemble, and send.

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