Ariana Grande Reportedly Wants a Winter Wonderland Wedding With Pete Davidson

These two are not wasting any time

Updated 06/13/18

Composite. Getty Images

Talk about a turnaround! News of Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's engagement started swirling less than 72 hours ago, and already there's talk of wedding planning. Here's what the soon-to-be bride has reportedly been envisioning for her big day.

A source close to the couple revealed to Entertainment Tonight that the pop star, 24, has been dreaming of her wedding day for years now, and already knows exactly how she wants to walk down the aisle. "Ariana has talked about marriage since she was 15," the insider revealed. "During her teen years, she was always very dreamy about a wedding and she used to call friends and talk about one day having that one special person."

"She also has always wanted children and talked about how stylish her children will be," the source added. "She used to talk about her brother [Frankie] walking her down the aisle and giving her away. They are really close and she felt he would be the perfect man to do that."

The apparent bride-to-be even has a wedding season in mind. "Ariana also spoke about a winter wedding, which seemed a little cold, but she loves the idea of a winter wonderland–type scene. We used to laugh about her fun ideas of a snowy wedding day," said the source.

Yesterday, TMZ confirmed that the massive rock on Grande's finger was in fact her engagement ring from Pete Davidson—all $93,000 of it. The Saturday Night Live star apparently had the diamond ring custom made for Grande nearly two weeks ago. The two are currently enjoying a post-engagement vacation in Disneyland, where they've been spotted coming and going from rides.

If Grande really wants a winter wedding, she's going to have to wait a few months to walk down the aisle—which will probably feel like a lifetime for this couple who got engaged after only a few weeks of dating!

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