Are Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Engaged? Her Diamond Ring Certainly Says So!

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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton have been dating for less than a year, but it definitely seems like they're on the road to marriage — especially with the latest signs. The former No Doubt lead singer was seen wearing a large diamond ring on that finger while at the Wango Tango music festival in Los Angeles on Saturday, May 14, leading us to ask the question: "Are Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton engaged?"

The diamond pave eternity band that the singer was rocking on Saturday certainly says so. The ring, which contains a row of large diamonds that encapsulate her left ring finger, is pretty distracting, especially when it comes to that finger — which has been pretty bare since her divorce from Gavin Rossdale. Even though Stefani and Shelton have attempted to keep their budding romance on the down low, it's been pretty hard to stay hush hush, being co-stars and all. The Voice castmates-turned-lovebirds announced in November that they were officially dating.

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Since then, the two have been seen displaying lots of PDA — with Gwen, 46, even catching the bride's bouquet at a wedding they went to together. Most recently, however, the couple performed a duet on The Voice that garnered tons of attention and had everybody swooning over their chemistry (video below).

"When they were introduced to the stage, Blake gently touched her lower back, helping her up the stairs," an insider shared with People. "The moment he saw her, he couldn't help but smile. The two shared plenty of sweet, intimate moments during their performance, barely breaking eye contact. When it came to singing, you could tell they were very much in the moment. Once the song finished, Blake embraced Gwen with a hug and a long kiss on the forehead."

It's clear the lyrics have a lot more behind them than just surface-level words. Gwen sings, I never ever meant to get so into you — thought I was using you just to get me through. You know I'm broken I don't trust anyone, last thing I needed was to fall in love. You got me thinking I've got some hope — there is nobody else I want to get to know...but I'm so scared I don't know what to do. How did you get me so into you? Underlying meaning much?

The 39-year-old country star, who split from ex-wife Miranda Lambert last year, explained how the song came to be, saying, "Originally, when I started the song, I was just, I was only trying to impress her, you know, just trying to write her a song to get her excited about me, and I sent her the song half-finished and she wrote the other half of the song, so it's such a 50/50 emotionally-invested thing."

Rumors about the two performers tying that knot have been swirling for a while now, but we're hoping this ring is the real deal. Since Shelton has been hanging with Stefani's three boys (and the five have been seen having the time of their lives), it's obvious that he'd be a perfect fit as stepdad and hubby. Regardless of their current marital status and wedding plans, it's clear the two are totally in love.

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