Anna Faris and Chris Pratt "Completely" Agree That "Divorce Sucks"

The actress is in total agreement with her ex-husband's statement

Gregg DeGuire/WireImage/Getty Images

Nearly eight months after announcing their divorce, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt already seem to be looking back on the experience with a healthy dose of love and appreciation for one another. Earlier this week, Pratt opened up about the split for the first time, sharing that while "divorce sucks," he and Faris have been remarkably successful so far in remaining close friends and co-parenting 5-year-old son Jack. On Thursday, during a radio interview with SiriusXM Hits 1, Faris "completely" agreed with her ex's assessment, and discussed what she's learned from their divorce.

"We have a great friendship, we really do. And we always have," the Overboard actress said, according to Cosmopolitan. "And yeah, it’s always tough to envision your future as one thing, but I think there’s a lot of love." She continued, "In what we do, there's so much unpredictability. I think that it's a lesson learned a little bit, in terms of keeping relationships a little more private, potentially—even though I don't wanna. I pride myself on being a pretty open person, but I don't know. It's tough when you're under the scrutiny."

Faris, who's hosted Anna Faris Is Unqualified, a podcast about love and relationships, since 2015, went on to explain how she's learned, throughout her two marriages and divorces, to value herself and be "selfish in love." "I was such an insecure kid that if anybody remotely attractive liked me, I was just completely smitten. Like, 'I can't believe the popular guy likes me!'" she said. "I think that my mom was always trying to reiterate, like, 'Value yourself, value yourself.' And we talk about that on the podcast a lot, about how women tend to not have as strong of egos as men and don't necessarily prioritize themselves."

Faris, 41, and Pratt, 38, who tied the knot in Bali in July 2009, announced their separation via a joint statement on social media in August 2017. "We are sad to announce we are legally separating," they wrote. "We tried hard for a long time, and we're really disappointed. Our son has two parents who love him very much and for his sake we want to keep this situation as private as possible moving forward. We still love each other and will always cherish our time together."

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