Anna Faris Tried to Wrestle Chris Pratt, Making Us Die of Husband-Wife Cuteness

Updated 06/09/16

Ann Faris via Instagram

By now, we're quite used to seeing Anna Faris and Chris Pratt getting each other's hearts racing just by being their adorable selves — from their too-cute glances on the red carpet to their constant gushing over one another in interviews. But now these two are getting their blood pumping in a totally different kind of way. Wrestling, of course! In a video posted to Faris' Instagram, the Mom actress is seen working out with her hunky hubby, and by the looks it, the pair went from A-list actors to professional wrestlers!

It's no secret that Faris and Pratt are the cutest couple, like, ever. They're hilarious, have the most adorable little son ever, and are just too darn sweet. "Anna is a great wife," the Jurassic World star once wrote on Reddit of his sweetheart. "Very patient and understanding. Very supportive. So kind and genuine always. And she gave me a wonderful son and family of in-laws that I truly love." But after almost seven (!) years of wedded bliss, these two are kicking their relationship up a notch with some brand new moves.

Faris and Pratt called upon professional wrester and mixed martial artist Dave Bautista to mix up their workout, which led to Pratt lifting up his wife and flipping her over his shoulders, natch. "We're on hard-wood floors," Faris points in the video, as Bautista instructs her to awkwardly stick her head in her hubby's crotch (yup.) and Pratt to grab her waist and throw her up over his head. "This is a horrible idea."

But all's well that ends well. The duo totally pulled off the impressive move, with the blonde beauty ending up sitting atop Pratt's shoulders, and the pair now has a career backup plan in the works in the event that this whole acting thing doesn't work out. "My back-up plan: professional wrestler," Faris captioned the Instagram video. "So lucky I didn't break my neck — thanks guys!"

The couple that wrestles together, stays together right?

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