An Animal Shelter Threw a Wedding for Two Inseparable Senior Dogs

The shelter hopes their new marital status will help get the doggos adopted together

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Since Jack and Diane arrived at the Kennebec Valley Humane Society in Augusta, Maine, they have always been called the shelter’s old married couple—but now it’s official.

The shelter threw the two senior mix-breed dogs a wedding to raise awareness among potential adopters that they are a package deal.

“They absolutely love each other and they do okay walking separately, and being separated for a little time, but they get really anxious if they are by themselves,” Robin Coston, senior animal care tech, said in a video by WGME.

But when they are together, it’s a whole different vibe. According to Stevanie Roy, the director of operations at KVHS, their bond was evident when Jack and Diane were found in a cemetery in Chelsea, Maine, last August with their leashes tied together, Roy told the Huffington Post.

Since being at the shelter, the two can now be found snuggling together for hours. Jack is reportedly very laid-back and “very treat motivated,” but he’d give it all up for his new wife, Diane. “He sacrifices all toys and comfy beds for his lady, keeping chivalry alive,” Roy said.

Diane on the other hand takes charge in their relationship and decides which adventures they go on. Roy said, “She always gets super excited when getting reunited with Jack and is always found doing a little dance when she sees him coming towards her.”

It was clearly a no-brainer that these two belonged together, so the shelter helped make things #official with a ceremony during one of the staff meetings. Jack, 10, waited patiently at the altar in his bow tie for his bride who got ready in a private dressing room. Diane, 7, wore a veil and the dog version of a flower crown, a flowered collar.

The dog bride, of course, walked down the aisle to John Mellencamp—our bet is on his hit “Jack & Diane.” Roy officiated the wedding and instead of the dogs saying “I do,” they each gave her a nice wet kiss on the cheek to seal the deal.

The reception consisted of a pizza party, where the dogs were treated to bits of pepperoni slices that their guests snuck to them.

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Now that they have tied the knot, hopefully their honeymoon will be more of a homecoming to the perfect adoptive family ready to take this sweet couple in. Watch the video below to see if Jack and Diane are the right fit for you.

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