Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper Crashed a Wedding! The Famous BFFs Jumped in on a Stranger's SoCal Nuptials

Updated 03/15/16

Andy Cohen via Instagram

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper have quite a long list of accomplishments. From foreign journalism and international reporting to wrangling reality TV stars off of one another when the Real Housewives try to pull each other's hair out, their respective resumes are nothing to shake a stick at. But, despite all of their hosting and anchor credentials, their latest title is our favorite one yet... Wedding crashers! The Bravo host and the CNN journalist crashed a Santa Barbara wedding over the weekend and the photos are just too funny!

Cohen and Cooper have been touring the country as a dynamic duo for their joint lecture series, AC2: An Intimate Evening with Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen. And while traveling to Santa Barbara for a show, the two happened to stumble upon a wedding taking place and couldn't help but join in on the festivities!

These are two wedding crashers we definitely wouldn't kick out of our big day! (Seriously, who wouldn't want these guys as wedding guests?!) So who was this lucky couple who made room for two more terrific (and unexpected) attendees? Holly Hilburn and James Roblee, who were tying the knot at the Four Season's Resort, The Biltmore Santa Barbara, when Cohen and Cooper came to join the fun. By the looks of it, the SoCal bridal party totally embraced the surprise guests, inviting Cohen to pose with the groomsmen (anyone think his red short shorts and chambray shirt will become the next big groomsmen trend?), while Cooper got cozy with the bride and groom. It's usually a major faux pas to forgo giving a wedding gift, but we'd totally accept these two's presence as the perfect present!

Cooper and Cohen definitely aren't the first celeb wedding crashers we've spotted showing up uninvited to random nuptials — they aren't even the only ones from last weekend! On Saturday, Matt LeBlanc surprised a bride and groom whose wedding was taking place at London's St. Paul's Cathedral, where he was filming car stunts right at the church steps. Somehow, we don't think racing attire fit their wedding dress code, but, hey, we'd invite a celeb wedding crasher to join the fun no matter their ensemble! (Well, as long as it's notBeyoncé in a white dress... How can a bride compete with that?)

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