Amy Schumer Can't Stop, Won't Stop Photobombing Engagement Pics

In classic Amy fashion

Dimitrios Kambouris

Comedian Amy Schumer knows how to make jokes on and off the stage. The I Feel Pretty actress, 37, gave one couple an unforgettable engagement photoshoot when she crashed one of their shots and photobombed the background.

Photographer Jen Menard was photographing New Orleans couple James Matthews and Katherine Salisbury when Schumer, who was on a walk with husband, chef Chris Fischer, appeared nearby.

Menard, who had been shooting for about 20 minutes at Audubon Park in New Orleans when Schumer approached the couple, asking if she could hop in the shot. Being totally engaged in her work, she initially didn't even see the star walk by.

“I honestly didn’t notice,” Menard told HuffPost via email. “Then she ran back over and said, ‘Hey! Is this an engagement session?’ And we told her yeah, then she said, ‘Can I photobomb?!’ ”

Meanwhile, the bride-to-be was “totally freaking out, because she knew exactly who it was,” Menard said.

Salisbury told HuffPost she thought “HOLY SHIT that is Amy Schumer!” but “didn’t want to say that out loud because I figured she would just want to go on her way after she photobombed us as opposed to staying to chat.”

Menard invited the celeb to hop in the couple's photo, which resulted in a priceless engagement shot that she shared to her Instagram account.

“Kind of kicking myself that we only have the one picture (although it is an amazing one),” Salisbury added in an email. “She did ask if she could photobomb us and I was like ‘HELL YES get in here!’”

Schumer also posted the photo, writing in a caption, "If you get engaged, Tati and I will be there." Tati is Schumer's little black pooch, which can be seen in the right corner of the photo.

This isn't Schumer's first foray into the world of engagement shoot photobombs. Last year, the star hopped in on a New York City couple's Central Park engagement shoot, which she had also done to another couple back in 2015.

Moral of the story? If you want a celebrity photobomb in your wedding/engagement photos, Amy Schumer is your girl.

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