Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph Stage Fake Proposal At 2019 Golden Globes

Sound familiar?


What's better than a perfectly timed awards show proposal? During the 2019 Golden Globe Awards, former Saturday Night Live stars Amy Poehler and Maya Rudolph surprised the audience by "getting engaged" during their co-speech, and naturally, it was hilarious.

While speaking to the crowd before announcing the winners of the Best Screenplay for a Motion Picture category, Rudolph quickly took hold of the mic and said, "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, guys, but I just have to do this." The actress then turned to Poehler and told her, "Amy, you are the love of my life...You have always been there for me," while holding a little black ring box.

Poehler perfectly played along with the joke by acting in complete shock and asking her, "What are you doing? Oh, my God, what are you doing?"

Poehler then added that she was worried their "proposal" would cloud the winner's moment, but Rudolph assured her that "it's just Best Screenplay."

Playing along with the joke, Poehler told Rudolph in front of the audience, "1,000 times yes! I can't believe you are doing this in front of everyone," the comedian said.

The funny moment was likely throwing shade at another on-stage proposal from the year before. During the 2018 Emmy Awards, producer and director Glenn Weiss surprised the crowd when he got down on one knee to ask then-girlfriend Jan Svendsen to marry him. She said yes, which led to a round of applause from the lovestruck audience. Some viewers believed that his proposal was staged, however, saying that it was just for publicity.

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