What's a Fun Alternative to Tossing Rice at Our Wedding?

Updated 03/25/14

Melanie Nashan

Tossing rice as the newlyweds exit the wedding ceremony is a wedding tradition that symbolizes the showering of abundance and fertility on the bride and groom. But if your venue does not allow rice, or if you would simply rather do something else, our wedding etiquette experts are here with some alternative ideas in our daily post.

Our wedding ceremony venue won't allow guests to throw rice at our wedding. What's a fun alternative?

Some venues restrict couples from tossing rice—many think it's because the rice is unhealthy for birds (though that's since been debunked as a myth!). Regardless, rice can be messy (and slippery, especially on church steps!), so many couples are coming up with alternatives for a festive and fun ceremony send-off. Plus, this opens up opportunities for you to show off your playful side and your personality as a couple as you take your first steps as husband and wife! Just be sure to check with your ceremony venue for any additional restrictions.

•Bubbles: They're fun and inexpensive, and perfect for an outdoor wedding. Guests can hang on to the bottles and use them again at the end of the reception for another bubbly send-off.

•Pom poms: They add a colorful and whimsical touch to the recessional.

•Lavender: An elegant, fragrant option for an outdoor wedding.

•Mini beach balls: Perfectly playful for a beach ceremony.

•Ribbon wands: They add such a pretty dose of color to your ceremony pictures.

•Confetti: Again, so colorful and fun! There are biodegradable versions, too.

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