Alex Rodriguez Rehearsed His Proposal to Jennifer Lopez With His Assistant

He wanted the sunset to be perfect!

Andrew Toth

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez got engaged during what looked like an an easy breezy beachside moment in the Bahamas, but now we're learning that it wasn't as effortless as it looked. A-Rod actually put a ton of work into making sure everything went without a hitch. In fact, he was so dedicated to pulling off a magical proposal that he adorably rehearsed three days in a row with his assistant.

The former baseball player and future groom stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday and revealed that the engagement had been six whole months in the making. That shouldn't come as a surprise to people who took note of everything, from the ring to the location to the rose-filled bedroom scene he staged for his bride-to-be afterwards.

“I had the ring, but what was interesting is the three days prior to me going down on one knee and getting engaged was I rehearsed three days in a row," he told Fallon. He also explained that the setting was a big deal to him: “I wanted the sunset to be perfect."

Fallon then asked him if he had practiced before the big day. “Well, I had my assistant actually with me,” Rodriguez admitted with a laugh.

Well, it seems hard work paid off because J.Lo happily said yes and the two are headed to the altar—eventually, at least. J.Lo did warn fans who can't wait for the wedding that they're going to take their time. “We haven’t started planning yet. You know, we just got engaged!" J.Lo said on WKTU’s Cubby & Carolina in the Morning earlier this month. "Then right afterwards we started working right away, and we’re working the rest of the year, so I don’t know what’s going to happen."

Still, if the wedding is anything like A-Rod's super-detailed proposal, it's going to be perfectly planned and pretty epic.

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