Airbnb Survey Reveals Which Amenities Travelers Care About Most, Just in Time to Give You the Most Insta-Worthy Bachelorette

The results may surprise you

Updated 08/24/18

Courtesy of Do You Travel via Instagram

If you're planning your sister's or BFF's bachelorette party, listen up—we come bearing important travel info. While narrowing down the perfect photo-worthy accommodations within close proximity of some local escapades and stellar cuisine is key for this pre-wedding tradition, it turns out that any lodging's amenities (i.e. a functioning coffee maker after a late night out) play a much bigger part in overall travel satisfaction than you might think.

According to a new Airbnb survey, which polled over 8,629 individuals aged 18 or older across eleven countries (United States, Canada, Australia, China, Mexico, Brazil, India, Germany, Spain, Argentina, and Italy), 97 percent of travelers from the United States alone admitted that amenities impact their travel getaways. This same demographic also ranked amenities over shopping, dining, and even location in terms of vacation quality.

So, speaking of amenities, which do modern travelers seek out the most? First and foremost, functionality. The Airbnb survey discovered that participants in most of the surveyed countries cited conveniences like a coffee maker (we can't emphasize this enough for a bach party) or a full set of wine glasses (another bach party essential) as a top priority. Second, travelers rated thoughtfulness, such as a small welcome gift, as the next highest amenity.

One surprising finding? Of those surveyed, most actually preferred comfort over connectivity. The majority of respondents in the United States, Australia, and Italy considered air conditioning one of the most important indoor amenities, instead of WiFi or full kitchens.

While pools naturally fell at the top of the amenity list globally (gotta take advantage of those Insta-worthy floats), free parking and pet-friendly accommodations came at a close second and third, especially among citizens of the United States, Australia, and Canada.

From a millennial perspective, 12 percent of survey participants aged 18-34 cited the "cool factor" as an important component of amenities, and 58 percent of this generation also valued how social-media friendly an accommodation looks (#DoItForTheGram).

All in all, aside from a pool (the obvious), plan any bachelorette around the aforementioned amenities for a girls getaway that's bound to satisfy all partygoers, especially the bride.

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