A Bride's "Adults-Only" Wedding Drama Is Creating Major Buzz on the Internet

“They decided to pull out of wedding and excommunicate [me] from the family.”

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A couple's decision to host an "adults-only" wedding resulted in a massive argument amidst their families, and the bride brought the issue to Reddit to ask for some advice on what to do.

The thread, which was first spotted by Yahoo, details the situation, explaining that the couple decided to host an adults-only wedding to keep their numbers down. This ultimately meant uninviting the bride's 1-year-old nephew, and when her stepmother caught wind of the situation, she flipped out. “TLDR: my parents flipped out that my fiancé and I decided we wanted an Adult only wedding which meant my 1 year old nephew could not attend,” the bride wrote. “They decided to pull out of wedding and excommunicate [me] from the family. [Stepmom] called my fiancé’s mother and said horrible things about my fiancé and her mother.”

The bride shared the details of what happened, which involved a number of heated conversations with her family. “I explained that it wasn’t because we didn’t love him, it was that if we open it up for him to attend then we need to open it up to my fiancé’s side of the family which would put us at 13 children and ultimately not be what we were looking for on our day," she wrote. She notes that she even offered to pay for a babysitter for her nephew, but ultimately the couple decided not to attend the wedding if their son wasn't welcome. The situation resulted in some intense back and forth with the brides stepmother, which led to her entire side of the family excommunicating the couple and backing out of the wedding.

"At this point I don't know what to do," she wrote, which garnered dozens of supportive responses from the Reddit community. "I'm sorry. It's your wedding, not your stepmother's. You are not being unreasonable at all," wrote one user. "Any guilt you may feel now and forward is not yours. You did nothing wrong and owe no apologies," agreed another.

"Why are they excommunicating you over a 1 year olds attendance?" asked someone else. "That baby will never remember your wedding day and likely would never care that he wasn’t invited. Trash is taking itself out. I can’t believe your family is deciding to cut you out over this."

The concept of an adult's only wedding isn't an uncommon one. In order to avoid this type of drama, experts suggest making the situation very clear from the outset, by writing something like, "We kindly ask you to leave the kids at home so you can party with us," or simply, "Adults Only," on the invitation. They also note that you should be prepared for some guests to say "no" to attending without their brood.

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