The Wedding Singer Star Adam Sandler Is Now a Wedding (Photo) Crasher

Sadly, Drew Barrymore was not present

Steven Ferdman

While comedian Adam Sandler unfortunately didn't live up to his Wedding Singer role IRL, he did get to partake in another couple's big day in a big way last week (minus the '80s hairdo).

Newlyweds Alex Steinberg and Kevin Goldstein, who married in Montreal, were minding their own business, snapping wedding photos at the Le Mount Stephen hotel before their ceremony, when they noticed Sandler from afar. The bride initiated a conversation with the 51-year-old actor, who was in town filming a new Netflix original, Murder Mystery. One thing led to another, and this seemingly Sandler-obsessed couple ended up with more buzz-worthy pictures than they probably bargained for.

"We told him we’re huge fans, we love his work, we’ve watched all his films," Goldstein told BBC from his Italian honeymoon. "[Sandler] replied, ‘Good, I’ll take some photos then―mazel tov!' "

Steinberg and Goldstein's photographer, Sana Belgot of Mlle Sana Photography, immediately leaped into action and captured the trio's random rendezvous, all the while Sandler was dressed in a T-shirt and basketball shorts. The best photo of the bunch features the beaming bride and groom in their gown and tux, respectively, standing on a terrace while a mustached Sandler poses below in the background, holding up two peace signs. That's a framer for sure.

Belgot shared a collage of the hilarious snapshots to her Instagram account. "About last Sunday...My bride & groom bumped into @adamsandler, and that was amazing! Everything can happen in #montreal !" she captioned the photo montage. BBC also reports that one photo has since been up-voted more than 27,000 times on Reddit.

The couple even requested his presence for the wedding itself, t-shirt and all. "I was like, please come! Please come! Sing the hora!" Steinberg told Time, but he unfortunately wasn't able to make it (or belt out a good '80s love song, for that matter).

Despite not having a celeb wedding guest to put the cherry on top of this amazing chance encounter, Goldstein raved about the experience, deeming Sandler "the nicest guy."

"He took the time to take photos with us and spend time with us," Goldstein told BBC. "It made our photos and wedding that much better."

While this wedding run-in would have been a tad bit more exciting with a surprise cameo from Drew Barrymore, we have to hand it to this lucky couple. It truly doesn't get much better than an Adam Sandler wedding photo bomb. Those shots are definitely worthy of the wedding scrapbook.

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