Acupuncture Could Be Your Ticket to Smooth, Glowing Skin

This ancient practice is getting a modern twist

Courtesy of Lindsay Cohn

While beauty and wellness have lived separately for quite some time (at least, as far as western culture is concerned), as of late, we’ve been seeing an influx of holistic hybrids—whether that’s in the realm of skincare products, supplements, tools, rituals, or studio spaces. Which brings us to the acupuncture treatments at WTHN. Billed as “the first modern acupuncture experience in NYC,” WTHN makes this ancient practice accessible, convenient, and cool. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that the sessions—including the glow-getting facial treatment we’ll dive into next—take place in a chic Flatiron sanctuary with state-of-the-art heated tables and a cozy lounge for sipping healing elixirs while you wait.

“Face Time” taps into the many benefits of facial acupuncture. First off, this centuries-old beauty secret increases circulation, which in turn promotes production of collagen and elastin. Beyond that, it relaxes facial muscles. This not only thwarts fine lines, but also eases sinus congestion, headaches, and jaw tension. Basically, it’s great for anyone who’s dealing with stress—and brides definitely fall into that category. NYS licensed acupuncturists at WTHN simultaneously target wellness points to optimize overall health, too. So, you can decide to focus on energy, immunity, digestion, anxiety, etc.

Once the needles are in place, you have a choice. Skip straight to the sound therapy or add on LED light therapy—which, fun fact, was used by NASA because it revs up cellular rejuvenation and healing—for $20 (or free with a WTHN membership). We highly recommend opting for the latter. Neon light, coupled with guided meditation, works its regenerative magic on your face for 30 minute before a rose quartz roller brings you back into the present. The perfect, feel-good finishing touch? Sliding facial cupping for an extra collagen boost. (The moving technique means no pepperoni marks.)

Without question, the experience is awesome. But how about the results? We’re delighted to reveal that this multitasking self-care session leaves you looking and feeling refreshed. Expect firm, plump, glowy skin and a deep sense of well-being that won’t quit.

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