4 Accessory Mistakes Grooms and Groomsmen Make

Updated 05/29/15

The Black Tux

Every bride knows that accessories can make or break a big day ensemble. For example, the wrong color tie could completely throw off your groom's entire look, while the right one could take his wedding suit up a notch or two. Because boys can sometimes be a bit clueless when it comes to the whole fashion thing, we hit up the dapper founders of The Black Tux, Andrew Blackmon and Patrick Coyne, to get a little style advice.

For grooms and groomsmen, unique accessories are an easy way to subtly customize your look, they say. "While you definitely don't have to play it safe, you should make sure to not go too over the top, as the last thing a bride wants is someone sticking out like a sore thumb in group photos." We concur! With that said, here are a few accessory rules to school the men in.

Shoes: Let's face it; plastic shoes are simply not comfortable. "If you have to rent plastic however, at the very least, double check that you have the right size or you could end up looking like you're wearing shiny clown shoes," warns Coyne. Better yet, splurge on real leather and your feet will totally thank you later.

Ties: First things first, you'll want to pick a tie that doesn't clash with the bridal party's dresses and accessories, cautions Coyne. Stick to a matching or complementary (think lighter or darker) shade. Neckwear is by far the best way to add color or prints to the groomsmen style, he notes. "Some of our favorite go-tos are gingham, plaid or a subtle variation of black. Linen and chambray options are great for warm weather weddings, and knit bow ties give some dimension to the look."

Socks: This one is largely up to the bride and groom. Of course, a traditional plain pair of socks will never go out of style though. If you decide to channel the popular trend of each groomsmen sporting a unique pair of colorful or patterned socks, just make sure there's some consistency across the board. For example, each groomsmen could wear striped socks in a different color or similar colored socks in all different patterns.

Everything else: "When it comes to cufflinks, studs, tie clips and pocket squares, we always encourage grooms and groomsmen to choose something out of the box or that reflects their interests," says Blackmon. He added, "Many people try to accessorize to the nines, but in the end, less really is more. If you do decide to add some flair, it shouldn't overpower your tuxedo."

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