9 Women on Times They Were Caught Having Sex

The funny, the awkward, and the memorable

Updated 12/17/18

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Getting caught during sex can be funny, scary, horrifying, awkward, and hilarious all at the same time. You’re caught in the most vulnerable position you could ever be in. It’s uncomfortable for you, your partner, and the person who did the walking in.

Plus, sex is viewed as a shameful, private thing in most societies. So, add in all the sex shame and the idea of someone walking in on you is almost too much to handle. The truth is, we all have sex—and many of us have been caught before. When passion overwhelms you, you sometimes just go for it, even if the timing is off. Other times, people might just not know how to knock on a door before opening it. It happens.

Here are nine real stories of times women were caught with their pants down, literally.

Lola, 29

I was in my boyfriend’s house and his five-year-old kid just opened the door...I just covered myself and he jumped in the bed with us, laughing and saying to his dad, “I scare them daddy!”

Grace, 28

My boyfriend and I were having sex at my parents house over Fourth of July weekend. He was on top of me in my old childhood bedroom. Suddenly, I hear my 23-year-old sister saying, “No! No! NO! GET OFF MY SISTER!” She had come into the room looking for something and saw us having sex. We didn’t even notice her. We stopped and were under the covers, but none of this stopped her from looking around for the thing she needed. We still laugh about that.

KJ, 24

I picked up a British guy at the bar essentially under the pretense that I only had a few hours before my flight home, and I was attracted to him so if it was gonna happen it had to be soon. I told him my room was empty so we went back to the hostel. We start hooking up, and it’s good. I’m pretty drunk at this point so I ignore the sound of the other person returning to the room. I push the guy against the wall and start to go down on him. Then I heard a voice behind me.

“Um, guys. Sorry. This is an all-female room. He can’t be here.” The other person and a member of staff were right behind us. They left to give us a minute.

I tried to calm the guy down and save the situation (I clearly had more liquid courage than he did) but he said, “You aren’t worried this is your last night, I have to be here for three more, and I don’t want them to hate me!” He started throwing on clothes and bolted. After he left and I dressed I went to the front desk and the staff member and I went to the woman and apologized and asked if she wanted a private room.

“No, I just want HER to leave.” The staff member then offered me the private room. (I declined.)

I ended up meeting up with a different British guy later and having sex in the bathroom right before I left to catch my flight.

Jamie, 26

My dad walked in on my boyfriend going down on me. This was three years ago, and I am still not over it.

Sally*, 28

I was 18 and caught by the cops while my BF at the time and I were getting it on in his car. They asked if we saw a car that they were looking for and wished us a romantic afternoon. You gotta love Belgium.

Tracy, 51

I was 19 when it happened. I’m 50+ now. I was on top [and a housekeeper caught us]. She said, “Please lock the door and train your boyfriend to aim. I’m tired of washing sheets.”

Lesley, 27

[My] husband and I were caught by his mum when we were dating. We thought his family would be out for awhile. She came home and barged in without knocking. She screamed and left. He laughed, I cried. Mood ruined. She learned to knock.

Melissa*, 28

When I was 16 my (then) boyfriend’s little brother walked in on him eating me out. His little brother was 13 so he knew exactly what was going on, and I couldn’t look at the poor kid for a month.

Nikki, 40

My son is 10 and he knows better to walk into our bedroom.... He did anyway, and now he needs therapy. Lesson learned, I guess!

Gigi Engle is a certified sex coach, educator, and writer living in Chicago. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @GigiEngle.

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