Take a Digital Detox in 2020 With These 9 Unplugged Date Night Ideas

It's time to put the phones down and reconnect

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While it was once commonplace to scroll through social media, text your friends or reply to emails all while on a date night, it’s time to put the phones down, turn off Netflix, and connect the old fashioned way.

Whether you’ve resolved for less screen time in 2020 or to just be a bit more present when spending quality time with your partner, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite date night ideas that have nothing to do with technology.

So get ready to revel in all the eye contact, hand-holding, and adventures with your love while keeping the digital devices off (or at least on silent). Enjoy!

Game Night

In our all-screens-everywhere world, it can be easy to forget the joy of unboxing a physical board game, setting it up on your coffee table and settling in for a long, friendly competition. Since it’ll just be you and your partner, Scrabble is the perfect way to unwind while also still using some of your brainpower. But you also can’t go wrong with classics like Connect 4, Guess Who? or Battleship. Or if you’re looking to conquer a common opponent, why not do a crossword or Sudoku puzzle together?

Cook Around the World

We’ve all watched Chopped or Top Chef and thought to ourselves “Hmm, I should really try cooking that sometime!” so why not turn the TV off and actually give it a shot this time? Grab a recipe book—maybe one that specializes in cuisine from a different part of the world than you normally cook or eat. Cooking is a wonderful and effective way to discover new flavors and cuisines.

Wine Tasting

Maybe you know wine really well or maybe you’re like the rest of us and are a wannabe wine snob. Either way, a wine tasting is a great way for the two of you to unplug. Head to a winery out in the scenic country or go to the nearest wine bar that hosts classes and tasting sessions. Regardless, you’re sure to taste some great wine, feel good, and you can impress at the next dinner party with all your newfangled wine knowledge.

Home Spa Night

Who couldn’t use a night of rest and relaxation? While a spa trip is always a good idea, an at-home spa night can be even better—and be a fraction of the cost. Dim the lights, play some ambient sounds, grab some face masks, and lay side by side in bed or take nice calming bubble baths. You can hire a professional masseuse for a home call or grab some aromatic oils and give each other relaxing massages yourselves. What better way to feel connected and clear your minds together?

Make Vision Boards

There’s no better time to make a vision board than at the dawn of a new year. Taking your goals, aspirations, and dreams and putting them on paper is a great way to manifest good things to come, and when you do it together it can be all the more powerful. Grab stacks of magazines, scissors, some poster board, and glue and go to town. Hang them in a prominent place to remind yourselves of your couple and individual goals each day.

Joy Ride

Sometimes there’s nothing better than driving around aimlessly, listening to your favorite music, and soaking in the fresh air. Why not go old-school and make a mixtape (OK, fine, a digital playlist) of your favorite tunes from high school or college. Gear up with soft drinks and candy from a local convenience store, and let the open road be your guide.

Take a Class

Learning a routine for a show-stopping performance on your big day? Always wanted to learn a language, take a sip-and-paint class or make a chef-led meal? Check out courses offered in your local community and find one that interests you both. The couple that learns together, stays together!

Movie Night

It may not seem like a movie would be part of a “digital-free” night, but hear us out. Instead of scrolling through your streaming services, head out and experience a new release as it was meant to be seen—in the dark, loud, on the big screen, on movie theater chairs with your hands all buttery from popcorn. And since there are few worse people in this world than those who light up the whole theater with their phone, don’t be that person! Leave your devices in the car or stowed far, far away.

Home Improvement

Have you been procrastinating and ignoring something around the house that you know needs to get done or will make a significant improvement to your home? Obviously you won’t be doing any big renovations in a night—and who wants to work THAT hard on a date night?—but you’d be amazed at how freeing crossing something off your list can be. Particularly, if that thing has to do with, say, organization or cleanliness. Have a linen or hall closet that’s just overflowing? Does the garage need a good assessment? Have a drink, put some music on, and have some fun while making an improvement in your living quarters. You’ll feel so much better when you’re done.

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