7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day If You're in a Long-Distance Relationship

Don't let the miles between you put a damper on your February 14

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Long-distance relationships can be hard.

And celebrating holidays while being long-distance is even harder—but it doesn't have to be.

Don't let the miles between you put a damper on your Valentine's Day! Try one (or more) of these distance-date ideas to keep you feeling connected and loved all day long, and beyond.

Movie Night

While you can't cuddle on the couch IRL, you can still pick a movie to watch "together" via FaceTime or Skype. It's as close to the real thing as you can get. Wear your comfiest clothes, get cozy under a blanket and leave the FaceTime rolling while you enjoy the movie. And unlike in the theaters, you can talk as much as you both like.

Digital Get Down

Perhaps N'Sync had the right idea all along—thanks to technology, you can be as intimate as you want despite the distance. Slip into something sexy, grab a few sex toys or download some long-distance loving apps, and see where the night takes you both.

Game Night

Challenge each other to a digital game like Scrabble, Words With Friends, or Candy Crush. You can even take it a step further, if you both have the same gaming systems, and engage in some friendly competition. For added fun, place a friendly (or sexy) wager.

Hit Play

Whether you have the same musical preferences or he's a little bit country and you're a little bit rock n' roll, don't let the art of a thoughtful mixtape get lost. Make a playlist for your love that they can play all day long and will leave them feeling all the feels.

Special Delivery

Why wait until you're together next to exchange gifts? Arrange to have a special package sent on the actual day—but step it up a notch by thinking beyond the typical flowers and chocolate deliveries. How about getting their favorite meal from their favorite restaurant delivered? Or making a care package personalized to their interests that arrives on their doorstep on February 14? And if you really love PDA, a signing telegram to their office is sure to be memorable!

Snail Mail

This one will take a bit of prep, but nothing is better than snail mail. Put some thought into crafting a special love letter, spritz it with your favorite scent or seal it with a kiss, and be sure to mark it "Do Not Open Until 2/14." Then, decide on a time where you will both read the letters; you'll feel connected no matter how far you are.


If your schedule allows, pack your bags and plan a special trip to celebrate in person. (Just be sure there's no chance that your partner has the same idea!) Pro-tip, enlist the help of a local friend to ensure your timing and details will work out.

If your budget or schedule won't allow for a weekend trip, then spend February 14 on the phone with your significant other planning a future trip—bonus points if its a romantic getaway. Nothing will make your heart happier than knowing exactly when (and where!) you'll get to see your Valentine again—even if it isn't on Valentine's Day.

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