7 Couples on What They Did the Moment After Getting Engaged

"I spent a good half hour just staring at him and then my ring."

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Whether it's the surprise of a lifetime or something you orchestrated largely on your own—your proposal is most certainly a moment to remember.

With tons of excitement, anticipation, and curiosity leading up to the moment where you inevitably say (or scream) "YES!"—or before you pop the question—you just might find that afterward you and your new fiancé wonder what to do with yourselves. Do you take a selfie? Call your mom? Spend an hour soaking it all in?

If you'd prefer to take a few pointers from other couples, this may be the perfect help. Read on for what seven real been-there-done-that couples did immediately following their own proposals.

Raise a Toast With Family and Friends

"We got engaged the Saturday before Christmas. I had wanted to stay in my pajamas all day watching Hallmark movies and wrapping gifts. He asked to go to happy hour so I literally threw myself together and looked like a hot mess. He proposed on our way home from the bar, and I was in total shock! He asked that we go for one more drink and said we could go home first if I wanted to change (I had mentioned I wish I had worn something different.) I said no, I wanted to soak in every minute. Turns out, both our families and our friends were waiting for us at another bar. So, I don't look the best in my photos but it was truly a perfect night." — Nicole, 31

Soak It All In

"Our engagement was super casual. He proposed on one knee when I answered his knock on the door when he came home a little earlier than usual. I spent a good half hour just staring at him and then my ring. I called my mom and then we called his mom, his brother, and my best friends. That night a few of our friends came over for champagne." — Sara, 28

Tell the Parents

"My husband proposed to me while we were walking along the beach while visiting his parents. Right after we got engaged, we went back to his parents' house to tell them—they didn't even know he was proposing! Then, I called my parents. A few hours later we all went to the local beach restaurant and bar to celebrate." — Christine, 31

Celebrate in Nature

"We got engaged when we were stand up paddleboarding. It was amazing, and in the moment I just froze. We hugged and kissed a lot and then went to return the paddleboard. We then went to grab a beer nearby and my family and his family and my best friends were waiting for us! We stayed out for a while celebrating and then the party continued (unplanned) back at my house." — Pam, 29

Enjoy the Moment

"We were at a wine tasting and got zero service so when he first proposed I was shocked and it kind of forced us to be present and enjoy the moment. About 30 or 40 minutes later my friends surprised us with balloons and we hung out and drank wine. I called my mom, too. Later on, we went to the Rangers hockey game with our friends and he had surprised me with something on the Jumbotron. It was perfect." — Stacy, 30

A Celebration on the Beach

"We got engaged while out on vacation at the beach with his side of the family. They were hiding (along with my family too!) and taking photos when it happened, so immediately after I realized what was happening I kissed him and they all came out of the bushes and we celebrated together the rest of the day!" — Jenna, 33

Pop the Bubbly

"We popped a bottle of champagne for a toast with our families, and then I immediately changed my outfit because we wanted to take pictures, but I was certainly not photo ready. (I had just gotten home from massages with my sisters.) After that, we called our friends and family to tell them the news and talked through everything from when he asked my parents to how he managed to get both of our families together for such an unforgettable moment." — Laura, 32

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