25 Years Ago, Forrest Gump (a.k.a. Tom Hanks) Crashed This Woman's Wedding Photos

The star found some time for photobombing while filming 'Forrest Gump.'

Updated 09/25/18

Araya Diaz

Twenty-five years may have passed since Mary Dunning Chapman and David Chapman tied the knot in Beaufort, South Carolina, but Mary of course still holds the day—and photos from it—close to her heart. And among those traditional ceremony and reception pictures is one particularly unique shot featuring none other than Forrest Gump (a.k.a. Tom Hanks himself). Guess life really is like a box of chocolates—you never know what you're gonna get!

While standing outside the chapel before her wedding, Mary spotted the Sleepless in Seattle star and had to snag a shot with him. Hanks was in the midst of filming the movie Forrest Gump (you may have heard of it) when the bride asked him to take a photo with her before she said her I do's. The photo, which was shot by Fridrik Tiedemann Photography, turned 25 years old on September 11. (See the pic here!)

“It comes up all the time,” Mary told The Island Packet of the photograph, which is signed by the actor and framed. “Congratulations! The only bride more beautiful was the one I married...I’m just sorry I missed the ceremony! God bless, Tom Hanks," the star wrote.

According to the bride, while waiting to walk into the chapel in her wedding dress, a man hanging out of a baby blue Lincoln down the street began honking his horn and hollering at her. He then exited the car and approached her, introducing himself as Tom Hanks. After snagging a photo, Hanks wished Mary good luck and gave her a hug and kiss, while her bridesmaids fan-girled out next to her.

The star later invited the newlyweds to watch the filming of Forrest Gump, but the couple could only make it to the premiere before returning to their busy lives. The two say that even though it was a quick moment in time, the exciting memory of the actor on their wedding day has lived on for years.

“David and I talked about it after it happened and we just thought that what Tom Hanks did just sealed the deal,” Mary said. “That he and I were meant to be. It’s always been a special thing for us.”

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