15 TV Weddings to Watch Before Walking Down the Aisle

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While the guest list is arguably the most important list you and your fiancé will make, here's another one that might end up being a bit more fun: all the TV weddings to watch before walking down the aisle! Despite the fact that they're totally fake and usually far-fetched, watching your favorite fictional characters get married can provide a much-needed release from the stress of planning your own nuptials.

Watch some with your fiancé (we assure you that he, too, is a sucker for Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse), some with girlfriends (because you can't watch Miranda say "I do" solo), and some alone (no one should see the way you sob when Crosby and Jasmine finally make it official). And save our all-time favorite, Jim and Pam's Niagara Falls tearjerker from The Office, to watch the morning of the wedding.

Here, we rounded up 15 of our favorite TV wedding episodes to get you started.

jim and pam the office wedding

1. Jim and Pam

The entire Dunder Mifflin crew treks to Niagara Falls to watch these lovebirds get married in this special episode of The Office. But in true Michael Scott-induced fashion, the entire trip is mostly a comedic disaster. Still, we dare you not to sob when Jim cuts his tie after Pam's veil rips, or when the two escape the church for a secret ceremony.

Ben & Leslie

2. Ben and Leslie

Parks and Recreations' s too-cute-for-words couple decides to get married on a whim, guiding this episode through a series of I'll-race-you-to-the-altar mishaps. It all ends in a perfectly sweet ceremony—in their government office, naturally—and with Leslie's memorable "I love you and I like you" vow. Matrimonial #goals.

mike and phoebe friends wedding

3. Phoebe and Mike

On the day of Phoebe and Mike's wedding in Friends, a freak snowstorm hits Manhattan, making the couple's perfectly laid plans go awry. Monica swoops in to save the day, creating a winter wonderland ceremony outside Central Perk. We finally get to see the sentimental side of the show's goofiest gal, who tells Mike in her vows, "I'm standing here today knowing that I have everything that I'm ever gonna need. You are my family." Crushed it.

sex and the city miranda wedding

4. Steve and Miranda

Sex and the City's Miranda doesn't initially want a wedding. ("I have a child—the jig is up!" she famously says.) But when she realizes she actually does want to stand up in front of her friends and say "I do" to Steve, we're privy to the loveliest little garden wedding ever.

donna and david 90210 wedding

5. David and Donna

It takes 10 seasons, but by the Beverly Hills, 90210 series finale, the will-they-or-won't-they pair finally make it official. (Feel free to borrow David's "I can't remember a time when I wasn't in love with you" line for your own vows.)

glee wedding

6. Burt and Carole

With the New Directions glee club at the helm, this Glee wedding has an unbeatable soundtrack and the sweetest parade of high schoolers dancing down the aisle. It culminates with new brothers Kurt and Finn joyfully slow dancing in front of all their friends and family members.

crosby and jasmine parenthood wedding

7. Crosby and Jasmine

A live chorus sings "To Make You Feel My Love" as Parenthood's Jasmine walks down the aisle. We're not crying, you're crying. The best part: Their son Jabbar's positively giddy smile and applause throughout the ceremony.

april and andy wedding parks and rec

8. April and Andy

When April and Andy host a fancy dinner party in this episode of Parks and Recreation, their guests expect, well, dinner. Instead, they're treated to an impulsively perfect wedding ceremony between the quirky coworkers. "I guess I kind of hate most things, but I never seem to hate you," April adorably tells her betrothed.

jesse and becky

9. Becky and Jesse

Forget Fuller House—we're all about the classics, and Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse's Full House wedding was a classic where-everything-goes-wrong episode. Jesse decides to skydive the day of the wedding and ultimately ends up in jail and Becky, because she's literally the sweetest, still agrees to marry him. Then he sings everyone's favorite song, "Forever," and all is merry, bright, forgiven, and wed. "I've been so happy loving youuuuuuu."

dwight & angela

10. Dwight and Angela

Dwight and Angela's beet farm wedding marks the final episode of The Office, bringing back all of the cast favorites—including Michael Scott with one last "that's what she said" joke—for a reunion and celebration. If lessons can be learned from TV weddings, the takeaway here is don't make your wedding guests carry their own hay bales for ceremony seating.

monica and chandler wedding

11. Monica and Chandler

In classic Friends fashion, Rachel is pregnant, Phoebe's pretending to be pregnant, and Chandler thinks Monica is the one who's pregnant. But most importantly, can we get a resounding yes for those printed bridesmaid dresses? (Also, Joey Tribbiani, are you still available to officiate weddings? RSVP ASAP.)

charlotte and harry satc

12. Charlotte and Harry

Poor Charlotte of Sex and the City just wants the perfect Jewish wedding. Instead, Harry sees her in her dress before the ceremony, she spills wine on her stunning dress, and then she trips on her way back down the aisle. The wedding isn't perfect—but the marriage is.

zac and kelly

13. Zack and Kelly

If you stuck with the Saved by the Bell's Bayside High crew through the college years, you know that everyone's favorite preppy did, in fact, end up marrying his high school sweetheart. Zack and Kelly's attempt at a Las Vegas wedding is an epic fail, but eventually, they get to say "I do" (sadly not at The Maxx) with the entire gang, including Mr. Belding, by their sides.

cory and topanga wedding

14. Cory and Topanga

The love between ever-innocent Cory and Topanga throughout Boy Meets World is precious. But it's the at-the-altar moment between Cory and his best friend and best man (and our teenage crush) Shawn that gets our emotions running on overdrive. Also,—crossover alert!—do we spy Sex and the City's Stanford Blatch as the officiant?

dylan and toni wedding 90210

15. Dylan and Antonia

Their romance in Beverly Hills 90210 was sweet, and their wedding sweeter. But consider pausing this episode there, because as lovely as Dylan and Toni's (cough, Noxzema Girl, cough) union may have been, it does not end well.

Happy wedding binge-watching!

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