10 Epic Ideas for Your Marriage Bucket List

Updated 05/01/14

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You're married. Now what? It's important to keep the spark alive even once the honeymoon period wears off. One way to do just that? Start dreaming up a list of every single thing you both hope of doing one day — the crazier the idea, the better. After all, novelty is the spice of life. And science has shown that doing new things as a couple is one of the secrets to a long-lasting relationship. To get the ideas flowing, we rounded up 10 epic to-dos to kick off your marriage bucket-list brainstorm.

1. Conquer your biggest fear together. Afraid of heights? Go skydiving. Scared of sharks? Take surfing lessons. Push each other out of your comfort zones — it's bound to strengthen your bond and bring you that much closer.

2. Take a selfie together on every continent (or at least six out of the seven). Getting to Antarctica may be a wee bit ambitious...

3. Plan a romantic cross-country road trip. Hit up the Grand Canyon, catch a Cirque du Soleil show in Las Vegas, have a pretty picnic at Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs or take a wine tour in Napa Valley. The options are endless, really.

4. Build your dream home or turn the house you own into the place you both always envisioned living.

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5. Train for a marathon together. And then run it, duh. Because couples that exercise together, stick together.

6. Start a family business. Even if it's something as simple as selling lemonade to the neighborhood kids or creating an Etsy shop.

7. Try something new in the bedroom or even outside of the bedroom weekly.

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8. Take a cue from Landon in A Walk to Remember and name a star after each other.

9. Move abroad for at least a year or to any city within the US that has a culture very different than your own. New experiences are what keep relationships exciting. Plus, you'll be surprised at what you learn about yourself and your spouse in the process.

10. Have kids. Because honestly, what could be more epic than making a little human being that shares your DNA?

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