10 Couples Who Got Engaged This Weekend

Ready? Set? Swoon

Updated 02/12/18


Do you feel that? The love in the air? We certainly do because our Instagram feeds are flooding with the sweetest proposals—there was no way we could keep them to ourselves. Whether you're married or single, the moments below are sure to make you have the most feelings today. We can't even imagine how romantic the proposals will be come Valentine's Day on Wednesday if they're this swoon-worthy now! Have a feeling Valentine's Day has your S.O. ready to get down on one knee? Get those manis ready and don't forget to tag #BridesRings or #BridesProposals to get featured here next time!

A proposal that includes your child? That's how you know you've found a keeper.

A long hike is beyond worth it when it means your proposal picture has a backdrop like this.

That moment when the person popping the question starts to cry gets us every. Single. Time.

He proposed to her for their 8-year anniversary and if that's not enough to make you cry, just swipe through the pictures!

This picture says it all: he nailed the surprise proposal.

From the ring to the backdrop to the pup, everything about this proposal is perfect.

Ice trekking through a glacier in Argentina is how you do a once-in-a-lifetime kind of proposal.

TFW you know the proposal is coming and you start hysterically crying before he even pops the question!

An empty bridge overlooking the skyline?! This proposal is straight out of a movie.

Chivalry clearly isn't dead. Proof: This guy planned out an entire treasure hunt that ended with the sparkliest prize ever.

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