Stephen and Ayesha Curry's Relationship Timeline

Their fairytale romance is so sweet.

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Stephen (Steph) and Ayesha Curry have, without a doubt, one of the cutest relationships in the sports and entertainment world. The basketball player and TV personality and author have been married for more than 10 years and have three kids, but they seem to have no trouble keeping the romance and the spark alive. Plus, their adorable love story only adds to the fairytale feel: the two met when they were younger, while living in North Carolina, and reconnected years later in Los Angeles.

While both Steph and Ayesha have very successful careers today, they are equally known for the love they have for each other. So, here's a look at Steph and Ayesha Curry's relationship timeline, from when they first met to the empire they've built together.

  • They met in a church youth group back in 2002 in North Carolina.
  • They didn't reconnect and start dating until 2008 after seeing each other again in Los Angeles.
  • They got married in 2011 and went on to have three kids together.
  • They renewed their vows in 2021.

2002: First Meeting

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Stephen and Ayesha first met at a church youth group in Charlotte, North Carolina when they were just teenagers, but the two didn't date back then and only thought of each other as friends. "We were just kids," Ayesha told People years later. "He was the cute boy at church that all of the girls were obsessed with, so I made a generalization that maybe he wasn't for me."

Still, Ayesha obviously stood out to Steph. In the biography "The Miraculous Rise of Steph Curry", Steph's sister mentioned that Ayesha would briefly talk to him after church. "That's how she would flirt with him in a way," she said. "He clearly liked it. It left an impression."

2008: Reunited in Los Angeles

About six years later, the two crossed paths again and ended up reconnecting in Los Angeles. Stephen was playing basketball for Davidson College in North Carolina and Ayesha was acting and modeling in LA. When Steph was in town for the ESPY Awards, they met up, despite the fact that Ayesha didn't know what the ESPYs were. She even told People that in high school, she had written down what she wanted in a significant other: "At the bottom, it said, 'No athletes, because they're arrogant.'"

At the same time, Steph was starting to make it big in basketball and liked that Ayesha didn't know anything about it, telling People it was "refreshing." Steph eventually reached out to her on Facebook, and though she turned him down at first, they eventually agreed to a date.

2008: First Date

The two went to Hollywood Boulevard for their first date, which Ayesha later talked about on Jimmy Kimmel Live. She shared that she picked him up in her "'98 Astro van," and that they went to Madame Tussauds and got chai lattes. "Listen, we were 18 and 19, so if that, like, clarifies anything," she notes.

She also opened up about their first kiss later on, telling Parents, "I mean, it was friend vibes...until I dodged the first kiss. He was mid-conversation and came flying at my face like a thief in the night. So I was like, 'No.' Then I thought, 'Oh, I didn't know this is what was happening.'"

2010: A Memorable Proposal

The two ended up dating pretty seriously and got engaged just two years after reconnecting. Stephen opened up about the engagement to Parents (via Parade), saying, "The plan was to act like we were going to a family cookout. So we pulled up to the house and I stopped in the middle of the driveway, got down on my knee and went into my spiel. Little did I know the whole family was looking out the window." What's even more memorable, though, is that the two got engaged in the same spot where they had their first kiss.

July 30, 2011: Wedding Bells

In true fairytale fashion, the couple got married in the same church they had met at nine years earlier. According to the Charlotte Observer, Ayesha wore a strapless, taffeta Amsale gown and the groom wore a grey tuxedo. Ayesha said, "During rehearsal, I kept telling him, 'You're not supposed to hold my hand,' but as soon as I saw Stephen I was like, 'Can I please hold your hand?!'"

July 19, 2012: First Child Is Born

Not long after tying the knot, Ayesha was pregnant with the couple's first child. Almost exactly a year after getting married, she gave birth to their first daughter, Riley Elizabeth Curry.

July 10, 2015: Welcoming a Second Daughter

It didn't take long before the family of three became a family of four. Two years after welcoming Riley, Ayesha gave birth to their second daughter, Ryan Carson Curry. She shared the news on her blog, writing, "The gift of life is truly an indescribable thing. We were fortunate enough to experience it all over again Friday night! Our beautiful little Ryan Carson Curry arrived perfectly healthy and happy!"

Steph posted a photo of Ayesha and Ryan to his Instagram account with the caption, "I'm wayyyyy up I feel Blessed! God is Great. Thanks to the doctors and staff at Alta Bates for taking care of my girls, especially Dr. Poddatori. Healthy baby and @ayeshacurry is all I prayed for. #prouddaddy"

September 2016: Praise for Ayesha

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In September 2016, Stephen became the NBA's first unanimous Most Valuable Player, and received the award by giving an MVP speech that was mostly about how much Ayesha meant to him.

"None of this is possible without you,” he said during a press conference. "You’ve given me the opportunity to go out here and work as hard as I do, spend the hours I need to do at the gym, during practice, in games, on the road—all the while holding down the house and doing the little things that keep our family going."

"You’ve given our two daughters an example to look up to as they grow up," he went on. "I don’t take that for granted at all. It’s definitely special to watch you do what you do every single day—the strength that you have, the patience that you have."

July 2, 2018: Family of Five

Three years after having their second child, the Curry family officially became a family of five with the birth of their son, Canon W. Jack Curry. Steph confirmed the news with a sweet Instagram photo of the baby with the caption, "On this journey, on this quest... protect me... I’m bless! Canon W. Jack Curry."

Ayesha later told People that they had chosen the name on their honeymoon. After deciding not to use it for Riley or Ryan, they used it for their son. "France is one of our favorite places to vacation, and so his name's actually French and it means young wolf, which Stephen loved because we kind of consider ourselves a wolf pack."

January 2019: Marriage Tips

In a 2019 interview with Hello Giggles, Ayesha talked a little about how they keep their marriage strong, saying they're both good at communicating, which she feels is extremely important. She added that they also make sure to always "put each other first, even before the kids, as tough as that sounds" by having regular date nights.

"That’s been very important, as hard as it is," she said. "Because when you become a parent, you want to put your kids first, and we do, but we do it second to our relationship. Because ultimately, when our relationship is good, the kids are happy and they’re thriving and our family life is good. We have to put that into perspective and realize that it’s not us being selfish, it’s making sure we set a strong foundation."

July 2019: Foundation Launch

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In July 2019, the two announced the launch of their Eat. Learn. Play. Foundation, which works to end childhood hunger, give children access to quality education, and provide safe places for kids to play and be active. "This is something that is really important for us. To take care of our community, take care of our children, and give back to the community that's given so much to us over these last 10 years," Steph said.

June 30, 2021: 10 Years Together

On June 30, 2021, the couple shared a milestone anniversary: 10 years married. They posted cute photos of themselves on Instagram and adorable captions expressing their love for each other. Stephen shared a carousel of photos of the two of them and wrote, "Est. 2011 ➡️ 2021 10 Yrs 🙌🏽 My woman. Never a day goes by I’m not thankful for your presence, your beauty, your spirit! Sexy as can be inside and out & continuing to show me how amazing our God is by the creation that you are. Blessed me with the 3 of the dopest humans around. You are the 🔑 to everything that I do. This is a major milestone- but more a moment to get excited about the next chapters ahead. Lucky I’m (still) in love with my best friend. To Antares and back…"

In her own Instagram post, Ayesha wrote, "My love! my adventure partner! My best friend! My confidant! My baby daddaaaay! My everything! 10 years married y’all 🎉. It has felt like the blink of an eye. @stephencurry30 is by far, hands down the most amazing being I know. I can’t wait to see what the next 50 has in store for us. Happy day happy day! We’ve been doing the most celebrating the past couple of days. July 30,2011 to infinity and beyonnnnnnd."

August 2021: Charity Launch

At the end of the summer of 2021, the couple got into more charity work. They launched the Curry Family Women's Athletic Initiative at Davidson College, Steph's alma mater, which was meant to empower young women in sports through financial assistance, mentorships, career opportunities, and outreach to the community.

In a video about the initiative, Steph said, "The reason I am who I am today is also because of strong, powerful women that have poured into my life all these years. Now, as the father of two girls, I want them to grow up without any boundaries on their futures."

September 2021: Vow Renewal

The couple took their 10-year anniversary seriously with a special vow renewal ceremony. Ayesha shared some pictures from the ceremony on Instagram, in which she wore a long-sleeve lace gown and Stephen wore a gray suit. In the caption, she revealed that Steph surprised her with the ceremony, saying, "He even picked out my dress for me and had it waiting." It was also a true family affair: Riley officiated and Ryan and Canon walked Ayesha down the "aisle."

February 2022: Game Show Launch

The pair took on a new venture with their game show About Last Night, which premiered in February 2022 on HBO Max. Steph and Ayesha are co-hosts and executive producers, and in the show, celebrity couples join them for date nights featuring uncensored relationship trivia and games.

Ayesha told People that the show was really a way for them to spend more time together. "We'd actually always wanted to do something together and wanted something around the premise of a date night," she shared. "We don't get to do a lot of them, but we love going on them. And so we said, 'Hey, this is a great excuse to get some work done and also have some date nights.' It's really that simple."

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