20 Stationery Designers to Follow on Instagram for Invite Inspiration

For cards your guests will want to hang on to.

Pink floral invitation designed by Emily Baird.

Courtesy of Emily Baird

It’s hard to believe that Instagram wasn’t made specifically for the wedding industry, right? There are so many amazing photo and vision-worthy accounts to follow, from planners and photographers to florists, and our personal favorite, stationers.

There are certainly vendor categories to act on as soon as possible since they book up quickly, but when it comes to stationery, don’t shy away from jumping on that social media follow train full tilt. Unlike other vendors, stationers can be partners for the true duration of your engagement. From engagement party invitations and save the date cards to bridal shower invitations and bachelorette party bulletins, plus all the paper goods and signage for the day itself (including wedding invitation suites, ceremony programs, escort cards, table numbers, etc.), there is no shortage of pretty paper to be found on the ‘gram. So, if you like someone’s look, save your favorite posts, cue up their contact info, and start chatting.

If you need ideas, themes, or color schemes to consider for your prized wedding paper, we’ve rounded up the best stationery accounts to follow on Instagram.

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Veronica Halim is a gifted international calligrapher who has had creative direction commissions from brands like Chanel and Gucci. Her painted-paper feed is so varied and so complex, but at the same time, it’s simple and deliberate—nothing is posted without a purpose and a unique perspective. And we’re particularly in love with her culturally-inspired confections, like this one steeped in Sumba charm. 

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Ceci Johnson is a legend in the luxury wedding market, so, chances are even if you haven’t done too much digging into stationery, you’ve probably already heard of her! Her feed, which boasts nearly 100K followers, showcases all of her star-studded work—and because she does creative branding for a living, she knows exactly how to make the best first impression and set the tone for the event to come. From custom couture designs to options available in her carefully curated collections, all of Johnson's luxe looks have a place on her page.

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The Grey & Cake feed is versatile, fashion-forward, and punctuated by the most immaculate real wedding and styled shoot photography. Everything designer Kelsey Willis creates has a luxe, editorial edge, while still being attainable. And it’s not all stationery, either; in following her, you get a front-row look at the most thoughtful day-of details from programs and menus to cloche-styled table numbers and hanging bar signs.  

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If stationery represents a whole lot more than paper to you, you’d probably adore Emily Asher’s feed and her namesake design studio, Emily Rose Ink. Asher absolutely has a way with words, but she’s an artist first and foremost. Take a look at her posts for amazing venue sketches, personal portraits, and hand-drawn details that make the most wonderful keepsakes from your special day.

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Matthew Wengerd doesn’t like to limit himself to the label of a stationer. He created A Fine Press as a way to push the envelope, pun intended, with event stationery and brand expression—and these days, delivering out-of-this-world designs isn’t even his intent: it’s to render stationery that has your guests in awe when they open their mailboxes. While his posts fit in a nicely curated IG grid, his stationery and day-of details are always out of the box. 

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Bespoke stationery feeds will always read original, but so will the IG boxes of some of the best websites for designing wedding invites. Minted is one of our absolute favorite feeds to follow, and for good reason; not only is the flow curated and beautifully color-blocked, it’s done in a way that includes larger style stories. So, you can really start to imagine your invitations colliding with other parts of your day (from your flowers and your fashion to your décor and desserts). Also, keep an eye out for independent designer shoutouts (i.e. other amazing accounts and influencers to follow) and cool collaborations like this one with BHLDN!

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Custom stationery isn’t for everyone, but for those who really do want something minimal and modern, with just a dose of pop via illustrations, texture, color, liners, and more, Nikisha King may be your girl. King fills her feed with informative, industry-collaborative IG lives, tips and points of view on building strong bonds with your wedding vendors, and, of course, shots of her stunning stationery.

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If we could describe the Epoch Design vibe in four words it would be minimal details, maximum effect. As an architecture grad, owner Melissa Fitoria-Figueroa approaches her stationery with a clean, modern approach and a touch of romance—and it translates into a feed that’s simple and pared-down, yet totally arresting. Something like this blind press save the date is a fantastic representation of what you’ll see on Epoch Design's page, striking a beautiful balance between typography and negative space.

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Planning a destination wedding anytime soon? Because Emily Baird Design has done plenty of them, and she has the pics to prove it! Everything on her page is flush with pillowy letterpress, amazing pops of color, and playful details. Plus, we love what she does with her actual in-feed posts. Some of them are only snippets of print jobs or hints and whispers of designs, so you have to keep following and checking in to see the whole suite or project when it’s finally unveiled!

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The beauty of a save the date is that it’s an optional part of the wedding stationery picture. Most couples will send one, but given how unpredictable the last year has been, it is kind of scary to print something with set-in-stone dates on paper. That’s why electronic stationers like Greenvelope are so great. Their Instagram feed boasts dynamic color blocking and vision boarding that helps bring their save the dates and other "I do" digital missives to life. Save your date without the pressure!

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And then there’s calligraphy and hand lettering that doesn’t have to stay on paper or on a screen. When you’re following a seriously skilled creative like Loren James from Four Things Paper, you can take your pretty paper obsession and find something brand new to muse over every day. Whether it’s a custom-painted jacket, a venue sketch, or a wild watercolor illustration, the contents on James' grid are bound to camp out in your head for a while!

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Do you imagine your flowers being a huge part of your day, because we happen to know someone who can make all your dreams come true. Floraison Design Co. is a Seattle-based boutique design studio that specializes in the creation of fine art illustrations, branding, and luxury wedding stationery. Ashley is at the helm, and she brings such an incredible talent for the whimsy and ethereal to her craft, which you’ll see includes a lot of romantic, storybook-quality watercolor motifs. Oh, and if you need a crest, she’s the best!

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Pretty feeds keep us thirsting for more entrancing snaps, but other times, we love a grid that’s gorgeous and educational. Little Carabao Studio does just that! Creative director La Rue Pulido posts tons of questions (like, what function do vintage stamps serve? Or, what is vellum exactly?) alongside certain projects and then answers them in her captions. So, not only are you feasting on stationery eye candy, but you’re also learning a lot, which can help you stay ahead-of-the-curve when you start vendor go-sees and design consultations! 

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And speaking of vellum—when you discover a design detail you’re obsessed with, look for creative couturiers who do what you like really, really well. Plume Calligraphy has expertise in these soft, glacial paper good guises and loads of IG posts that can give you an idea of its potential. From envelopes, sleeves, and wraps to top layer inserts and textured etched florals on top, if you can think it, owner and designer Aileen Fretz has probably already perfected it.

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Personalization raises beautiful stationery up a step or two, and that’s just what Mikyla Manu does on the daily. Her reels are fun, upbeat, and adorable and the explanations she provides in her captions just inspire so much dreaming about how much you can do with color, texture, and embellishment. White foil on camel velvet? Come on!

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Maybe you and your partner want paper that will wow, but in a way that’s a bit more subtle. If that sounds like you, then you’ll definitely want to keep online stationer Shine Wedding Invitations on your radar. Like the shop itself, Shine’s Insta team prides themselves on a clean, simple, and elegant social experience with your pick of bright black and white designs, blush and blue palettes, and classic embellishments like bows and belly bands. And don’t forget to stick around for their pro tips: even those of us well-versed in wedding stationery end up learning something new every few days.

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Bringing your love story to life—that’s what all good stationers do, and some do it with extraordinary 3D details. Britt Rohr and the rest of the Swell Press team take custom wedding stationery work to a whole other level, literally. So many of the designs you’ll see on their feed feature texture and tactile genius, so if you’re really into letterpress or think something laser cut could be really cool for your celebration, go ahead and tap that follow button!

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There is just something so cheerful about the Inquisited feed because it’s so colorful, there’s just so much life in each of the designs, and because everything spotlighted is kind of inimitable. If you know you want your wedding to have a big fine art feel, you’ll want to take note of one of its hallmark aesthetics: handmade paper.

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Invitations on their own can obviously inspire all of those heart-eye emojis in the comments, but the magic is in the invitation suite and Natalia Otalora, the boss behind Papel & Co., just nails it. Color us really excited when we spot a wedding creator who uses reels for a real purpose. She’ll show us the designs that she has in production and then start assembling them, complete with a signature wax seal.

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Modern wedding design has a variety of meanings these days, but the words clean, crisp, and classic definitely come to mind. Ashleigh Duhon’s Model Paper Design feed infuses a ton of inspiration from interior design and bespoke craftsmanship, blurring the lines between fine art and modern. She has a "secret sauce" for her styling brilliance and it often involves handmade paper, straight edge paper, and a pop of color—usually by way of the most amazing envelope liners we’ve ever seen! 

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