10 Beautiful Wedding Head Table Ideas for Spring

Discover fresh spring ideas for one of the most important reception elements.

A spring wedding head table featuring a hanging floral installation and pink flowers.

Photo by Ninety Three Creative

Planning a beautiful wedding is all about the little details—place cards, floral arrangements, lighting, linens—and one of the most exciting details for a couple to look forward to is creating a stunning head table for the reception portion of the day.

What Is a Head Table?

A head table, in the context of a wedding, is the table where the married couple sits for dinner during the reception, usually placed in a prime location within the reception venue. The head table can take different forms, but typically includes the couple seated in the center flanked by members of the wedding party.

If you're planning a spring wedding and want your head table to reflect the season, there are so many fresh ideas to make this table seamlessly fit in with your décor and color scheme. You might be planning to feature spring flowers, like peonies, ranunculus, or tulips, consider incorporating these into the head table by decorating the chairs or prominently featuring the flowers in a floral centerpiece.

Spring colors are also a great way to spruce up your head table. If you're turning to color schemes like soft jewel tones or pastels, think about adding pops of color through linens, porcelains, name cards, or a colorful backdrop.

Ahead, find our favorite ideas for creating the perfect spring-inspired head table at your wedding reception.

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Go for Spring Garden Vibes

A spring wedding head table with a floral runner.

Photo by Perry Vaile

A lush floral runner is a beautiful way to spruce up your head table and make it feel like you and your bridal party are dining in a bountiful garden. This runner features ranunculus, spring roses, tulips, and plenty of fresh greenery.

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Utilize Soft Pinks and Neutrals

A spring wedding head table with spring flowers and candles.

Photo by Judith Rae Photography

When combined, soft pinks and neutral tones can have a delicate, spring-inspired effect. We love this head table that features bouquets of light-pink spring flowers, greenery, touches of white, and neutral-toned linens.

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Use a Pop of Spring Color

A spring wedding floral centerpiece at the head table.

Photo by Jenna Greenawalt

If you're opting to feature spring flowers as a prominent part of your table decoration, use lots of similar tones in the main floral arrangements (like the pale pinks and neutrals seen above), and then incorporate a pop of color, like this stunning tangerine-hued tulip, which creates a stunning contrast with the pale blue tablecloth.

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Opt for Hanging Florals

A spring wedding head table with a hanging floral chandelier.

Photo by Ninety Three Creative

A hanging floral installment completely elevates the vibe of a reception space—especially when placed above the primary table. Opt for blooms with bright spring colors, like pinks, pale jewel tones, neutrals, yellows, and oranges.

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Incorporate Light-Catching Glass

A spring wedding head table with glassware, candles, and citrus decorations.

Photo by Peyton Byford

One of the best parts of a spring wedding is that the sun is usually out! This means that, if you're having an outdoor wedding or reception, the sun will catch light in any glassware you use, creating a beautiful, luminous effect throughout the space. Consider using lots of glassware throughout the table as a main décor element (drinking glasses, vases, and candles!) paired with accent colors like bright florals or citrus.

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Use Fruit as Decoration

A spring wedding head table with grapes and pink roses.

Photo by Gracie Byrd Jones

Spring is all about growth and bounty, so we love the way this couple incorporating big bunches of grapes into their head table decorations. Paired with pink roses, the contrast is beautiful and oh-so springy!

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Display Tiny, Colorful Floral Arrangements

Wedding reception head table with colorful spring flowers.

Photo by Forged in the North

If you want to incorporate spring flowers but prefer a more pared-back look, opt for tiny glass vases with several stems of bright, spring-colored flowers lining the length of the head table for a delicate and cheerful effect.

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Hang Fresh Tulips Above the Table

A spring wedding reception with a head table featuring hanging tulips.


A creative way to draw the idea to the head table during the reception is by hanging dozens of fresh spring flowers, like these pink tulips, above the head table for a garden-inspired look.

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Embrace Whimsy and Nostalgia

A spring wedding head table with a pink balloon backdrop, spring flowers, and floor seating.


A spring wedding is the perfect opportunity to embrace childhood whimsy and nostalgia, like sitting on the floor around low tables with bountiful and bright decorations. We love the setup of this spring wedding head table that features an eye-catching backdrop of pink balloons.

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Balance With a Bold Hue

A spring wedding head table with navy blue accents.


A bold accent color can really bring the entire look of your head table and reception area together. We love how this couple used navy blue napkins, candles, and chairs to balance out the light and airy glassware, greenery, and white floral centerpieces.

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