20 Spring Centerpieces to Celebrate the Season's Best Blooms

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Spring is, without a doubt, the season for flowers. We can make a strong case for a summertime wedding or tying the knot in the fall, but ultimately, if you have your hopes set on a wedding day that’s full of florals, beginning to end, we’d be remiss if we didn’t tell you: April and May are the months to consider in order to show off nature’s natural bounty.

When it comes to your reception, centerpieces are the star, which gives you all the more reason to throw the doors wide open to the endless possibilities that await because of what’s blooming during the spring season. “Spring is probably the best for so many wedding styles as so many flowers are in season,” says wedding planner Erica Estrada. 

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Consider this lineup: peonies, tulips, foxglove, heuchera, ranunculus. All are capable of withstanding the pressure of being the “it” flower for a variety of wedding design styles. With so many varieties in bloom, you can start with a color palette and work your way up from there. Estrada encourages couples who’d prefer to host their wedding outside to consider spring as their season of choice: “It’s generally not too warm temperature-wise, which is particularly important for the more delicate flowers.”

Channel a kind of soft, romantic design with large statement centerpieces, create a floral runner that stretches on and on for a head table covered in hydrangea, and embrace peony-pink arrangements full of pastel blooms with leafy petals for unique texture and perspective. “I love when clients use flowering branches, such as spirea, dogwood, and forsythia in their wedding day florals,” says Estrada.

Ahead, 20 wedding centerpieces that will give you major spring fever.

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Use Greenery Sparingly

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Luna de Mare; Floral Design by Aspen Branch

Greenery can definitely have its place in your wedding day floral arrangements. Simple centerpieces composed of a variety of greenery and small blooms, such as Queen Anne’s lace and blue thistle, pack just enough of a spring bunch to make a statement, no matter how subtle.

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Pick Poppies

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle; Floral Design by Flora by Nora

The papery texture of poppies make them a fan favorite. Utilize their natural playfulness to create a wild, organic-style centerpiece that gives your table that ‘fresh-from-the-field’ look while still being refined.

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Make a Statement

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Harwell Photography; Floral Design by Shean Strong 

Can we say more is more? The centerpieces for this mindful and intimate social-distance-friendly wedding are large enough to be the focal point without being overbearing. Choose a sturdy vase or planter as the vessel and pile it high with the blooms of your choice.

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Combine Blue and White

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Laura Gordon Photography; Floral Design by Greenwood Events

A blue and white color palette is one for the ages, and a perfect option to consider when planning a spring affair. Opt for blooms like peonies, garden roses, ranunculus, and astilbe in shades of white and cream, and accent with hydrangea, Hyacinthus, delphinium, and pansies in blue for a striking combination.

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Consider Neutrals

spring wedding floral centerpieces

Photo by Abby Jiu Photography; Floral Design by Amaryllis

A neutral color palette has a unique way of making itself appropriate for any (no, really) wedding style when it comes to design. Cream and cafe au lait–hued roses can create a luxurious design teeming with elegance in a soft and gentle way.

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Embrace the Garden Feel

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography; Floral Design by Toast Santa Barbara

From roses to tulips, the garden variety of some of our most favorite flowers needs very little introduction. For a romantic garden wedding, consider an arrangement of leafy greens and ruffled petals: Peonies, garden roses, parrot tulips, astilbe, and cosmos, in a mixture of cream, blush, and bright pink, make for the perfect centerpiece. 

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Opt for Minimalism

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Olivia Rae James; Floral Design by Brown Paper Design

Keep things minimal with a scattering of smaller vases for a simple table design. Embrace the un-fussiness of wax flowers and similar blooms for a design that feels fresh while still being low-key. 

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Think Outside the Box

spring wedding floral centerpieces

Photo by Birds of a Feather; Floral Design by Stonekelly Events

For an out-of-the-box centerpiece concept, use a combination of smaller arrangements alongside small potted plants. The unique juxtaposition of the two, along with candles in silvered and gilded glassware, create a warmer and more inviting atmosphere for this garden party–inspired wedding on Long Island.

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Look for Pops of Color

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Aaron Delesie; Floral Design by Mindy Rice

You can never go wrong with a pop of color. For your centerpieces, consider sticking to a traditional color palette like green and white, then incorporate bold hues for some contrast that will be sure to draw the attention of your guests, in a good way.

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Let It Bloom

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Carmen Santorelli; Floral Design by Days of May Florals

Flowering branches, from forsythia to cherry blossoms, are an unexpected twist on the traditional centerpiece. Used alone or incorporated within an arrangement, the natural, oftentimes rustic vibe they exude can create the appearance of sitting among the trees while seated at the reception. 

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Do Less

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Gianny Campos; Floral Design by Jenevieve Peralta

Sometimes you can do more with less. We love the idea of simple, minimalistic, mono-floral arrangements; with just a handful of stems, you can create a look that alludes to having just cut them from the field.

Poppies are great for this look, as their wavy petals and long stems can create a unique shape for the centerpiece without much extra styling.

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Keep It Classic

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Julie Livingston Photography; Floral Design by Stems

Choose classic flowers that everyone knows and loves for a centerpiece that’s sure to please. White hydrangea, roses, and tulips are always a winner; for something unexpected, incorporate a sprig or two of lily of the valley or even hellebores to take things to the next level.

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Use Pink and Ivory Together

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Austin Gros; Floral Design by Amy Osaba Events

A pink and ivory color palette is a timeless and classic choice for a spring fête. Ranunculus, spray roses, and garden roses, in any combination of those two colors will create a luscious centerpiece design whether you go big or stay small. 

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Create a Runner

floral runner



We love the idea of a floral runner—from head table to tables for your guest. An oversize runner of flowers makes for a stunning centerpiece, and while it rests between guests on either side of the table, a conversation starter.

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Use Bud Vases

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Davy Whitener; Floral Design by Buffy Hargett Flowers, Edna-K Design

Bud vases filled with single stem flowers are the way to our heart when you’re searching for a fresh take on a simple centerpiece concept. Choose uniquely shaped vessels, change up the colors and opt for statement bud vases, or keep it low-key with clear pedestal vases.

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Create an Installation

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by KT Merry; Floral Design by Design Works

Elevate a traditional centerpiece to new heights with flower towers that draw your eyes up; we love the inclusion of moss-covered structures in sticking with an inventive garden theme.

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Go Modern

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Joel Serrato; Floral Design by Natasha Kolenko Design

A modern take on centerpiece design, use ikebana as your inspiration point for unique floral arrangements that you can’t take your eyes off of. Low ceramic vessels, unique candle holders, and twisted taper candles create a centerpiece moment your guests will be talking about long after the candles are extinguished. 

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Keep It Low

spring wedding floral centerpiece

Photo by Rebecca Fishman of Birds of a Feather Photography; Floral Design by JL Designs

Low centerpieces of garden roses, dahlias, astilbe, and privet berries tied all of the spring tones together for this wedding on the California coast. Make it easy for guests to converse with a design with slightly lower than normal elevation that’s sweet and teeming with spring sentiment.

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Make It Monochromatic

spring wedding floral centerpieces

Photo by Sarah Falugo; Floral Design by Revel Floral

From bridal bouquets to ceremony altars, a monochromatic floral design is equal parts simplistic and elevated. For a white color palette, delphinium, lily of the valley, and hyacinth make for a sophisticated centerpiece arrangement.

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Pick Peach

spring wedding floral centerpieces

Photo by Katherine Rose and Lukas Griffin; Floral Design by Holly Flora

Soft peach is undoubtedly one of our favorite ways to show off spring’s color palette. Whether your centerpieces are big-time arrangements or simple designs, the cheery hue makes for a refreshing take on a color we’ve loved for ages.

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