The New Wedding Dresses Brides Will Be Wearing for Years to Come

A sketch preview of the Spring 2023 bridal collections.



New York Bridal Fashion Week is back! As we've seen throughout the wedding industry as a whole, the return of weddings is in full force and we couldn't be more excited! Not only has the industry seen a resurgence of large-scale "I do's", but after several seasons of the virtual runway, designers have finally returned to in-person shows and appointments this market season.

The Spring 2023 collections represent a fresh new take on what it means to be a bride today — and we can expect to see looks that mirror the joy many brides will feel during this new wave of nuptials. There will be a mixture of traditional and modern styles, sexy and classic aesthetics, and voluminous and sleek silhouettes—catering to every bride-to-be like no season before.

So, in anticipation of New York Bridal Fashion Week (debuting from April 6-8, 2022), we've rounded up an exclusive preview of designer sketches. Keep scrolling for a sneak peek at the looks set to be released, and don't forget to check back with Brides to see the full SS23 collections.

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Allison Webb


Courtesy of JLM Couture

"The core of the AW brand is elevated elegance - classic styles with a modern twist. This season, Allison has incorporated new, luxe fabrics, dramatic silhouettes, and textured 3D elements into her clean, timeless aesthetic, highlighting the softness and femininity of the Allison Webb bride." - Allison Webb, Designer

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amsale sketch

Courtesy of Amsale

"Moonflower and Queen of the Night bloom across this season’s gowns, designed with vaulted curves and sculptural silhouettes. Luscious lavender fabrics are reminiscent of moonlight and adorned with patterns of paillettes and crystal appliqués." - Michael Cho, Senior Designer

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Anne Barge

anne barge sketch

Courtesy of Anne Barge

“This season’s collection is inspired by the marvel and resilience of the first blooms of spring– always growing with beauty and grace." - Shawne Jacobs, President and Creative Director

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berta sketch

Courtesy of Berta

"Some say paving your way, telling your story, and owning your truth in today’s society can be a challenging task. The SS23 collection was designed keeping this idea in mind. Led by texture and romance as her main sources of inspiration, Berta wanted to give the perfect 1920’ flapper girl moment, for the woman who dreamt of a one-in-a-lifetime moment taken out of the history books. Using complicated techniques, which incorporate the softest draped silky tulles, shimmering beadings, all the pearls we could find, and unique florals — all to glitz things up and help you tell your story in an unapologetic ‘owning it’ way. From the silent soft dress, the one that shows its power from its delicacy to the loud statement gown featuring the boldest silhouette, this collection is nothing but memorable." - Berta Balilti, Founder and Designer

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Dana Harel

dana harel sketch

Courtesy of Dana Harel

"Dana Harel’s SS/23 Collection is a celebration of life, creativity, freedom, and the renewal of creation. Originally inspired by royalty, Acqua was designed using classic European figures twisted with a Mediterranean feel, reflecting the power of the sea." - Dana Harel, Founder and Designer

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David's Bridal

david's bridal sketch

Courtesy of David's Bridal

"With this season’s collection we wanted to showcase that, like our brides, every dress has a story. Our brides bring the hype, create buzz, and are the life of the party. They’re unique, fun, playful, romantic, sexy, and modern. The Fall ’22 collection embodies exactly that, the unique and diverse attributes of our brides. From glitz & glam to rustic Boheme, the collection features sequins and beading, satin and shine fabrics, ditsy 3D florals, romantic cascades and flounces, captivating corsets, unique waist options like basque and drop, modern sleeve coverage and skirt drama including our longest train yet!" - Heather McReynolds, VP, General Merchandising Manager, Bridal and Dresses

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Elie Saab


Courtesy of Elie Saab

"She is the heart of the masterpiece, heavenly as she breathes light and pulse into her surroundings, yet ever so earthly in her gentle grace and ethereal appeal. ELIE SAAB BRIDAL SPRING 2023 embodies such fleeting moments of transcendence, drawing from the ideals of nature, the enchantment of the past and the musings of Pre-Raphaelites to intentionally revive a fierce romanticism and tender femininity." - The Elie Saab team

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Enaura Bridal

Enaura Bridal sketch

Courtesy of Enaura Bridal

"Introducing “Among the Wildflowers” - the new Fall 2022 collection from Enaura Bridal that is inspired by the raw beauty of the natural world. From dandelions and violets to daffodils and magnolias, this curated collection is effortlessly brought to life by our India-based artisans. Hand-beaded cutwork designs reflect pressed flowers and blooming flora, and are met with new styles of bodices, sleeves, and silhouettes. Made perfectly for an elopement in the meadows or a gathering in the garden, these made-to-order dresses are for the bride who dares to bloom in a way that only she can." - Sohil Mistry, Founder and Designer

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Francesca Avila

Francesca Avila

Courtesy of JLM Couture

“I’m so excited to unveil my upcoming signature collection, which will feature modern and romantic looks with a twist – something different, yet classic and tasteful,” says Francesca. Designing under her maiden name Avila is a choice that is close to her heart. The debut collection is an homage to her late mother who was a great source of inspiration and support throughout her life. “My mom had great style and impeccable taste. I loved playing dress-up with her clothes and watching her get dressed up for date night with my dad. She was always my biggest supporter, and she was so happy when I rejoined the JLM team because she knew how much I loved it there. I know she would be so proud of this collection and so I dedicate this to her.” - The JLM Couture Team & Francesca Avila, Designer

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Galia Lahav

Galia Lahav sketch

Courtesy of Galia Lahav

"Our new Spring 2023 Collection was crafted to encourage brides to restart and refresh during this season of renewal. By turning the page for a new chapter we enter into the elevated space that is Galia Lahav Couture, rising to the occasion and leaving no detail untouched."  - The Galia Lahav team

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Halfpenny London

halfpenny london sketch

Courtesy of Halfpenny London

"The initial inspiration for Wonder came from the realization that we’ve all gone through such a lot of change, both on a personal level and in the world in general — and so many of us are asking questions of ourselves about our future and how we want to live our lives. I’ve had some seismic changes in my personal life during the development of this collection and, as a result, my sources of inspiration shifted. I am a naturally curious person as a stylist as well as a designer, and I’m constantly searching for that little seed of inspiration, that little bit of magic. Textiles are a constant inspiration and we’ve had fun this season with flowing Duchess satin, delicious weighty crepes, and featherlight, crunchy taffeta, creating wondrous drama in striking silhouettes." - Kate Halfpenny, Founder and Designer

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honor sketch

Courtesy of Honor

"This collection was about playfulness and revisiting things I admired as a girl in a grown-up way. My grandmother has these beautiful bedspreads from the ‘40s and ‘50s with delicate candle wicking, and they inspired some of the embroidery techniques in the new designs. There are also several voluminous taffeta gowns in the collection." - Giovanna Randall, President and Head Designer

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Inbar Freiman

Inbar Freiman sketch

Courtesy of Inbar Freiman

“The idea for ‘Margaret’ was inspired by the beautiful Israeli ceramic designs that surround me every day. Specifically, the delicate lines that are such a big part of these designers’ organic and architectural creations. ‘Margaret’ brings this beauty to life in the front of the gown, taking inspiration from the unique shapes and lines, and building around it.” - Inbar Freiman, Founder and Designer

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Ines di Santo

Ines di Santo sketch

Courtesy of Ines di Santo

"Last season we celebrated the love of family and my deep Italian roots. In this collection, I drew inspiration from my formative years and the integral cities from around the world that have nurtured my growth as a designer and helped form the foundation of the Ines Di Santo brand today. Get ready to take a look into the fantasy world of my explorative years." - Ines Di Santo, Founder and Designer

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Jesus Peiro

Jesus Peiro

Courtesy of Jesus Peiro

"The 2023 JESUS PEIRO collection is all about femininity, inspired by dreamlike characters, seemingly fragile, wandering in a delicate garden of light." - The Jesus Peiro team

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Justin Alexander Signature

Justin Alexander Signature sketch

Courtesy of Justin Alexander Signature

"The Justin Alexander Signature Spring/Summer 2023 collection is our latest series of trend-leading wedding gowns where showmanship meets craftsmanship. Drawing inspiration from enigmatic characters from the world of theater, this collection is filled with drama, modernity, and unrivaled attention to detail. Bold minimalism takes a bow through sleek silhouettes, experimental draping, and iconic bows, while extravagant layers of shimmering texture and hand-beaded finishes create the perfect ensemble — and gowns with 3-D laser-cut appliqués, awe-inspiring sleeves, and unexpected textures deliver a grand performance. We've created each of these looks to allow our leading ladies, our Signature brides, to take to the stage and steal the show on their wedding day." - The Justin Alexander Signature team

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Kali by Francesca Avila


Courtesy of JLM Couture

"For the bride seeking high style and simplicity. The Kali by Francesca Avila collection is playful, fresh, and offered at an attainable price without sacrificing detail or style." - The JLM Couture Team

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Lihi Hod

lihi hod

Courtesy of Lihi Hod

"The inspiration behind my new collection, Mystic Flower, was born while observing garden flowers in bloom. The elegant process of petals opening up; the element of surprise as the beauty hidden beneath is slowly revealed. The magical, almost mystical, moment when something new is born and revealed to the world. It’s the miracle that takes shape as soon as evening falls and the flower comes to life." - Lihi Hod, Founder and Designer

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Mira Zwillinger

Mira Zwillinger

Courtesy of Mira Zwillinger

"Unity enhances the potential of our strength, courage, and growth as individuals. Together we are better, and only together can we accomplish something with a lasting impact. Our SS23 “Wonders” couture collection explores the importance of staying united amidst a newfound disconnect. We understand more than ever how valuable our relationships are both for inspiration, harmonious balance, and freedom. Throughout the 13-gown collection, delicate and intricate handcrafted florals are designed both as the main component of the gowns as well as abstract extensions beyond the gowns themselves. The ultra-fine elements move freely and effortlessly symbolically expressing how unity can uplift through strength, while the unique array of silhouettes create a dynamic expression of how much power and resilience togetherness can help us achieve. With unity, we can create wonders." - Mira and Lihi Zwillinger, Designers

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Morilee by Madeline Gardner

Morilee by Madeline Gardner sketch

Courtesy of Morilee by Madeline Gardner

“Featuring couture artistry, these gowns embody the poetic nature of a devoted love. Both fanciful and romantic, I’ve designed a collection of free-flowing silhouettes with a mix of blooming embellishments and sheer details; putting an emphasis on each bride’s unique style. Inspired by the whimsical yet sophisticated style of the Regency era, I present to you a collection that feels both modern and enduring, full of the spirit of poetic romance. An ode to true love!” – Madeline Gardner, Designer and Creative Director

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Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal

Nadia Manjarrez sketch

Courtesy of Nadia Manjarrez Studio Bridal

"This season as I was planning my own wedding, I began to explore the significance and mystique surrounding wedding rituals. In Mexico, it's customary for the bride to wear a Mantilla Veil, a circular veil with a lace trim around the edge. I integrated the drama of this traditional piece into the collection, adding in tones of blue for the "something blue". I designed this collection for a contemporary bride looking for versatility and drama but with the sentiment of heritage + tradition." - Nadia Manjarrez, Founder and Designer

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Peter Langner

Peter Langner sketch

Courtesy of Peter Langner

“I think what I have accomplished is a collection which is very important to me; a collection which truly speaks to the individuality of women in the midst of the turmoil we are all experiencing in this moment. “ - Peter Langner, Founder and Designer

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Sachin & Babi

Sachin & Babi sketch

Courtesy of Sachin & Babi

"Our collections are and will be inspired by the women we adore, we admire and we aspire to dress for the important joyous moments in their lives. Our latest bridal collection very much reflects this admiration. We pulled inspiration from cinema, architecture, and our own unique idea of what the modern bride and her party are looking for." - Sachin & Babi, Designers

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Sareh Nouri

Sareh Nouri sketch

Courtesy of Sareh Nouri

"The new Sareh Nouri collection is truly inspired by our southern brides and their absolutely gorgeous weddings that display all elements of "Southern Charm". Our southern brides reflect the classic and timeless look of our collection with a flair and taste for modern styling." - Sareh Nouri, Founder and Designer

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Savannah Miller

Savannah Miller sketch

Courtesy of Savannah Miller

"Our Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Spellbound, was inspired by the poem of the same name by Emily Brontë. Poetry, in its very essence, evokes feelings of ethereal romance for me and in this piece, the hypnotic depiction of Winter and its grip gave rise to inspiration for our hero gown of the season by the same name, an incredibly romantic and dramatic, liquid satin gown with sleeves that extend to the floor and a completely open back. We emerge as a society from what has been truly the winter of our time and look forward to the brightness of the coming wedding season." - Savannah Miller, Founder and Designer

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Sheila Frank

Sheila Frank

Courtesy of Sheila Frank

"This season I explored Victorian Menswear from pre-Victorian 1830s to late 1890s. Each look is designed with a garment in mind from the frock coat, waistcoat, and shirt variations to the cravat. Fabrics include matte and shiny satin, crepe, tulle, and beaded mesh. Gowns are adorned with bronze and gold buttons and styled with pressed flower pendant necklaces and belts. I explored the idea of vintage meets modern with clean lines and pleated fabrics that flatter the female form." - Sheila Frank, Founder and Designer

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Sophie Et Voilà

Sophie Et Voilà sketch

Courtesy of Sophie Et Voilà

"This collection is not about drawing inspiration from his work, nor is it even about emulating his technique or his mastery. That would be, to say the least, an unforgivable boldness. I will not analyze his lines, patterns, or sketches. I am not trying to be someone I cannot. I do not want to frustrate myself by copying. To know myself as an impostor, incapable, a liar and, in other words, one more. But I want to think I learned. That I took from the master a way of thinking. This collection is about his philosophy, his way of believing in fashion. To know that each dress has a name. One and only one. To say no to what I do not believe in and to bet my life on what excites me. I represent a firm with values, with a way of doing, with principles. At Sophie Et Voilà we never wanted to be commercial. We never thought about being others. Being different was never our goal. Doing something different has been the consequence of opting for doing things our own way. In a world where adaptation is everything, being true to oneself is a luxury that very few can afford." - Sofía Arribas, Creative Director & Saioa Goitia, CEO

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The Atelier Couture Bridal

The Atelier Couture sketch

Courtesy of The Atelier Couture

"Shakespeare in Love Perfectly shows The Bridal by The Atelier Couture‘s extravagant embellishments and whimsical style, fabulous wedding gowns fitted with fine corsets in the light of feminine curves, combining gorgeous trains that capture all eyes like the heroine of the incredible Palace Ball in Shakespeare’s plays. The glorious dresses, featured by various fabrics with different textures and multiple ornaments stand vividly revealed on the ethereal tulle, performing a magical midsummer romance." - The Atelier Couture team

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Theia sketch

Courtesy of Theia

"Our Spring 2023 Bridal Collection for THEIA continues to push boundaries, balancing angular and organic elements to create signature looks for today’s modern bride." - The THEIA team

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Yaniv Persy Bridal

Yaniv Persy Bridal

Courtesy of Yaniv Persy Bridal

"This season, we challenged ourselves to visualize scents and sounds, along with smells of flowers and gardens and mystery. The new 2023 looks work just as well for fairytale-themed [weddings], (sparkly and crafted wedding dresses) as they do for destination dreamy weddings. The gowns are so defined and well constructed, but they get their complete character by the bride — and it's amazing to see how each gown looks different yet the same...depending on the wearer. The label adds its characteristics inspired by sensuality and eternal looks." - Yaniv Persy, Designer

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