Take This Spotify Quiz to Create a Personalized Romantic Playlist

You can even use it as a wedding planning tool.

Couple listening to music


Stressing about your first dance, date night, or reception music? Well, Spotify is here to help. The music streaming giant just launched a quiz that curates a personalized playlist for you and your S.O. called Spotify Duo. The feature uses a six-question quiz to get to know your relationship before creating a 50-song playlist that suits you and your partner.

Spotify Duo

Courtesy of Spotify

The questions include, "How long have you two been together?" and "What song best describes your relationship?" Plus, you can even create custom cover art for your playlist. Everything from the font, background, and photos are editable.

And hey, it's a zero pressure situation. The quiz can create a playlist no matter what stage of relationship you're in (if if you're not in one at all). Casual relationships and friendships definitely still qualify. I took the quiz for me, myself, and I—and the album art was pretty cool, if I do say so myself.

Tess Playlist

Courtesy of Spotify

Perhaps it's even a cool tool for wedding planning. This personalized playlist might help you discover your music style as a couple. Plus, guests, friends, and family can follow along on the app. A little theme playlist for your nuptials, if you will. Play it at the shower, the reception, the bachelor/bachelorette party, etc! Create your own playlist today in minutes on spotify.com.

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