What Is an Intuitive and How Speaking to One Can Be a Gift Before Marriage

They can provide clarity, confirmation, and direction.



Amidst all the wedding excitement and events that happen from the moment you say “yes” to the moment you say “I do,” the wedding planning process is relatively similar for everyone. Find the dress, find the venue, pick your bridal party, decide on a honeymoon spot—you know, the usual. 

But while planning for the big day is essential, it's also crucial to plan for the life you'll have with your partner after you've walked down the aisle. Aside from discussing financial goals, where you’ll live, and how you’ll handle the holidays, have you really thought about the path you're new married life will take you? Or, do you wish to know about the future of your marriage, and how you and your soon-to-be spouse can maintain a healthy relationship? If you've thought about this (and even if you haven't), you should try speaking with an intuitive.

Nope, we’re not talking about getting a crystal ball reading or speaking with a fortune teller. Intuitives transcend the typical pop-culture references of a "psychic" and use their gifts to help guide people down the right path, in order to live the life they were destined to live. We spoke with celebrity intuitive Tash Leath Hamilton to fully understand what an intuitive does, and explain why couples should consider speaking to one prior to tying the knot. 

Meet the Expert

Tash Leath Hamilton (also known as Talk to Tash) is a celebrity intuitive and life coach. She works with clients all around the world, and offers sessions virtually via phone calls and video chat.

Understanding an Intuitive and What They Do

According to Tash, an intuitive is an incredible gift to everyone, and a personal gift she's had since she was six years old. She explains, “An intuitive is someone who has the ability to read your past, present, and possibility of [the] future." In her case, she has the ability to tell people about what’s currently going on in their lives and how they can better enhance their circumstances; all by speaking to someone on the phone, through Facetime, and even via text message.

What is an Intuitive?

An intuitive possesses information about someone's past and what will potentially happen in the future, by connecting with the person's energy. Intuitives already know the details of someone's life without having to "read" any materials.

Tash explains, “health, wealth, love, finances, career, family, friends” are all areas of an individual’s life that can be explored and explained. Intuitives provide clarity, confirmation, and direction to their clients and empower them to live their best lives. She also highlights that no topic is off-limits, as an intuitive's job is to help others in all possible ways.

Who Should Speak to an Intuitive?

Everyone should speak to an intuitive via a private session, whether individually or as a couple, says Tash. She highlights that she has helped, “a ton of married couples, engaged couples, [and] couples facing challenges,” and has provided her coupled clients with guidance to keep their “stability and love connection tight.”  Though she can’t disclose who, she has even played a role in saving several celebrity marriages.  

And while some couples regularly speak to intutives, many may be a bit skeptical of this process. If you fall into the latter, you may be asking: Is this right for me? In short, yes. According to Tash, an intuitive can help couples understand each other better and on a deeper level. “There are things you don’t tell your partner, you don’t tell them everything (not that you are trying to be secretive). [But] there are just some things your life partner should know if they are your person. It is healthy for everyone to have a session with an intuitive coach. It’s a fresh start,” she explains.  

Questions to Ask During a Session

Tash confirmed that one of the most important questions a couple should ask during a session with an intuitive is, “Do you see my spouse and I going through any hurdles, and if so, how can we avoid or prepare for them?” She further explains, “You’re going to go through marriage and marriage is work—it isn’t easy. Sometimes it helps to have a heads up, to help soften the blow so things aren’t a shock.” Relationships aren't easy to always navigate, so having someone guide and prepare you for future roadblocks can only strengthen a marital foundation.

Tash also suggests asking, “Does my partner have anything they aren’t telling me?” and “Is my partner really in love with me?” Though these questions are bold, and even scary to ask, she advises that couples shouldn't get upset with the answers they receive. It's good to ask these questions "because it will help save your relationship now", and help you get through difficult conversations before saying "I do."

Some additional questions Tash encourages couples to ask are:

  • What are some of my partner's biggest passions?
  • How can I keep my partner happy?
  • What do you see that will keep our relationship spicy?
  • Do you see children in our future?

Maintaining a Relationship With Your Intuitive

She encourages couples to maintain their relationship with an intuitive after they’ve tied the knot. Obtaining guidance and insight from someone who's able to see into your future could be very beneficial for most couples, and Tash recommends that couples should have a session “at least every quarter.”

“It’s very important to keep it going, to keep it fresh. We’re all human, we all make mistakes, [and] things are going to happen,” she explains. Having the guidance and clarity an intuitive provides can be extremely helpful as you navigate life post-wedding. It can help equip you with the tools needed to confidently face whatever the future holds, and focus on building a forever life together.

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