22 Spanish Songs to Play at Your Wedding

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There is a wide variety of Latin music to choose from when planning your wedding reception playlist. Merengue, salsa, reggaeton, samba—the list goes on and on. In order to give all of your guests something to dance to, it’s always a good idea to check all of the boxes.

Younger guests will love dancing to hits by new artists like Bad Bunny and Rosalia, while older generations will appreciate classic songs from Celia Cruz and Jose Luis Perales. And when you’re looking to play something that will bring everyone together, you can’t go wrong with fun sing-alongs from Selena and Elvis Crespo. 

Here are 22 Spanish songs that are guaranteed to pack the dance floor at your wedding.

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“Vivir Mi Vida,” by Marc Anthony

Lyrics of Love: “Voy a vivir el momento/Para entender el destino”

English Translation: "I will live in the moment/To understand destiny"

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“Bailando,” by Enrique Iglesias

Lyrics of Love: “Yo te miro, se me corta la respiración/Cuando tú me miras se me sube el corazón (me palpita lento el corazón)”

English Translation: "I look at you, my breath stops/When you look at me my heart goes up (my heart beats slowly)"

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“Suavemente,” by Elvis Crespo

Lyrics of Love: “Dame un beso despacito, dame un beso suave/Suavemente”

English Translation: "Give me a kiss slowly, kiss me gently/Gently"

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“La Vida Es Un Carnaval,” by Celia Cruz

Lyrics of Love: “Ay, no hay que llorar (No hay que llorar)/Que la vida es un carnaval”

English Translation: "Ay, you don't have to cry (You don't have to cry)/Life is a carnival"

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“Danza Kuduro,” by Don Omar featuring Lucenzo

Lyrics of Love: “No te quites ahora, que esto solo empieza/Mueve la cabeza y sacude duro”

English Translation: "Don't take off now, this just starts/Shake your head and shake hard"

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“Addicted to You,” by Shakira

Lyrics of Love: “Porque es un vicio tu piel/Baby I'm addicted to you”

English Translation: "Because your skin is a vice/Baby I'm addicted to you"

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“Despacito,” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee

Lyrics of Love: “Tú, tú eres el imán y yo soy el metal/Me voy acercando y voy armando el plan”

English Translation: "You, you are the magnet and I am the metal/I am getting closer and I am putting together the plan"

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“MIA,” by Bad Bunny featuring Drake

Lyrics of Love: “Lo que no saben es que hoy yo te voy a buscar (yeh-yeh)/Dile que tú eres mía, mía”

English Translation: "What they don't know is that today I'm going to look for you (yeh-yeh)/Tell him that you are mine, mine"

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“Bidi Bidi Bom Bom,” by Selena

Lyrics of Love: “Cada vez que lo oigo hablar (cada vez, cada vez)/Me tiemblan hasta las piernas (las piernas)”

English Translation: "Every time I hear him speak (every time, every time)/My legs shake (my legs)"

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“Somos Novios,” by Andrea Bocelli featuring Christina Aguilera

Lyrics of Love: “Ya ganamos lo más grande de este mundo/Nos amamos, nos besamos”

English Translation: "We already won the greatest thing in this world/We love each other, we kiss each other"

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“Mi Gente,” by J Balvin featuring Willy William

Lyrics of Love: “Estamos rompiendo la discoteca/La fiesta no para, apenas comienza”

English Translation: "We're breaking the disco/The party doesn't stop, it's just beginning"

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“Yo x Ti, Tu x Mi” by Rosalia featuring Ozuna

Lyrics of Love: "Yo por ti, tú por mí"

English Translation: "Me for you, you for me"

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“El Amor,” by Jose Luis Perales

Lyrics of Love: “El amor es soñar oyendo una canción/El amor es besar poniendo el corazón”

English Translation: "Love is dreaming listening to a song/Love is kissing with your heart"

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“Mesa Que Mas Aplauda,” by Grupo Climax

Lyrics of Love: “Qué tenemos DJ, rápidamente/Que comience la fiesta”

English Translation: "What do we have DJ, quickly/Let the party begin"

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“Hasta el Amanecer,” by Nicky Jam

Lyrics of Love: “Lo único que sé, es que quiero con usted/Quedarme contigo hasta el amanecer”

English Translation: "All I know is that I want to be with you/Stay with you until dawn"

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“Mi Cucu,” by La Sonora Dinamita

Lyrics of Love: “Y te quiero mas y mas mas mas mas mas/No me canso de mirar”

English Translation: "And I love you more and more more more more more/I don't get tired of looking at you"

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“Tu Amor Me Hace Bien,” by Marc Anthony

Lyrics of Love: “Porque me gusta tenerte vida mía/Y no quiero que te vayas”

English Translation: "Because I like to have you my life/And I don't want you to leave"

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“Baila Esta Cumbia,” by Selena

Lyrics of Love: “Todos vamos a gozar/Baila, baila esta Cumbia”

English Translation: "We are all going to enjoy/Dance, dance this Cumbia"

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“Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor,” by Juanes

Lyrics of Love: “Por eso yo quiero que mis años pasen junto a ti mi amor eterno/Junto a mi familia junto a mis amigos y mi voz”

English Translation: "That's why I want to spend my years with you my eternal love/Together with my family with my friends and my voice"

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“El Amor De Mi Vida,” by Ricky Martin

Lyrics of Love: “Y puedo ser feliz, porque ahora se/Que eres el amor de mi vida”

English Translation: "And I can be happy, because now I know/That you are the love of my life"

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"Bésame," by Luis Fonsi and Myke Towers

Lyrics of Love: “Bailando bachata de noche y de día/Hacer el amor sin amor no sabía/Pero a mi canción le cambiaste la melodía"

English Translation: "Dancing bachata night and day/Making love without love did not know/But you changed the melody to my song"

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"Forever My Love," by Ed Sheeran and J Balvin

Lyrics of Love: “No soy perfecto, pero/En dondequiera que estés, ahí estaré/Hoy y mañana, por siempre, mi amor"

English Translation: "I'm not perfect but/Wherever you are, I'll be there/Today and tomorrow, forever, my love"

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