14 Etsy Products to Consider Buying for a Socially Distant Wedding

So everyone feels comfortable celebrating.

Photos Courtesy of Etsy; Art by Cristina Cianci

After over a year of accommodations and postponed plans, weddings are coming back in full force. The availability of the COVID-19 vaccine and the CDC’s guidance that vaccinated individuals don’t have to wear masks in most settings means that weddings have been given the green light. But, as the world starts to open up again, there is still some uncertainty and hesitation surrounding the norms of behavior in large social gatherings. 

While some are eager to return to normal, others are more anxious about transitioning back to pre-pandemic life, and for good reason. For the past year, we’ve learned that large crowds put us at risk of contracting a serious illness, so we avoided them at all costs or kept our distance from others as much as possible. Now, with large gatherings becoming acceptable again, it makes sense that many of us would face them with skepticism and fear.

We want to make sure weddings are a comfortable and enjoyable experience for everyone in attendance, so to make the adjustment as smooth and seamless as possible, we’ve curated a list of the top products you need at your wedding to encourage social distancing and good hygiene practices. 

Some products are designed to signify your level of comfort in a social setting, and others intend to keep the spread of germs to a minimum. From vaccinated pins to mini hand sanitizers and personalized masks, these items will help create a safe space for everyone, regardless of your comfort level.

The current outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As the situation remains fluid, we’ll be sharing tips and stories from industry experts to give you of-the-moment advice and help you navigate wedding planning today. For the most up-to-date guidelines and latest on travel restrictions and requirements, check the CDC and U.S. Department of State websites.

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Color Coded Wristband Sign

Wristband sign

Courtesy of Etsy

An innovative idea to make sure weddings are safe and pleasant for everyone is instituting a “comfort” band system. To accomplish this, set up a table with this sign to communicate guidelines and colored wristbands that correspond to each level of comfort. Guests will gauge how comfortable they are socializing in a large group setting before selecting the appropriate band. Wearing a band that signifies their comfort level will set expectations for how others interact with them, from kindly keeping six feet to embracing in a big hug. 


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Color Coded Wristbands


Courtesy of Etsy

In line with the comfort band idea, these colored wristbands symbolize whether guests feel safe keeping their distance or don’t mind getting up close and personal. The green band signifies the highest level of comfort, with yellow being somewhat comfortable and red being uncomfortable in social gatherings. Consider making these bands available at the welcome table and ask guests to select the wristband that best suits their comfort level. This system will alleviate any uncertainty both socially and hygienically. 


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Gold Vaccinated Pin

Vaccinated pin

Courtesy of Etsy

For anyone who is vaccinated and ready to party, instead of shouting it from the rooftops, why not let a chic pin do the talking? Wearing a vaccinated pin will let everyone know that you’re protected against the virus. The simple design and versatile gold color will coordinate with any outfit, and the 1.5-inch diameter won’t detract from your look. 


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Pride Vaccinated Pin

Pride pin

Courtesy of Etsy

Just in time for Pride Month, this rainbow pin is another fun vaccinated pin idea to distribute at your wedding. All you have to do is secure the pin on your clothes to let others know you have immunity. This pin is perfect for LGBTQ+ couples looking to celebrate love while being cognizant of the pandemic or for anyone who supports inclusivity. 


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Custom Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Hand sanitizer

Courtesy of Etsy

Looking for a party favor that’s timely and practical? Mini hand sanitizer bottles with a custom label are the perfect keepsake for guests. Every time they lather their hands with the solution, they’ll not only kill germs, but they’ll also immediately recall your wedding day.

You can also give the gift of proper hygiene earlier in the day by including the hand sanitizer bottles in your welcome bag, placing them in baskets at the entrance of your venue, or stationing them in guest rooms. That way, everyone will have the opportunity to sanitize their hands throughout the evening. 


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Personalized Hand Wipes

Hand wipes

Courtesy of Etsy

Another disinfectant that’s just as effective at cleaning your hands as the mini hand sanitizers is individually wrapped hand wipes. You can place these wipes in bins at the welcome table, or you can station them at each reception place setting, so everyone has the option to sanitize before or after they eat. These wipes are also thin enough to slip into your pocket, so you’ll have instant access to sanitation wherever you go. As a bonus, the gold calligraphy on the exterior is perfect for any glam or modern wedding. 


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Sanitizing Station Sign

Sanitizing station

Courtesy of Etsy

There’s no better way to relay important information than with beautiful signage! Establishing clear signage at your wedding sets the expectation for guests’ behavior and allows you to communicate precautions that keep everyone safe and healthy. To keep germs at bay, consider setting up a sanitizing station near your welcome table, so guests know to sanitize their hands before entering the venue.

In addition to a stunning sign, this product also comes with a touch-less hand sanitizer dispenser, which further eliminates the spread of germs. Pro tip: Decorate the sanitizer sign with blooms, greenery, or string lights to enhance your aesthetic. 


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Mask and Sanitizer Sign

Mask sign

Courtesy of Etsy

This stylish sign serves as a reminder that masks are available if certain guests feel more comfortable wearing one or if they aren’t fully vaccinated yet. With a mix of classic and cursive fonts, this sign gets the point across while elevating a modern aesthetic. The gold frame complements any color palette, and you have the ability to change the color of the script to better suit your style.


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Reusable Cotton Face Masks

Reusable mask

Courtesy of Etsy

To execute the mask station idea, you’ll need to order masks—and a lot of them. This reusable cotton face mask is an excellent choice because it’s perfect for bulk orders, so you won’t have to worry about running out. The breathable fabric is ideal for hot and humid weather, and the reusable design will double as a party favor. Not to mention, adding you and your partner’s initials will make the accessory extra special. 


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Disposable Custom Face Masks

Disposable mask

Courtesy of Etsy

If you’d rather say goodbye to your face mask for good after the party is over, a disposable option is probably best. Instead of your typical paper mask, this option comes in 11 different colors and is even available in kid sizes! Plus, you can personalize each mask to include your name and wedding date for an elegant touch. These masks also have three layers of protection, so they provide the ultimate COVID-19 defense.  


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Acrylic Mask Sign

Acrylic mask sign

Courtesy of Etsy

Another equally beautiful option for your mask station is this acrylic mask sign. This contemporary chic sign will remind guests to grab a mask before entering the venue, and the lucite design will build upon a modern and minimalist look. You can jazz up the sign with decor, or you can leave the sign as is to maintain a classic and clean look. 


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Social Distancing Seating Sign

Reserved sign

Courtesy of Etsy

Looking to keep your ceremony that much safer? Use these “reserved seating” signs to encourage social distancing, especially for those who aren’t ready to sit so close together. You can either make the entire ceremony socially distant, or you can create staggered seating in a certain designated area. Instead of folding these signs, try trimming them in half and tying them to your chairs with a fun ribbon. 


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COVID-19 Koozie


Courtesy of Etsy

If you’re on the hunt for a party favor that flawlessly captures your wedding experience, look no further. This koozie is a sign of the times and a practical gift that your guests will definitely reuse. It also comes in 34 different colors, so you’re guaranteed to find one (or many!) that you love. Instead of passing these out as party favors, you can make them available during cocktail hour, so guests will remember to keep their distance as they sip on their beverages.


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Worth the Wait Wine Label

Wine label

Courtesy of Etsy

For anyone who’s had to postpone their wedding due to COVID-19 but still has a sense of humor about it, this wine label is for you. This waterproof, non-tear, and pre-cut label is either a fantastic party favor for guests or an excellent present for couples to celebrate their new wedding date. The label is available in many different sizes, so you can secure it on a wine or champagne bottle.


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