23 Things to Do When You're Single on Valentine's Day

You don't need a date to celebrate this holiday.

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February means being bombarded with red hearts, pink flowers, and phrases like "be mine" written in elegant script everywhere you look. For some people, both single and in relationships, Valentine's Day is an annoying and unnecessary commercial celebration. For those who are unattached and not exactly happy about it, though, it can be more like pouring salt in a wound.

Fortunately, it doesn't have to be that way! While a couple's massage may not be on the docket, you can still plan on having a ball on February 14. In fact, Valentine's Day can be a great opportunity to indulge in fun activities, whether it's a solo dinner or some self-care. Just because you don't have a significant other doesn't mean you can't commemorate this holiday with some self-love.

Not sure what to do? Here are 23 awesome activities to try out when you're single on Valentine's Day—no S.O. required.

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Go to a Movie

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Going to the movies alone is arguably better than going with someone else. Get a ticket to a new film you've been dying to see, splurge on some popcorn and candy, and have a date with yourself.

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Host a Singles-Only Dinner Party

Spending time with friends is a great celebration of love that doesn't involve romance. Invite all your favorite single people over, cook an amazing dinner, pop some bubbly, and toast to your independence.

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Enjoy a Beauty Treatment

Looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. Spoil yourself with a haircut, blowout, mani-pedi, or massage.

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Get Out of Town

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  • Plan a Valentine's Day weekend getaway with a friend or family member, or go on your own. Visit somewhere new or travel to a favorite destination where you can bask in nostalgia.
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Cook a Romantic Dinner for Your Parents

What better way to celebrate love than to spend quality time with your parents? Have them forgo a traditional dinner out and cook for them instead. Set the table, light candles, and open a good bottle of wine.

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Eat at Your Favorite Restaurant

Solo dinners out are so underrated. Not only can you order whatever you want, but you don't have to make conversation with anyone and can really focus on the delicious food. Book a table for one at your favorite restaurant (or sit at the bar), and don't forget to end the night with dessert.

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Sign Up for a Boutique Workout

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If you've been meaning to check out a class at a cool workout studio near you, now is the time! After reaping the emotional benefits of exercise, cap things off with a smoothie.

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Bake a Chocolate Layer Cake 

Make a delectable dessert and don't feel like you have to share it with anyone. Choose one that's a little more advanced, and be proud of yourself when you nail it.

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Try Out a New Recipe

Do you have a bunch of recipes saved to your bookmarks or favorites that you've been meaning to try out? Valentine's Day is the perfect opportunity to grab the ingredients and cook a delicious dinner for one.

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Stay In and Pamper Yourself

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Make it a day of self-care activities that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. Take a long bath, put on a face mask, or paint your nails.

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Book a Couple's Massage

Who said you need an S.O. to do a couple's massage or facial? Bring your best friend or a family member and experience ultimate relaxation.

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Catch Up With Carrie Bradshaw

There's nothing like the wisdom of Carrie Bradshaw to make you feel less depressed about dating. Order pizza from your favorite place, shake up a Cosmopolitan, and binge-watch "Sex and the City," which celebrates single women everywhere.

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Visit Your Favorite Bar

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Odds are, that local dive bar you go to after work will be filled with single people. Order your go-to cocktail and strike up a conversation with the bartender or another patron. Or, bring a book and enjoy some me time.

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Plan a Date With Your Best Friend

Best friend love is something to celebrate! Get dressed up, go to a fancy restaurant, and order off the special Valentine's Day menu with wine pairings.

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Do Something Nice for Someone

Choose someone who is older than you, like a grandparent, elderly neighbor, or mentor. Send them a bouquet of roses with a sweet card.

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Explore a New Neighborhood

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Head to an area of town you aren't too familiar with. Walk up and down the streets, grab a cappuccino at the hip café, and browse the racks of a stylish boutique.

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Watch Your Favorite Sporting Event

If the big game is on, head to a sports bar to watch. Get a group of friends together and cheer on your favorite team while sipping beers and eating greasy pub grub.

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Avoid Social Media

Make V-day a phone-free day. Stalking your ex on social media to see how they're celebrating with their new partner is not going to make you feel happy or confident, and neither are all the happy couple photos clogging up your feed.

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Offer to Babysit

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Take care of your nieces and nephews (or a friend's kids) so their parents can go out. Order pizza, watch Frozen, and make brownie sundaes.

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Buy Yourself Flowers

Treat yourself to a beautiful arrangement of flowers, or bring home an assortment and channel your inner florist to make beautiful bouquets. Use them to decorate your home and bask in the sweet smell.

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Go to a Comedy Show

Stand-up comedy shows are often full of self-effacing humor, and laughing is one of the best ways to boost your mood. If you don't feel like going out, stream one of the latest specials on Netflix.

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Splurge on a Nice Piece of Jewelry

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Have you had your eye on some new accessories, like an expensive pair of earrings, ring, or bracelet, but haven't been able to justify purchasing them? Here's your opportunity. You're worth it!

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Love Yourself

Do whatever makes you happy! And remind yourself that you are worthy of love.


A Guide to Celebrating Valentine's Day

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