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30 Simple Wedding Hairstyles That Prove Less Is More

Bride with a simple hairstyle

Photo by CHARLA STOREY / Design by Zackary Angeline

Sometimes, it’s best to keep it simple. This rule of thumb can apply to your wedding guest list (you don’t always need to invite third and fourth cousins), your menu (two signature cocktails are enough!), and even what kind of hairstyle you rock on the big day. Simple wedding hairstyles can be just as stunning as their more intricate counterparts.

These looks suit brides who have a more minimalist sense of style. Not to mention, if you're doing your own hair for your wedding, simple 'dos can be a saving grace. We’re confident that you’ll be able to pull off most of these looks yourself. Just remember that practice makes perfect and to give yourself plenty of time so you don't feel too much pressure.

Now let’s take our own advice, keep things simple, and cut right to the chase: Here are 30 simple wedding hairstyles we just love.

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Cool-Girl Middle Part

Bride with a sleek cool-girl middle part

Photo by Lindsay Muciy Photo + Video 

Rocked by celebs like Zoe Kravitz and all of the Kardashians, middle parts are effortlessly cool. But it's not just the celebrity set who subscribe to this style. Brides love it as it's both face-defining and versatile. Check out the loose curls this bride paired hers with.

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Throw on a Flower Crown

Bride with a flower crown embracing groom

Photo by Charla Storey 

No matter what wedding hairstyle you choose, you can add some extra bridal vibes by throwing on a flower crown. Ask your florist if she can create one using the same flowers that’ll be in your bouquet to pull the whole look together.

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Double-Twist Ponytail

Bride with a double-twist ponytail

Photo by Lauren Kinsey

Another alternative to just a plain pony? This literal twist on the hairstyle that's downright mesmerizing. We love how it's both effortless and elegant—just like this stunning bride.

Be sure to use a thickening product like a dry texturizing spray or powder to give your hair some grip before forming the double twists.

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Simple Faux-Hawk

Bride with a simple faux-hawk

Photo by T&S Hughes Photography

Looking for something with a bit of a modern edge? Take note of this faux-hawk. It’s crafted from easy-enough braids and twists and totes all the cool-girl vibes you’ve been searching for.

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Crown Braid

Bride with a gorgeous crown braid

Photo by The Le Sueurs

A simple crown braid totes plenty of bohemian charm. Like many styles, this one works best on dirty hair that has a bit of a grip to it, so resist the urge to wash it the night before your wedding.

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Minimalist Metallic Barrette

Bride with a minimalist metallic barrette

Photo by Jen Menard; Hair by Glam NOLA 

Sometimes, a simple barrette is all a bride needs! Just take it from this beauty who tucked away a lock of hair with a slim, single hairpiece.

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Classic Half-Up Half-Down

Bride smiling in half up half down hairstyle

Photo by Mel Barlow; Event Planning by Carole Grogan of Bright Blue Events; Makeup by Megan Lombardi & Megan Mortenson

The tried-and-true half-up half-down hairstyle has never failed a bride! Why? Because it’s universally flattering, complementing all face shapes and many personal styles and wedding dress necklines.

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Messy Bun

Bride with a messy bun

Photo by Jenna McElroy; Hair by Makenzi Laine 

Take a page out of Meghan Markle’s royal wedding playbook with a messy bun. It's a softened version of a classic chignon that’ll look lovely and effortless.

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Big Bouncy Curls

Bride with big bouncy curls

Photo by Jenny Smith & Co.; Hair by Marlaine Reiner 

How gorgeous are these glossy curls? Big, lush curls are undeniably glamorous and are achievable via a larger barrel curling iron.

To achieve this style, make sure that you're using the correct curling iron size. For versatility, we recommend a 1 ¼-inch or 1 ½-inch barrel that will allow you to create anything from effortless beach waves to glam waves inspired by your favorite old-Hollywood starlet.

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Half-Up Braided Bun

Bride with a half-up braided bun

Photo by Patricia P Photography; Hair by Atherial Beauty 

This hairstyle is the definition of simplistic chic! By pulling back some of your locks, you’ll keep the attention on your face and a braided half bun, as seen here, is such an unexpected way to do it.

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Crowning Moment

Bride wearing a bridal tiara

Photo by El Momento Perfecto; Hairpiece by Lelet NY; Planning by MC2 Mon Amour 

Give an otherwise simple wedding hairstyle the royal treatment by topping it off with a bridal tiara. We love the halo-like headpiece this beauty donned.

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Easygoing Ponytail

Bride overlooking balcony with an easygoing ponytail

Photo by White Diamond Photo 

This bride made sure to show off the stunning sheer back of her wedding dress by rocking a simple ponytail. Smooth away any flyaways by spraying a comb with hairspray and pulling it through your strands before gathering them into the ponytail.

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Big and Bold Blooms

Bride with big and bold blooms interwoven in hairstyle

Photo by Andrielle Photography 

If you feel that your simple wedding hairstyle could use a little...something...big, bold florals might fit the bill. The statement-making florals can instantly level up any bridal ‘do.

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Pinned-Up Curls

Bride with pinned-up curls embracing groom

Photo by Luma Weddings 

We love the way this bride wore curls piled and pinned on top of her head. What an easy (and pretty!) way to get your hair out of your face so you can show off all your best dance moves at the reception.

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Soft Waves

Newlyweds embracing

Photo by Tamara Gruner Photography; Event Planning by Isabelle Kline Design; Hair by Melanie Ortiz of Priv

Soft, beachy waves are a summertime staple and a gorgeous choice for brides. If you’re styling your own tresses, curl 1- to 2-inch sections of hair using a 1-inch wand. Vary the direction of the curls to keep the finished look natural and effortless.

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Wrapped Ponytail

Bride with a wrapped ponytail

Photo by Charla Storey 

Who knew the ponytail you rock at the gym could become so romantic? Hide hair elastics by wrapping the hair around them, and pull out a couple of tendrils for a soft and ethereal vibe.

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Sleek High Knot

Bride with a sleek high knot

Photo by D'Arcy Benincosa

Does your dream wedding dress boast a beautiful neckline or back? Wearing your hair in a sleek high knot will let those details shine without competing with them.

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Romantic, Wispy Updo

Bride with a romantic, wispy updo

Photo by Mint Photography; Hair by Crown of Glory

We’re obsessed with this soft and romantic updo. When going for a similar style, remember to keep things relaxed and textured—not every hair has to lay perfectly in place.

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Braids Meet Ponytail

Bride with a braided ponytail

Photo by Krista Mason Photography; Hair by Lauren Cory of KBGLAM  

Here, two dainty braids meet a ponytail in holy matrimony. Who knew they’d make such a perfect pair?! It’s a great choice for a boho bride.

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Cropped and Curled

Bride with a cropped and curled hairdo

Photo by Meghann Chapman 

You can still rock some curls with a shorter ‘do by focusing a curling wand on just the ends of your hair. This will give it body and bounce. Follow with a flexible hold hairspray, and you’re good to go!

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Lustrous Low Bun

Bride with lustrous low bun

Photo by LA76 Photography 

You can’t go wrong with a classic chignon. This iconic iteration is set low on the head and shines bright thanks to that sleek middle part and glossy tresses.

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Face-Framing Twists

Bride with gorgeous face-framing twists

Photo by A Heart String Wedding Co

For an easy half-up half-down hairstyle, simply twist locks of hair to frame the face. Secure with matte bobby pins.

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Sleek Simplicity

Beautiful bride holding hands with groom

Photo by Lilly Red Creative 

Rest assured that a sleek and shiny hairstyle will never go out of style. After parting your hair (try going straight down the middle like this bridal beauty!), spritz on a shine-boosting spray before blow-drying to achieve this minimalist look.

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Show Off Your Natural Texture

Bride smiling in dress and veil

Photo by Amy Anaiz; Event Planning by We Do! Collective by Fallon Carter; Hair by Modimel; Styling by Vainglorious Brides

Keep the rest of your style simple and let your natural texture be the star of the show.

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A Boost of Volume

Bride and groom embracing

Photo by T&S Hughes Photography 

A little volume at the crown of the head can make a world of difference in formalizing a simple wedding hairstyle. Try using a volumizing powder at the roots to give your tresses just the right amount of oomph.

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Prettified Ponytail

Bride with a prettified ponytail

Photo by Raw Shoots Photography; Hair by Gaga Beauty

With twisted, intertwining locks, tons of volume, and an embellished hair comb, this bride’s ponytail is taken to the next level.

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Old Hollywood–Inspired Waves

Bride with old Hollywood-inspired waves

Photo by Gianni Di Natale; Hair by Piero Mansi

Complement a vintage wedding dress with some old Hollywood–inspired waves. The unique texture alone is simply stunning.

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Loosely Wrapped Updo

Bride with a loosely wrapped updo

Photo by Rachel May Photography

To mimic this lovely, loose updo, first, create a rope braid before loosely wrapping it around the base. Secure with bobby pins, untucking it a bit here and there so it looks elegantly effortless.

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Slip in Some Sparkle

Bride and bridesmaids rocking sparkly hair clips

Photo by Live View Studios 

Leave it to a sparkly hairpiece to instantly dress up any wedding hairstyle. As if this bride’s romantic, loose curls weren’t pretty enough, the addition of her glittering hair accessory makes it extra special.

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A Basic-Yet-Beautiful Braid

Bride with a basic-yet-beautiful braid

Photo by Evergold Photography; Hair by The Braid Bar of St. Augustine 

There’s nothing wrong with a classic! This simple braid keeps things uncomplicated yet oh so pretty.

  • Should I hire a hairstylist?

    Depending on the complexity of your desired hairstyle, you may want to bring a stylist on board. Even simple updos and braids can sometimes be tricky to do by yourself. 

  • How long will it take to do your hair?

    It varies from bride to bride, but typically 45 to 90 minutes once you factor in the level of difficulty, whether you wear your hair up or down, and the number of steps involved. 

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