43 Simple Wedding Cakes for Every Style Celebration

Simple can still be stunning.

Two-tier white frosted wedding cake with citrus accents

Photo by Jenn Emerling Weddings; Planning by Ashley Smith Events; Cake by A Spoonful of Sugar

We’re all for a statement-making cake, but understated cakes can go a long way. Enter the simple wedding cake. Lightly adorned and often wrapped in white buttercream, simple wedding cakes tend to trend more classic than anything else. But you can still keep things minimal while spicing up the tradition—adding a monstera leaf for a tropical twist, edging layers with pearl-like fondant, or infusing metallic foil as a glitzy touch.

And there are other ways to go bold without decking out your cake! Opt for multiple single-tiered cakes to create a lavish table spread. We also love the idea of filling a traditional-looking cake with a surprising flavor inside, like banana or raspberry jam.

Simple wedding cakes are perfect for an informal, intimate wedding—but also if you’re a couple who prefers a minimalist look or timeless touch. Besides the elegant simplicity of these cakes, there’s another bonus: the less fuss, the lower the cost (typically).

Below, 43 simple wedding cake ideas that will do the trick.

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Go Minimalist

Three tier white wedding cake with greenery

Photo by Wendy Laurel Photography; Planning by Couture Events; Cake by Cake Fanatics

Drape a simple white wedding cake in greenery and place it in a shallow bowl for a minimalist, organic effect. Inside, the red velvet cake is paired with cream cheese filling and buttercream frosting.

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Add Florals

Four tier simple white wedding cake with cascading florals

Photo by Lacie Hansen; Planning by Rincon Events; Cake by Lele Patisserie; Floral Design by Jenn Sanchez Design

A vine of earth-toned flowers and vivid greenery dresses up frosted tiers and seminude layers. The look, like the rest of the wedding, was inspired by the bride’s grandparents’ safari honeymoon. We love a nostalgic nod!

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Get Naked

Multi tier simple naked wedding cake with chocolate layers

Photo by Sasithon Photography of The Wedding Artists Collective; Planning by Jove Meyer Events; Cake by Lucky Bird Bakery

This double chocolate chip cake gets a rustic charm from its semi-naked layers and a sweet touch thanks to delicate rose accents.

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Evoke a Tuscan Feel

Two-tier white wedding cake with citrus and sprigs

Photo by Jenn Byrne; Planning by Tymm Rodriguez; Cake by Carol Bojarsky of Cake Bloom

A simple two-tiered white cake gets a Tuscan twist with wreaths of olive leaves and fresh orange slices. Set it on a wood charger and finish it off with a wrought iron cake topper to complete those rustic Italian countryside vibes.

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Create Romance

Three-tier white wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Christy Cassano; Planning by Horning's Hideout; Cake by Dream Cakes

A three-tiered white wedding cake is a classic choice, but this one carries a more laid-back vibe thanks to its textured fondant. Fresh flowers in a mauve and pink palette bring a dash of romance.

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Pick an Unexpected Flavor

Simple white wedding cake with white flowers and ferns

Photography by Braedon Flynn; Planning by Jesse Tombs of Alison Events; Cake by Flora Farms

This fondant-pleated confection looks classic on the outside with its three white tiers, but the inside surprises with an unexpected banana flavor. Adorn it with a swath of ferns and white blooms for a botanical touch.

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Think Sleek

Simple white wedding cake with white blooms

Photo by Henry & Mac; Planning by Nicole Mower Weddings + Events; Cake by Cakes for All Seasons


A lemon cake with raspberry jam is sleek and stunning with simple, slender tiers. Dried lunaria and fresh roses delicately decorate the cake for some minimalist romance. 

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Use Bougainvillea

Three-tier simple white wedding cake with bougainvillea and foliage

Photo by  Brumley & Wells; Planning by We Tie The Knots; Cake by The Inn at Rancho Santana

If you’re having a destination wedding, this cake is for you! Bougainvillea and foliage are the perfect accents to lend your cake an escapist feel. Inside this beauty are layers of chocolate, salted caramel, and vanilla almond.

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Create Texture

Simple white wedding cake with textured designs

Photography by Clary Pfeiffer; Planning by Camryn Brooke Events; Cake by Alliance Bakery; Floral Design by Kelly Lenard

A simple white cake goes for a spin with textured stripes on the top layer and a delicate floral design on the bottom layer. Added fall leaves create an autumnal vibe by bringing a subtle, husky color.

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Build a Tower

<p>semi-naked wedding cake with strawberry filling</p>

Photo by Olivia Rae James

This towering confection is a showstopper. Lanky brushed tiers emit an artsy, disheveled effect, while tropical blooms and greens create a feeling of paradise.

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Combine Looks

Four-tier simple white wedding cake flowers

Photo by Olivia Rae James; Planning by The Burlap Elephant; Cake by WildFlour Pastry; Floral Design by Flowershop

A four-tier, vanilla wedding cake with fresh strawberries and Italian buttercream frosting has a classic-meets-modern look when decked out with pastel-colored flowers and perched on an ornate silver pedestal.

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Channel the Tropics

Two-tier white wedding cake with lush flowers

Photo by Madison Hope Photography; Planning by Ashley Zuppas of The House of Gather; Cake by Earth & Sugar; Floral Design by Primrose Florals

Festooned with gorgeous white blooms and lush leaves, this two-tiered wedding cake is clean and tropical in a way that manages to be bold without being over the top. It tastes just as good as it looks, featuring chocolate chip with mocha buttercream and vanilla with dulce de leche flavors.

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Layer Fruit

Simple white wedding cake with layers of fresh fruit

Photo by Natalie Watson Photography; Planning by Becca Knuth of Asheville Event Co.; Cake by 50/Fifty the Art of Dessert; Floral Design by Primrose Florals

Forget flowers—fruit works as an accent, too! Add fresh apricots, figs, and olive branches to a buttercream cake for a hearty, rustic vibe. We’re loving this one for a farm or countryside wedding.

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Use Dried Florals

classic la badia italian wedding, modern wedding cake with sugar flowers

Photo by Kurt Boomer Photography; Planning by Jacqueline Hallgarth Events; Cake by Trip & Co.; Floral Design by Janna Brown Design Co.

We think this simple wedding cake belongs to a dreamy forest wedding. Accenting your cake with sugar-dried florals and branches evokes a bohemian, ethereal feeling that comes with the magic of the woods.

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Give a Personal Touch

Three-tier simple white wedding cake with greenery

Photo by Whitney Neal Studios; Planning by Laurel and Rose; Cake by Tinker’s Cake Shop

This three-tier cake includes three flavors: white chocolate raspberry, chocolate champagne, and lemon cream cheese. It also includes a personal touch: a fondant portrait of the couple’s black cat, Toast!

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Keep It Clean

Multi-tier simple white wedding cake

Photo by Olivia Rae James; Planning by Calder Clark; Cake by Minette Rushing

Business on the outside, party on the inside. Sometimes, a cake shines best without any adornments, like this classic five-tier cake boasting textured stripes. But slice that baby open, and you’ll find a Funfetti surprise.

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Break Tradition

Naked wedding cake with filling and fruit

Photo by Norman & Blake; Planning by Bash Bozeman; Cake by Collective Yellowstone

Ditch the classic white wedding cake in favor of a naked cake sandwiched between layers of decadent frosting. Top it off with strawberries, blackberries, and blueberries for a punch of color and flavor.

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Incorporate Citrus

Three-tier simple white wedding cake with citrus

Photo by Jenn Emerling Weddings; Planning by Ashley Smith Events; Cake by A Spoonful of Sugar

An apricot-and-corn wedding cake decorated with blood oranges is the perfect tribute to a rustic wedding in California wine country.

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Evoke Natural Elegance

white wedding cake with pleated buttercream and greenery

Photo by Lacie Hansen Photography; Planning by Alexandra Kolendrianos; Cake by Lelé Patisserie

Create a look of natural elegance by adorning a pleated buttercream cake with olive leaves. The airy palette complements an outdoor wedding.

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Avoid Color

Simple white wedding cake with texture, roses, and leaves

Photo by Lauren Fair Photography; Planning by  Tickled Events; Cake by Mazzetti's Bakery; Floral Design by Gavita Flora

Ruffled white buttercream is layered over chocolate cake with fresh fruit filling, while white roses bring classic romance. The white-on-white effect is perfect for a chic spring wedding.

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Act Sweet

Two-tier white wedding cake with greenery

Photo by Rodeo & Co. Photography; Planning by Ruby McDermott Designs; Cake by 111 Maine

Decorate the rim of a white buttercream two-tier cake in delicate pearl-like fondant for a sweet, feminine touch, and complete the look with a clematis vine. This confection features a chocolate cake with a ganache filling, a lemon berry cake, and a lemon custard filling.

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Offer Multiple Cakes

Single tiered simple wedding cakes

Photo by Cassidy Carson Photography; Planning by Fête Nashville; Cake by Dessert Designs

What's the upside of a simple wedding cake? If you go all out in simplicity with a single-tiered cake, it’s easy to have more than one! This couple had five, offering five different cake flavors: almond amaretto, caramel, white wedding cake, and vanilla bean.

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Design a Rustic Masterpiece

Couple kissing near simple wedding cake with berries

Photo by Morgane Lay and Jonny Cocherane of M & J Photography; Planning by Agence Fizzy; Cake by Alix H. Gâteaux d’Exception

This towering wedding cake has layers of vanilla cake paired with fresh berries and meringue for a light and fresh finish. Somehow, it pulls off a look that is both rustically relaxed and stunning.

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Pay Tribute to the Locale

<p>Wedding cake with cascading pink flowers</p>

Photography by Norman + Blake; Planning by 42 North; Cake by Vermont Sweet Tooth; Floral Design by Lillibet

Let your wedding cake give a nod to your wedding location. This four-tiered cake features layers of maple bourbon, complementing the couple’s Vermont destination. Cascading, fresh pink blooms complete the look.

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Get Chic

Semi-naked chocolate simple wedding cake with white flowers

Photo by Phil Chester; Planning by Karen Morlet Eventos; Cake by Eduardo Kohlmann; Floral Design by María Limón

This stylish chocolate cake is a fashion bride’s dream. A half-naked finish combined with fresh peach and white florals has an effortless, chic feel.

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Decorate with Organics

Three-tier white wedding cake with flowers and eucalyptus

Photography by Lauren Fair Photography; Planning by Lauren James Events; Cake by Aux Petits Delices

Bring out the greens! Deck out a four-tiered wedding cake, featuring layers of vanilla sponge cake filled with kirsch mousseline and gres strawberries, with eucalyptus and olive branches.

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Infuse Springtime Vibes

White wedding cake with dahlias and eucalytpus

Photo by Curtis Wiklund Photography; Planning by Alison & Bryan Events; Cake by Simply Sweet by Jessica; Floral Design by Katie Wachowiak

This confection is giving us some serious spring fever. A semi-naked vanilla cake filled with chocolate ganache gets a cheerful flair with a topper of fresh dahlias and a bed of eucalyptus.

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Take Winter Inspiration

Semi-naked wedding cake with winter touches

Photo by Jordan Voth; Cake by Kim Donker; Floral Design by Jasmine Fuller of Mint Floral|

This three-tiered cake has us dreaming of winter. A semi-naked design featuring layers of cake and frosting looks like it was dusted in snow, complete with a richly hued topper of fresh fruit and florals.

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Go Glam

Single tier Metallic Wedding Cakes

Photo by Larissa Cleveland; Planning by Dream a Little Dream Events; Cake by Franny’s Cup and Saucer; Floral Design by Lambert Floral Studio

These cakes are part of a cake table boasting 17 wedding cakes, each with its own décor and unique flavors. When opting for a series of single-tiered cakes, mix and match their designs for a cohesive, complementary look. This display gets glam with gilded metallic foil accents in gold.

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Look to Art

Tiered white wedding cake with watercolor and geometric designs

Photo by Ashley Sawtelle; Cake by Megan Joy Cakes

Cake or artwork? This masterpiece was decorated with thin strips of fondant painted in shades of sage, pale blue, ivory, and soft peach. The result is a hybrid of the Impressionist era’s watercolors and the geometric patterns of today’s modern art.

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Bring In Blackberries

Naked cake with blackberry filling

Photo by  Larissa Cleveland; Planning by Dream a Little Dream Events; Cake by Franny’s Cup and Saucer; Floral Design by Lambert Floral Studio

We can’t turn away some decadent frosting, but a chiffon cake that goes light on the icing can be just as delicious—like this blackberry compote with vanilla buttercream confection.

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Mix Gold Accents

Semi Naked wedding cake with gold leaf details

Photo by Heather Payne Photography; Planning by Jessica Sloane; Cake by Rick’s Bakery

Gold leaf accents this semi-naked cake, creating some bucolic glitz. Inside, layers of vanilla cake sandwich vanilla and strawberry buttercream.

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Pack a Summer Punch

Three-tier textured white wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Ashley Caroline; Planning by Emily Coulter; Cake by Cakes by Liz; Floral Design by Morrice Florist

A three-tiered carrot cake filled with cream cheese frosting gets a summery touch with colorful garden roses and ranunculus.

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Design a Timeless Look

Naked wedding cake with white roses

Photo by Wild Whim; Cake by Enjoy Cupcakes; Floral Design by Bloom Floral and Foliage

Nothing is quite as timeless as a neutral-colored palette, and this naked vanilla sponge cake with lemon and buttercream icing seals the deal. Add some romantic white roses, and we’re head over heels for this confection.

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Choose Blush

Three-tier naked Wedding Cake on table

Photo by Rebecca Yale; Planning by Callista & Company; Cake by Wild Flour; Floral Design by Wild Bloom Floral

Traditional white dresses have gotten a blush-hued take, so why can’t traditional white cakes? This blush semi-naked cake has layers of champagne vanilla and sparkling rose cake with champagne vanilla buttercream. A grand display, complete with a lavish arch of vines, elevates the look.

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Pick Wildflowers

Wedding cake with wildflowers and bride and groom cake topper

Photo by Pedro Vilela; Cake by São Lourenço do Barrocal

This traditional Portuguese olive oil wedding cake is topped with fondant, olive leaves, and wildflowers. A cut-out bride and groom topper adds a dash of whimsy.

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Showcase Garden Charm

>semi-naked wedding cake with large flowers

Photo by Eric Kelley; Planning by Kari Rider Events; Cake by Steve Konopelski; Floral Design by Amaryllis Floral & Event Design

A semi-naked, champagne-flavored cake with mascarpone filling and vanilla buttercream icing gets some garden charm with white roses and eucalyptus. It’s hard to envision a cake more perfect for a spring wedding!

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Pair Prints

Embellished white wedding cake with greenery

Pphoto by Kristine Herman; Cake by Batter Up Cakery 

Make a statement by keeping one tier simple and the other textured. How chic is tile-embellished look with a touch of greenery?!

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Show Off Sugar Flowers

White wedding cake with white sugar flowers

Photo by Hana Gonzalez Photography

Add a touch of whimsy to a simple white wedding cake by decorating it with some dainty sugar flowers. You can either match the color of the cake's frosting or add some color to the confection.

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Get Creative With Color

White wedding cake with blue design and flowers

Photo by Alice Vicente

Simple doesn't have to be boring. This wedding cake boasts a middle tier with a blue design that adds an unexpected twist to an otherwise basic look.

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Decorate With Orchids

Three-tier white wedding cake with white orchids

Photo by Jana Williams Photography

Orchids are a delicate bloom, perfect for a simple yet stunning wedding cake. Placing them on each tier brings some depth—and a touch of drama—to this all-white creation.

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Celebrate a Boho Vibe

Single tier simple cake with muted flowers and fauna

Photo by Kaylee Chelsea Photography

Couples hosting a boho-style wedding will love this single-tier, semi-naked cake. The muted florals add just the right amount of color without going over the top.

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Bring In Baby's Breath

Multi-tier white wedding cake with flowers and baby's breath

Photo by Adriana Rivera

A simple wedding cake calls for small touches. This multi-tiered cake is topped with a touch of baby's breath, giving it a feminine touch.

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