Simone Biles Reveals That She Might Take Fiancé Jonathan Owens' Last Name

The Olympic gold medalist wore a pair of "Mrs. Owens" jeans on her bachelorette party in Belize.

Simone Biles

Steve Granitz / Getty Images

After Jonathan Owens proposed to Simone Biles in February of 2022, the Olympic athlete has been busy planning and celebrating their upcoming wedding. For the past week, Biles has been living it up with her crew at Alaia in Belize for her bachelorette party. Besides lounging by the pool and enjoying fun cocktails, the gymnast has been bringing her A-game with a stylish wardrobe, including a pair of customized jeans engraved with “Mrs. Owens." On March 2, 2023, Biles posted a photo and video of the Bal Apparel pants on Instagram, revealing that they’re embellished with pearls on the side. In her post, the gymnast also shared that the bottoms symbolize her future name change. “Soon to be mrs. owens,” her caption says. “Guess our wedding date 🤍👀.”

Many of the Olympic gold medalist’s fans weren’t unanimously supportive of her decision to take her soon-to-be husband’s last name since the athlete has had an accomplished career as “Biles.” “You're one of the best gymnasts of the world,” one Instagram user commented. “Use your own name, Biles is a strong and powerful name.” Another follower shared, “Why do you want to lose your name… Biles is sooooo relevant….! Stay Mrs Biles!! Show women all over the world that they should keep their name, their history, their past. No reason to change your name!!!” Others posed that Owens should be the one to take Biles’ surname. A few commenters expressed that the gymnast has the right to make her own decision without needing anyone else’s input. “WHY are people telling this grown WOMAN what to do?!?” someone asked in the comments section. “She didn’t ask opinions about her name she asked to guess her wedding date. This is why so many celebrities don’t engage with the public.”

In addition to the “Mrs. Owens” jeans, Biles also sported a pearl-embellished veil inscribed with the word “Owens” on her vacation, which she incorporated into a video montage of the celebration that she uploaded the previous day. The clip also revealed more details behind the bride-to-be’s bachelorette party. According to the post, her hotel room was decorated with gold and white balloons, gold letter balloons that said “Bride,” ring-shaped confetti, a sash with the words “Future Mrs. Owens,” and gifts. The athlete included footage of the scenic ocean view, the hotel’s pool, a breakfast spread of fresh fruit and bacon, and happy hours and dinners with her group. “thanks @alaiabelize for hosting the most epic bachelorette 🤍,” she captioned the video. “we had a TIME!!!!!!! It was truly unbelizeable.”

Throughout the wedding planning process, Biles has taken her followers along for the ride. When the bride-to-be went dress shopping in October of 2022, she gave her fans a sneak peak of her gown. The athlete posted a photo of herself in a mini white feather dress and block heels while standing in front of a rack of bridal party looks. “On bride duty,” she wrote. Her NFL player fiancé expressed his excitement for their future wedding. “I can’t wait,” he commented on the post.

On March 7, 2022, bridal designer Galia Lahav revealed that Biles will be wearing a few looks that she created for her big day. On Instagram, Lahav shared a series of photos of the athlete trying on various pieces while searching for the one. “It’s official: She said ‘YES to the dress(es)!’ 🤍,” the designer said. “We are over the moon & so honored about gold medalist & mega athlete @simonebiles becoming a GL Bride!” 

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