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Is there any better way to welcome your friends and family to your wedding reception than by handing them a refreshing drink? Sure, you could get the party started by settling for the traditional wine and beer selection, but why not have a little fun with your bar setup? One great way to make a statement and set the tone of your wedding day is by creating a signature cocktail.

Serving up a signature drink is a foolproof way to personalize your reception. It can give guests a taste of who you are as a couple by highlighting aspects of your personality or showcasing your interests. You can even elevate your beverage by featuring a custom monogram, a nod to your beloved pet, or topping it off with your all-time favorite flower.

You can also dress up your drink of choice in a way that matches your reception décor, wedding theme, or wedding color palette. Try playing around with unique flavors, and if you can’t choose just one, combine your tastes with a “his” and “hers” cocktail.

Having a signature cocktail means you have the opportunity to express your creativity and present your playful side by choosing a clever name for it. You can use play-on words, hint at your wedding location or date, or incorporate your nickname into the title of your concoction.

Need some inspiration? Ahead are 20 great signature cocktails from real weddings on Brides. Whether it has an eye-catching presentation or an unexpected combination of flavors, these are a few fun ways to serve your signature sip.

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Serve It on a Fun Napkin


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What’s a party without a little comedy? Make guests laugh by serving your signature beverage along with a funny anecdote. This couple printed fun facts about themselves on their cocktail napkin, which is an amusing way to provide insight into your relationship and sense of humor. The cheery marigold hue combined with the rose-pink drink and hot-pink sign work together to enhance the lighthearted message. 

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Select a Spicy Flavor


Photo by Lauren Fair Photography

If you’re a couple who prefers spicy to sweet, adding a fiery kick to your booze will take your after-party to the next level. Pack the punch by serving your own version of a spicy margarita and coating your rim with chili salt. You can also liven up your cocktail by steeping jalapeño or sprinkling cayenne pepper into your drink. Pro tip: Make sure to set up a water station because these beverages will certainly bring the heat!

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Focus on Multiple Shades


Photo by Carina Skrobecki Photography

By designing your favorite refreshment, your drinks can double as décor. Build upon your wedding day aesthetic by distributing multiple drinks in various hues across the bar. You can coordinate with your floral centerpieces, signage, linens, and even lounge furniture. Your signature cocktail can also help you embrace the season. These colors are perfect for a fall wedding, and selecting a seasonally inspired flavor will take your setup a step further. 

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Stick to a Tropical Theme


Photo by Betsi Ewing

Everything about this arrangement just screams summer. Whether you’re throwing a beachside bash or a tropical celebration, placing hibiscus flowers atop your drink will add a coastal flair. You can make the blooms edible for a surprising twist. As for the flavor? Pour ginger hibiscus lemonade into each glass for the adult version of your favorite childhood beverage.

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Make It Mobile

drink cart

Photo by Ryan Ray 

Looking for a striking presentation that’s also practical? Bring the party with you by serving your drinks on the go. Get creative with your transportation options and deliver your cocktails by bike. A mobile bar works especially well for outdoor spaces like the backyard of your childhood home or in front of a tented reception.

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Squeeze in Some Citrus


Photo by Rachel Havel

There’s nothing more revitalizing than freshly squeezed juice. Infusing natural orange juice into your beverage and garnishing it with slices will amplify the flavor, add breathtaking color, and even boost the nutritional component of your drink. Since oranges are in season during the winter months, this is an affordable and seasonal option for a winter wedding.

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Customize Your Ice Cubes

signature cocktails

Photo by Joel Serrato

Mixing in ice cubes isn’t just a way to cool off your drink. Ice cubes are yet another item you can personalize and transform into a work of art. This couple customized their ice cubes by integrating their wedding logo into each cube. Make sure you serve light-colored drinks, so your icy masterpieces will be the star of the show.

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Adorn It with Whole Blooms


Photo by Hannah Costello

Flowers are a detail you can’t overlook on your wedding day, and your signature cocktail is no exception. Freshen up your drink menu by accenting your alcohol with beautiful blooms. For a cohesive look, choose the same flower that’s in your bouquet and centerpieces. We love this idea for garden nuptials or a romantic wedding.

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Feature Your Pet

cocktail menu

Photo by Rebecca Yale Photography

Calling all pet parents! Whether or not your beloved furry friend will be present on your big day, you can nonetheless honor this special four-legged creature. Draw a custom illustration of your pup on your cocktail menu and even name the drink after your pet. To really go all out, select flavors and garnishes based on your pet’s personality. 

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Include Your Wedding Logo

signature cocktail and custom napkin

Photo by Joel Serrato

Marriage is all about making your relationship official, so what better way to celebrate the next chapter as newlyweds than combining your initials? When it’s time for refreshments, hand out cocktail napkins that display a stunning monogram design. The white font color and beige linen are simple details that offer a meaningful touch. 

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Wrap It in a Bow


Photo by Abby Jiu Photography

A charming bow isn’t just reserved for a hair accessory. Wrapping your glass in a satin ribbon will tie your cocktail together and add a hint of opulence. For the ultimate glam setup, arrange your signature sip on a bar covered in roses. Embrace the floral aesthetic even more by filling your glass with rose liquor. 

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Embrace a Moody Color Scheme

Blackberry cocktail

Photo by Anna Delores Photography

This deep and dark purple color is the perfect complement to a cold-weather wedding. To create this concoction, combine your alcohol of choice with muddled blackberries and other seasonal flavors. Embellish your work of art with more berries, and serve figs on the side for another fruity option.

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Pour It in Crystal Glassware


Photo by Laura Gordon Photography

A detail that’s just as important as the drink itself is the glassware you serve it in. For an ornate display, opt for crystal cocktail glasses with intricate stems. The edible flowers on top are the perfect finishing touch. If you want to make your sip symbolic, use vintage glassware passed down from your family members.

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Spiked Lemonade


Photo by KT Merry

Lemonade is the quintessential summer drink, and spiking it with alcohol makes it even more enticing. For this groom’s signature cocktail, he decided to serve a vodka pink lemonade called “When Life Gives You Emmons,” a spin off of his last name. To drive the theme home, garnish with lemon slices and decorate your bar with whole lemons.

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Channel Autumnal Vibes

Fall cocktail

Photo by Elisa Bricker

There’s a reason why fall is one of the most popular times of the year to say “I do.” Celebrate fall foliage and your special day with a seasonal beverage. Spiked apple cider will create a cozy and comforting atmosphere, whether it’s served hot or cold. Garnish it with sprigs of rosemary and sprinkles of cinnamon for more delectable fall flavors

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Sip on It with a Straw

Summer cocktail

Photo by Birds of a Feather Photography

Couples who are hosting a spring or summer wedding will appreciate a refreshing option for their concoction. Help guests cool off with a cucumber and strawberry fusion. Watermelon, peach, mint, and basil are also fun flavor ideas that will beat the heat.

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Sprinkle It with Flower Petals


Photo by Karen Hill Photography

For a more affordable and equally stunning cocktail option, use flower petals instead of whole blooms to embellish your beverage. Flower petals will elevate your presentation and produce a dreamy fairytale feel. This fresh accent is versatile, so it will complement any theme, from modern to vintage.

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Have It Double as an Escort Card


Photo by Plum & Oak Photography

Help guests find their seats by giving them an alcoholic beverage to sip on. Instead of listing their name on a seating chart, pass out boozy escort cards like these copper goblets. Pouring your friends and family their very own drink will not go unnoticed. Plus, everyone can take their glasses home with them at the end of the night as a party favor.

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Stir It Up


Photo by Amy Anaiz

For a pretty accent that thoroughly mixes your refreshment, place a flower stirrer in each cup. Feature an illustration of your favorite flower or highlight the same buds as those in your bridal bouquet. Some other ideas for the design of your stirrer might include your initials, wedding date, or any other personal touch.

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Keep It Cool

Flower ice cube

Photo by Christine Chang

Why have regular ice cubes when you can have ones that serve as a decoration, too? Pretty purple petals are frozen inside each of these hefty blocks of ice for a unique twist. Clip more flowers on the side of your cocktail with a clothespin for an added organic flair.

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