20 Chic Side-Bun Hairstyles for Your Wedding


PHOTO BY CHI-CHI ARI LOVE / Design by Zackary Angeline

A side bun is the ultimate chic updo for any and every kind of wedding. It’s an elegant, classic bridal hairstyle that perfectly frames the face while keeping your hair up and out of the way from the start of the ceremony to the end of the reception. 

One of the perks of choosing a side-bun hairstyle for your wedding is that it’s completely customizable to your style. Depending on the part, the looseness or tightness of the bun, or your hair's texture, it can look effortlessly messy or perfectly polished. It’s a timeless style that will look as good in photos today as it will 20 years from now. When it comes to wedding updos, the side bun strikes the perfect balance between classy and trendy, romantic and sexy, and undone and refined. 

So how do you narrow down which style of side bun is the right choice for your wedding day? Below, we have all the side-bun inspiration you need to feel confident in your bridal beauty updo. Scroll down to see 20 chic and sophisticated side-bun hairstyles for your wedding.

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Fancy Florals

Indian bride with side bun hairstyle

Photo by Andrew Bayda & Misha Moon; Hair & Makeup by T&A Arts; Floral Design by Wild at Heart

This bride’s elegant side bun is accentuated with gorgeous florals at the base of the bun. Paired with ornate earrings and a veil, the dressed-up side bun stands out in its simplicity. 

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Classic Polished Side Bun With Braid

bride with side bun hairstyle

Photo by Anthony Hoang of Lover of Mine

Add a braid, some volume, and a dainty headpiece, and you have a beautiful bridal updo. The intricacy of the braid adds a little something extra to a basic side bun, while also keeping the bride’s hair out of her face.

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Asymmetric Style

image of the back of a bride's head, showing her side bun

Photo by Anya Kernes; Event Planning by Rekindle Creative; Hair by Sherilyn Beauty

This hairstyle is part side bun, part pinned updo. It’s impossible to tell where the bun begins and where the rest of her hair ends, which makes for an all the more stunning masterpiece of an asymmetric wedding hairstyle. The hairpiece sitting at the top of the "bun" is the perfect accent to this perfectly imperfect side bun.

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Perfectly Imperfect

side bun

Photo by Rachael Osborn Photography

This eye-catching masterpiece is full of interesting details, from the old Hollywood waves in the front to the mega-amounts of volume in the back. The little pieces cascading from the side bun feel especially whimsical and playful.

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Loose and Low

bride doing a first look with her mom

Photo by Ashley Jenson

We’re simply swooning over this bride’s loose low bun. The volume at the crown creates an elegant shape at the top of the head, while the cascading wisps give the whole style a more carefree vibe. 

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Voluminous Bridal Bun

bridal side bun

Photo by Jen Huang Photo

A side bun doesn’t have to look stiff. Look to this bride for a casual yet romantic take on the basic side bun, with its braided section along the side and loose tendril hanging from just below the ear. The volume and texture of this bun give it that lived-in feel—like she just threw her hair up into this style in five minutes flat (even though her hairstylist would beg to differ!).

Slightly dirty hair will give you much better texture, hold, and volume for many updos, including side buns. Check with your hairstylist, but most recommend washing your hair one to two days before your wedding.

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Sleek and Chic

bridal side bun

Photo by Lisa Poggi; Event Planning by Nathalie Cadet-James of Luxe Fête Event Planning and Design Studio; Hair by Lara Navarrini

Now, this is a chic side bun! The volume at the top of the crown adds some shape to this otherwise neat and clean hairstyle. The sleek structure of the side bun looks impeccable from every angle, including this sweet moment of the couple’s first kiss as husband and wife.

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Messy Braided Chignon

side bun braid

Photo by Kristin Sweeting

Side buns are the perfect style for the bride that doesn’t want to be messing with their hair all night. This relaxed braid flows easily into the messy chignon. The little pieces of hair coming out from on top of the ears and below the bun make the whole style seem more effortless than it really is.

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Perfectly Undone

messy bun

Photo by Mayfield Photography; Hair by Caitlyn D of Lux Beauty & Bridal

When you think of a messy side bun, this is the image you see. Adding a braid gives the style some texture and body, and shows off the bride’s highlights. Stick a few extra flowers in at the top of the bun to make the style even more cohesive with the rest of your wedding.

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Tousled Twists

bridal twists

Photo by MegaPixels Media 

A side bun with twists? So much yes. The well-defined twists look exquisite gathered on one side of the bride’s face, calling all attention to her stunning hairpiece. The result is a hairstyle that feels regal, romantic, and a bit glamorous.

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Bejeweled Bun

bride and her bridal party

Photo by Molly Peach

This classic side bun is accented by a bejeweled headband, which sits oh-so delicately across the top of the head. We especially love the sweeping face-framing layers that add a touch of softness to the look.

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Fresh and Floral

bride side bun

Photo by Olivia Rae James 

You can’t go wrong with throwing a flower in an updo. The contrast of the white flower against the bride’s dark hair creates a striking visual that we can’t take our eyes off of.

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Butterfly Beauty

side bun

Photo by Patricia Lyons Photography

Side twists flow beautifully into this bride’s low and tight side bun, which plays up the softness of the style. Golden butterfly accent pins ​​were the perfect finishing touch to this bride's wedding day look.

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Sophisticated Side Bun

bridal bun


Hello, volume! The shape of this bride’s hairstyle is absolute perfection. There’s not a hair out of place on this bride’s sophisticated side bun. Completely obsessed.

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Modern Messy Bun

birdcage veil bride

Photo by Chi-Chi Ari Love

A side bun pairs well with a birdcage veil, as pictured here. The bride accented her modern messy bun with a mini floral arrangement that blended magnificently with her off-the-shoulder gown.

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Romantic Updo

side bun


We’ll never get tired of seeing baby’s breath in side buns. It elevates any style and adds a sweet, romantic feel to what would otherwise look like a very complicated updo. It’s easy to get lost in all the twists and bends in this feminine 'do, but the baby’s breath somehow brings the whole thing together.

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Lush Volume

voluminous low bun

Photo by Heather Jowett

Nothing beats a classic low side bun: this bride added lots of volume to the crown and the bun, which adds a fresh twist to the classic style.

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Tastefully Traditional

Classic side bun


This beautiful bride’s refined side bun hairstyle is simply stunning. It's pulled together nice and clean on the bottom of the bun, which gives it a great silhouette and shape.

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Captivating Curls

side bun

Photo by Rebecca Yale

Let your natural curls shine through in this effortless side-bun style. Leave a few curls free near the front of the face for a more relaxed finish. The result is this sweet and traditional hairstyle, which takes minimal effort to create.

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Soft and Low

bridal side bun

Photo by Treebird Photography

This bride’s soft low bun is giving us all the feels. The pieces framing her face and the jeweled hairpiece give the whole look a feminine touch and softness.

  • Do I need to hire a pro for a side-bun hairstyle?

    This completely depends on your comfort level with doing your own hair. More intricate looks may justify the expense of hiring a stylist—it'll certainly eliminate one source of stress the day of your wedding. If you do decide to DIY it, practice as many times as possible before the big day.

  • How much time should I budget for hair?

    Hairstyling for brides usually takes an hour to an hour and a half, depending on the style—double that time if you're also doing makeup. For bridesmaids, factor in 30-45 minutes for hair per person.

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