Having a Second Wedding Post-Pandemic? These Are the Bridal Fashion Trends You Can Expect to See and Follow

What to look out for when planning your "I do"-over.



As we all know, the pandemic derailed many weddings this past year. For plenty of engaged couples, months and months of planning effectively felt like wasted time, resulting in a rollercoaster of changes, postponements, or canceled plans. While some determined-to-be-wed pairs carried out their vision on a smaller scale, others pushed their “I do’s” farther out into 2021 or beyond. To wit, virtual and micro weddings became a regular occurrence. Now, with the increased rollout of the vaccine, brides are seeking to get married again but on a larger scale. Enter: the vast emergence of second weddings for those who still want to celebrate their nuptials, more inclusively with friends and family, as initially intended.

Ordinarily, a second wedding (to the same partner) would sound a bit extra, but for couples whose plans inadvertently fell amid a pandemic, it’s far from excessive. A second wedding awards couple’s the opportunity to celebrate their love with those they hold nearest and dearest. Plus, it’s a time to debut dreamy bridal fashions that might have felt overdone for virtual or small-scale nuptials. “Weddings for 2021 are still very uncertain, but one thing is for sure, the bride still wants to wear her dream gown regardless of the size of the event, or type of wedding she is having,” says Beth Drake, a bridal division merchandise director at David’s Bridal.

Whether you’re planning an “I do”-over on a massive scale, timing a celebratory reception to the anniversary of your 2020 "minimony", or planning an IRL affair after a virtual first go, questions surrounding what to wear is undoubtedly top of mind. Like do you finally debut the extraordinary gown you bought months ago? Or splurge for a new one if the original style no longer suits your vibe? If you veered simple with your look for a low-key ceremony, should you lean into a totally new, perhaps more glamorous, aesthetic for round two? There’s also the matter of bridal event attire for second-take bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners. These occasions all call for an outfit, be it dressed-up or subtly chic.

Meet the Expert

  • Beth Drake is a bridal division merchandise director at David’s Bridal.
  • Andrea Louie Brown is a divisional merchandise manager at BHLDN.
  • Liane Wiggins is the head of womenswear buying at MATCHESFASHION.

To help guide second-time brides shopping for wedding wear in 2021, we've enlisted the advice of retail experts from BHLDN, David’s Bridal, and MATCHESFASHION to predict the most prominent trends for “I dos,” round two.

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Romance, Opulence, & Drama

Nicole + Felicia

Courtesy of Nicole + Felicia

2020 resulted in many intimate weddings, with brides frequently opting for casual or understated pieces. In response, Liane Wiggins, head of womenswear buying at MATCHESFASHION, predicts a shift toward ultra-feminine styles like dresses featuring an abundance of tulle, feathers, and lace. “For Spring/Summer 2021, we are excited to launch collections from The Vampire’s Wife which offers a twist on retro glamour, and enchanting Pucci x Tomo Koizumi pieces,” she tells Brides.

Wiggins also notes a return to full-length gowns and fanciful accessories. “Recently we have seen an increase in sales of full-length dresses from Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Kane, and Emilia Wickstead, and our customer has responded well to Jimmy Choo’s pearl embellished mules and sandals,” she says.

Echoing Wiggings, Andrea Louie Brown, divisional merchandise manager at BHLDN, says the extra time for those who pushed out their wedding by a year or more, has allowed for more planning and more saving–resulting in bigger and more extravagant fashion choices. “We believe many brides will opt for dramatic details, and similar to the roaring 20s, we expect to see a resurgence of deco beading, feathers and bows, and satin bias gowns,” she says. Similarly, Drake reports an uptick in distinctive bridal purchases like all-over pearl detailing, fringe, and charming bridal separates like embellished tops and tulle skirts.

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Playful Silhouettes & Proportions

Sachin & Babi

Courtesy of Sachin & Babi

In addition to intricate detailing, Wiggins says that ample proportions are on the rise for 2021 brides. “We imagine that when larger weddings can go ahead, some brides may want to make a statement on their big day, playing with proportions for a bold impact that guests will remember. Whether that be in the form of exaggerated bows, from Emilia Wickstead, that flow into a train or [bows] that drape over the shoulder from Bernadette–or they may choose to accessorize with a beautiful oversized hat from Harris Reed.”

Louie Brown says 2021 will mark the return of the ball gowns as well as modern necklines. “Clean and simple gowns are still trending, but recently, we are seeing a desire towards more formal necklines like off-the-shoulder and fuller skirted ball gowns.”

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Clean & Minimalist

Savannah Miller

Courtesy of Savannah Miller

Clean and simple gowns have been a big trend throughout the pandemic, and according to Louie Brown, this trend is not leaving anytime soon. “Our minimalist bride loves simple and clean, but isn’t afraid of a low back or a plunging neckline for a little extra drama.”

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Transitional Looks

Halfpenny London

Courtesy of Halfpenny London

Drake tells Brides, “Transitional looks are a big trend for 2021. With wedding plans up in the air, lots of brides are on plans B or C, and want a different look for each celebration. Seasons have changed, and maybe you’ll need a look that works in both spring and fall. With trends like a removable skirt, straps that can be styled in multiple ways, or removable sleeves, the bride can have multiple looks in one gown.”

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Sleeves & Layering Pieces

Christie Nicole Bridal

Courtesy of Christie Nicole Bridal

With outdoor weddings continuing to be popular, Louie Brown anticipates a desire for coverage. “We think there will be a strong desire for brides to have options to keep her warm for her outdoor wedding,” the BHLDN expert tells Brides. “We expect sleeves on bridal gowns to gain popularity, and we anticipate seeing this trend show up in a range of styles, from clean to dramatic. We also anticipate faux fur wraps and novelty denim jackets will have their moment.”

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Sultry Silhouettes

Ines Di Santo

Courtesy of Ines Di Santo

Of course, there will be brides who don't want to opt for extra coverage. Drake notes that brides are more frequently in favor of sultry dresses constructed with bodysuit linings, featuring thigh-high slits, or plunging illusion necklines—the ultimate trend for glamour-loving ladies in 2021.

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Tailoring & Separates

Blazé Milano

Courtesy of Blazé Milano

Tailoring continues to be popular among modern brides, especially those who adapted to smaller gatherings in 2020. Wiggins says the trend will evolve for a second wedding in 2021, with more directional and elaborate designs at the forefront. “Embellished suits from Christopher Kane, tuxedo styles from Pallas Paris, or boucle two-pieces from Blazé Bridal–there are so many options for an elegant, sophisticated look,” she says.

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Florals & Nature Motifs

Monique Lhuillier

Courtesy of Monique Lhuillier

“With so many weddings taking place outdoors, nature-inspired and floral motifs will continue to be important,” Louie Brown tells Brides. “Think three-dimensional florals made of featherweight tulle or organza for added dimension.”

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Accessories Switch-Ups

Bella Belle

Courtesy of Bella Belle

For 2020 brides who purchased a gown long before their wedding date, and postponed or recalibrated for a smaller-scale event, 2021 is the time to revisit the original look. Drake says accessory switch-ups will be a popular choice for refreshing something bought many months to a year ago.

“In general, our brides tend to come back and shop with us multiple times after they purchase their gown, to support their look with different accessories including lingerie, footwear, headpieces, and veils,” the David’s Bridal director explains. “Over the past few months, our accessories sales have definitely increased. Brides who bought dresses for an original 2020 wedding are looking to alter a look because they saw a fun new product launch, or revamp a look because of a change of plans. So many of our gowns are versatile, and a quick swap of accessories can give you a whole new look.”

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The Fine Jewels

Sophie Bille Brahe

Courtesy of Sophie Bille Brahe

For an ultra-special finish to a second wedding look, Tanika Wisdom, a jewelry buyer at MATCHESFASHION, suggests investment-worthy jewelry such as a subtle pair of drop earrings or delicate diamond designs.

“Wearing a special piece of jewelry on the big day adds an emotional element, as it can be gifted from loved ones–or purchased by the wearer as a worthwhile investment worn for years to come, and then passed down as modern heirloom pieces for family members,” she tells Brides.

The fine jewelry buyer recommends glitzy, but delicate, white gold jewelry for a feminine touch with a tailored look. She also suggests timeless pearl pieces from designers such as Yvonne Léon, Sophie Bille Brahe, and Mateo for a romantic and classic vibe. Whether you choose a pair of earrings, necklace, or cuff pieces, each label brings a modern and refined elegance to feminine bridal designs.

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