Sarah Jessica Parker Was Spotted Wearing Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Wedding Dress

SJP wore the unforgettable dress while filming season two of And Just Like That.

Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress

James Devaney / Getty Images

And just like that... we're finally going to see Carrie Bradshaw in her iconic Vivienne Westwood wedding dress again. At least that's what new photos from the second season of And Just Like That, the reboot of Sex and the City, seem to tell us. But will Carrie herself hear wedding bells once again? It's hard to say based on the photos taken on November 3, 2022, which showcase Sarah Jessica Parker character is that incredibly special wedding dress, which Parker first wore during the Sex and the City movie in 2008.

Although the voluminous strapless wedding dress definitely appears to be making a comeback in the reboot, the rest of Carrie's ensemble has changed. In the 2008 film, when she first wore the dress fo what was meant to be her glamorous wedding to Mr. Big (played by Chris Noth), Carrie originally paired the dress with champagne heels and a dramatic veil. As we all know, that wedding didn't go according to plan.

This time, the look is decidedly less bridal and appears to have a pop of color and a modern twist. In the recent photos, SJP is seen wearing the strapless gown with teal gloves, a teal cape, teal heels, and a birdcage veil. 

The one constant that’s remained the same, though, is the bird on top of her head, which played an important role in the movie. Even though Mr. Big stood Carrie up, the bride used the bird as proof that she was committed to getting married. In the end, Carrie and Mr. Big did get their happily ever after (for a short time, that is), but the fashionable bride wore a knee-length white skirt and matching blazer—not the big, bold ball gown.

So, is Carrie planning to tie the knot again, this time in that statement gown? The recent photos don’t really tell us where she's going in the dress or if her best friends (Charlotte, played by Kristin Davis, and and Miranda, played by Cynthia Nixon) will be by her side again, but fans of the show took to Instagram to weigh in.

When the official Instagram account for the hit series teased the new photos on Thursday with the caption “Déjà vu?,” And Just Like That watchers infiltrated the comments section, wondering what the repeat wedding dress might mean for season two. Overall, there were mixed feelings about seeing the dress again. Some, like @nyc.brunette, who wrote, "This outfit give[s] me PTSD," are nervous for what the dress might signify for Carrie; others, like @miriambrazle, who wrote, "Is she marrying Aidan?!" wonder if there's a new romance in the star's future.

Ultimately, we'll all have to wait a bit to learn what's ahead for Carrie—And Just Like That season two is set to return to HBO Max in the summer of 2023.

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