Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams Just Shared Some Exciting Wedding Updates

The couple's wedding vision hasn't changed, but some of their style choices have.

Celebrity couple Sarah Hyland in a pink dress and Wells Adams embrace

Kevin Mazur/Fox / Getty

Sarah Hyland and Wells Adams may have had to delay their wedding plans due to COVID-19, but that doesn't mean their big day isn't still in the works. According to People, the duo—who got engaged in 2019—will finally tie the knot this year.

Hyland recently told People that some elements of the planning process have evolved: The Love Island host will be wearing more dresses than originally planned, "but my vision board is still intact," she said. Both Hyland and Adams noted that they still have some final wedding-day style decisions to nail down before the big day.

According to People, Hyland and Wells haven't shared any major details about the wedding, like the date or location, but they did share that the planning process has felt pretty painless. They've both celebrated their bachelor and bachelorette parties, and they will be launching their Amazon Wedding Registry today—something the couple had a lot of fun doing together.

"We selected items for the things that we're good at," Adams told People. "I'm the cook in the family, so there's the pasta maker that I picked. And I also like to make sure that when I cook for everybody and we entertain, ambiance is good." Hyland then jokingly added, "I get to be entertained and fed." She loves to bake, though, and expressed her excitement about the KitchenAid stand mixer on the registry (it will ultimately replace their current, lower-end mixer; Wells noted that Hyland loves a good sale).

There's only one thing that the couple told People they've disagreed about during the planning process: involving their two pups in the ceremony. Hyland wants Carl, a bloodhound, and Boo, a Labrador retriever, to be present for the big day, but Adams insists that they shouldn't attend the celebration.

"It's probably the biggest thing we disagree on, but I also agree," Hyland explained to People. "Boo loves anytime I have a fitting at home. If I have a long train, she loves to sit on it. She likes to be involved. She's a girly girl. And I can only imagine the damage and dirt that she would bring to a white dress."

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