Salma Hayek Says Courthouse Wedding to François-Henri Pinault Was a Complete Surprise

The actress said her family “dragged” her to the Paris courthouse and she didn't know the wedding was happening until that day.

Salma Hayek and Francois Pinnault

Donato Sardella / Getty Images

Salma Hayek and François-Henri Pinault were married at a courthouse in Paris on Valentine’s Day in 2009, but the celebration was actually a total surprise to the Magic Mike’s Last Dance star. Hayek says she wasn’t aware she was getting married to the French fashion mogul until the day of their wedding. In a cover interview with Glamour published on February 8, 2023, the actress reveals that her courthouse ceremony was a complete surprise, and she had no part in planning any of it. “I didn’t even know I was getting married that day,” she admits. “It was like an intervention. I don’t think I ever told this story. No, they just took me to the court. My parents, my brother, they were all ganging up on me. I had a phobia of the marriage thing.”

Hayek explains that her family’s persistence was one reason why they had a courthouse wedding in the first place. “I was nervous,” she recalls. After the couple traded vows, everyone celebrated at a reception, which Hayek also didn’t orchestrate. “And then after, there was a lunch at his parents’ house,” she remembers. “My mother-in-law, who’s the most tasteful person when it comes to entertaining, had already been doing the lunch. I had no choice.”

To clarify, Hayek notes that she had already agreed to spend the rest of her life with the CEO and chairman of Kering, but she didn’t want a wedding. “It was because I had said yes to the marriage, but I just wouldn’t actually show up on the day or do it,” she says. “And then afterwards I said, ‘Oh, it’s okay. I don’t feel any different.’” However, after saying “I do,” the Frida actress started coming around to the idea of a wedding. “And then a little bit later I said, ‘Okay, this is kind of exciting,’” she admits. “And he’s like, 'Can we have a party now?'” In April of 2009, the duo hosted a larger ceremony in Venice, Italy, and they invited all of their friends to attend. 

In 2018, Pinault surprised his wife again with another wedding-related festivity. He planned a secret vow renewal while they were vacationing in Bora Bora. In order to conceal the details, he tricked his wife into thinking they were getting a spa treatment. This time, though, it was a pleasant surprise. “The summer is coming to an end and my best moment was when my husband surprised me with a vow renewal - it was not what I would have chosen to wear to my wedding but I was told I was going to the spa!” she posted on Instagram. For the occasion, the actress wore a pink high-neck dress and later added a flower crown and lei. 

Although the actress wasn’t initially keen on hosting a wedding, she and Pinault have been happily married for 14 years. They’re also parents to 15-year-old Valentina Paloma, and the businessman has three other children—François, Mathilde, and Augustin—from his two previous relationships, to whom Hayek is a stepmother.

After over a decade of marriage and parenting, the House of Gucci star shares how she avoids getting in a rut—she embraces the ordinary. “Boredom is underestimated,” she says. “I didn’t understand this for a long time. Also, it helps that we met each other later in our lives. It’s okay just to do nothing and be together. Sometimes, sharing a space and doing your own thing in silence, with connectivity and thoughtfulness—'Can I bring you a cup of tea?'—is enough. It’s little, simple things.”

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