A Royal Photographer Shares Sweet Details About King Charles and Camilla's Marriage

Arthur Edwards, who has been photographing Charles for decades, reflects on the couple's partnership.

King Charles and Camilla share a sweet moment together.

Chris Jackson / Staff / Getty Images

It's not every day that we get special insight into the royals' relationships, marriages, and dynamics, but when we do, it's exciting to see a different side of these partnerships. Recently, royal photographer Arthur Edwards chatted with People and revealed several facts we didn't know about King Charles and Camilla's marriage and life together.

Edwards, who has been photographing the British royals for The Sun for a whopping 45 years (he's documented seven royal weddings, seven births, five funerals, and followed them to 120 countries for over 200 royal tours), released a book in November of 2022 titled Behind the Crown: My Life Photographing the Royal Family. In the book, Edwards shares photographs, insights, and musings about the beloved royal family members—including the King and Queen Consort, who apparently have the sweetest relationship dynamic ever.

Many of Edwards' observations about the King himself are incredibly sweet: He shared with that Charles gets up every day to "do his best for other people," thinks he leads from the heart as the British monarch), and noted that he thinks the world doesn't realize how strong the King's drive to make a difference really is. Even sweeter than these insights are the close-up looks into Charles and Camilla's relationship over the years from an observer who has been so near to the royal couple for nearly five decades (truly just a snapshot away!).

Reflecting on when Camilla first stepped into the spotlight back in 2004, Edwards recounts to People: "Our first tour was the United States, and I remember going to a market north of Los Angeles, and someone gave her a peach or something and she started to eat it, which no royal would do! But she did. She really enjoyed it," he said. "And I remember saying, 'Diana would never do that.' But she was different. And she brought a whole new meaning for Prince Charles. He's now a much happier person. He's contented. And he always refers to her as 'my darling wife.'"

And with Charles and Camilla's 18th wedding anniversary fast approaching, Edwards says there's no denying that Camilla brings out the best in Charles. She "has such a wonderful sense of fun" and "has brought a spring to Charles' step," he writes in Behind the Crown.

Edwards went on to explain that he thinks Camilla keeps Charles grounded—and they laugh together all the time (how cute is that?!). "The thing about Camilla, which is I think her strongest point, she never lost the common touch, and she makes him laugh. I've got pictures of them in the book just laughing together," Edwards said to People. "She's just always there to support him, and that's her way," he added. If you were looking for a reason to love this royal couple even more, this might be it!

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