A Guide to Rose Color Meanings

Make your wedding blooms mean more!

bouquet of white roses

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When it comes time to choose your wedding flowers, it can seem like the options are truly endless. From long-stemmed bouquets and unique single-stem options to carrying lush bouquets featuring plenty of colors and exciting texture, there’s truly a fit for everyone. Not to mention, the floral decisions you’ll get to make when it comes to centerpieces and even altar decorations, too. Bottom line: Flowers play a major role in setting the tone and infusing personality into your wedding ceremony and reception.

While popular wedding blooms such as peonies, ranunculus, and lily of the valley are lovely choices, there’s one flower that exudes beauty and has held the meaning of romance for centuries. Enter: roses.

"Farm-grown garden roses have individuality, as no two blooms are the same," says Gracie Poulson, owner of Grace Rose Farm. "The 'garden grown' look is so popular for weddings, and nothing could be more perfect than field-grown fragrant garden roses."

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Gracie Poulson is the owner and grower behind Grace Rose Farm, a garden rose farm based in Somis, California.

Whether you’re choosing garden roses or you're opting for traditional roses, these pretty blooms hold meaning. Roses are the original romantic flower symbolizing love. But their meanings go much further than that. From white and yellow to pink and red, each color of rose holds its own distinct meaning, allowing you to incorporate even more significance into your wedding day bloom choices.

Curious what colors of roses you should consider integrating into your big day? Read on for a guide to rose color meanings.

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White Roses

bouquet of white roses

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White roses are certainly a go-to choice for weddings, and for good reason. White roses symbolize loyalty, purity, and innocence. "Since they represent these ideas, the white rose has also become the most popular flower to be seen at weddings," says Poulson. According to Poulson, they can also symbolize eternal love, a new start, and fresh beginnings. With such a stunning appearance and beautiful meaning, white roses are the perfect choice for an elegant bridal bouquet. You might also consider choosing floral centerpieces that let white roses speak for themselves, or even dramatic floral installations.

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Red Roses

bouquet of red roses

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Red roses are about as classic as it gets. After all, there's a reason a dozen red roses are such a common choice for gifting. "Red roses are very popular on Valentine's Day because people tend to associate red roses with a passionate relationship," says Poulson. "The red rosebud signifies beauty and purity." And of course, that symbolism for love and passion can be carried into your wedding day. Red roses hold a meaning of romance, love, beauty, and courage. They’re a lovely addition to bouquets or centerpieces for fall or winter weddings, adding the perfect pop of bold color.

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Yellow Roses

yellow roses centerpiece


As with many yellow flowers, yellow roses exude joy. According to Poulson, they also represent caring. "Yellow roses are widely popular in spring," she says. "They are uplifting and joyful. You can’t help but smile at a cheerful golden rose!" By incorporating yellow roses into wedding bouquets, centerpieces, or even altar décor, it can also be seen as a reference to the warmth that the sun provides. And while these bright blooms are most often gifted as a symbol of friendship, they’re the perfect option to incorporate into a vibrant, multi-colored centerpiece.

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Ivory Roses

centerpiece with ivory roses

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While stark white roses are incredibly popular for a wedding during any season, couples hoping for a more muted tone may turn to ivory roses or cream-colored roses instead. These off-white blooms hold a meaning of luxury, charm, and elegance, and they certainly exude just that! They can also symbolize thoughtfulness, grace, and perfection. We love the subtle beauty of an ivory rose bouquet, or the pairing of white and ivory roses for just a hint of contrast in a gorgeous floral installation.

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Orange Roses

orange roses in a vase

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Hoping for something bright and bold? Because orange roses are a mixture of red and yellow hues, they also hold a mixture of meanings from the two. Overall, orange roses mean love and friendship, but they can also mean passion, gratitude, happiness, loyalty, and support. Not to mention, with their vibrant, punchy color, orange roses can also symbolize liveliness. Incorporate these captivating blooms into a variety of floral options for when you want an elegant yet incredibly unique vibe.

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Pink Roses

pink roses centerpiece


Pink blooms add such a charming touch to weddings, whether you’re choosing pink peonies or pink sweet peas. But pink roses mean a bit more. Pink roses hold a meaning of sweetness, elegance, refinement, and femininity. Talk about the perfect choice for a garden-inspired wedding! According to Poulson, a deep pink rose also symbolizes gratitude or appreciation. They’re a lovely color of rose for gifting to a friend or saying "thank you," but they’re also a gorgeous choice to feature in any wedding bouquet or centerpiece.

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Peach Roses

escort cards with peach roses

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Just looking at peach-colored roses, these blooms are as sweet as can be. And that’s the same meaning they hold. Peach roses with their light red-orange hue symbolize sincerity, genuineness, gratitude, and sweetness. And because of their stunning color, they've become a popular addition to many spring or summer weddings. Whether you choose to add a few in a bouquet, use them to dress up a floral arch, or even use them in an escort card display, peach roses are a darling, meaningful choice.

Want to use multiple colors of roses to incorporate plenty of symbolism? Go for it! Consider stunning centerpieces made up of a variety of rose colors for a charming statement.

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Lavender Roses

lavender roses

Courtesy of Grace Rose Farm

Lavender roses are an absolutely beautiful addition to a springtime wedding in a variety of ways, whether you're incorporating them into a bouquet or adding just a few in a pastel-hued centerpiece. At the same time, they’re a bit unexpected. Lavender roses hold a meaning of adoration and fascination. They can also be used to symbolize mystery, enchantment, and love at first sight. How sweet!

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Multi-Colored Roses

multi-colored rose centerpiece


While many roses only feature one color, it is possible to incorporate multi-colored roses into your wedding day florals. Check with your florist on potential color combinations featured in every single rose, from pink and white blooms to even rainbow options. Multi-colored roses hold a meaning of positive energy, laughter, and joy, making them a beautiful option to mark celebratory occasions.

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