Romantic Winter Destinations Based on Your Horoscope

There’s a special destination in the world for every sign.

The Lofoten Islands in Norway with red houses.

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If you and your loved one are ready to embark on a romantic trip together, assessing not just how the stars align but where they align will make the journey even more romantic. Whether you’re an earth sign, a fire sign, a water sign, or an air sign, there are places in the world where each sign will feel most fulfilled—and figuring out how to find the perfect spot for your zodiac sign combination is just the beginning of the fun. 

Astrologer and life coach Tracey Rogers explains that there’s a lot that goes into deciding where to travel based on your horoscope; astrologers will use a practice called astrocartography to asses your chart holistically before picking destinations that make the most sense. “It’s not as simple as deciding where to go!” she says. “Astrocartography is a type of reading that tells you the best destination for specific things based on your astrological birth chart. Astrology is really the practice of looking at your full astrological makeup—each planet means something specific to your personality. So, whenever an astrologer gives a reading, we’re looking at your full astrological birth chart. When you do an astrocartography reading, we’ll plug in your birth details and see how the planets are aligned across a specific region, or across the entire world. We’ll look for points that represent specific things.”

What Is Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is a discipline of astrology wherein your birth chart is mapped out against the map of the world. Astrologers use this practice to determine how certain regions in the world can serve different purposes for a person based on the position of the stars when they were born.

Rogers goes on to explain that when reading a birth chart, an astrologer will look specifically at the Venus line, which speaks to what we value in our relationships, what we find attractive in others, and where we experience love, affection, harmony, and balance in our lives. “If you’re wanting to find love or experience more loving opportunities, we’ll look at the venus line and where it is located in a region. Wherever that line crosses through on the map, we’d say these are going to be some of your best destinations for love.”

Meet the Expert

Tracey Rogers is an astrologer and life coach.

If you don’t have time for a full astrological reading, Rogers gives us insight into the types of destinations that each sign should seek out for a love trip.

A view of the ocean from the white-washed town of Santorini.


Fire Signs

Aeries, Leo, and Sagittarius

“Fire signs may want to go somewhere that’s warm,” says Rogers. Think of exciting destinations, fancy excursions, and island paradises where there is plenty of opportunity for luxuriating and pampering.” She explains that destinations that provide the opportunity to express passionate energy, stay in stylish accommodations, and seek out hard-to-reach places are optimal.


From exploring active volcanoes to kicking back at a luxury resort like the Fairmont Kea Lani in Maui, fire signs will find plenty to do in this island paradise.


It’s never a bad idea to go to Santorini! This is especially true for those who want to connect on a passionate level and have an excuse to embrace Santorini’s unparalleled style.


For fire signs looking for a more off-the-beaten-path destination, the deserts of Jordan are idyllic. Consider holing up for a luxury stay at the Four Seasons Amman, then booking a desert camping trip.

An aerial view of vineyards and lush hills in Tuscany, Italy.


Water Signs

Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio

“The water signs might want something a bit cozier,” says Rogers. “Something that’s a bit more inviting, like farm-style, rustic environments that are also warm.”


A summertime trip to Norway might be just the ticket for a water sign—warm and lush during the day, cool and cozy at night. You can spend days in the summer sun hiking high above fjords and your evenings cuddled up over the water in one of the Manhaussen Island glass sea cabins.


Nothing beats the wide-open spaces of Montana. Water signs will feel right at home on a romantic ranch vacation at one of the state’s premier resorts like the Resort at Paws Up or Triple Creek Ranch.


The pastoral landscape of northern Italy offers bountiful opportunities for romance. Water signs can look forward to exploring vineyards and olives groves, feasting on truffle pasta, and meandering through centuries-old towns in Tuscany.

An aerial view of the Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California.


Earth Signs

Taurus and Virgo

“Earth signs will want something more traditional, [maybe to be] outdoors in nature, at a beautiful nature reserve, someplace in the woods where they can be grounded in an earthy setting,” Roger suggests. “The Redwoods in California could be a really beautiful setting for earth signs.”

Big Sur, California

Nature abounds in Big Sur, one of the most striking stretches of the Pacific coastline in California. Earth suns will feel right at home at the Post Ranch Inn, which puts guests high up with sweeping views of the ocean and the towering Redwoods.

New Zealand

Adventure junkies and earth lovers can’t go wrong with a trip to New Zealand, so this is a natural fit for a Taurus or a Virgo. Whether you spend time traversing some of the incredible mountain ranges of this stunning country, or hunker down in a luxe resort like Treetops Lodge and Estate for a wellness-centered getaway, this is guaranteed to deepen your connection as a couple—and with Mother Earth.


Patagonia offers remote camping and backpacking experiences, some of the world’s best hiking, and cozy, sumptuous accommodations to settle into after a day of exploration. Check into Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, where the architecture mimics the sweeping vistas and places couples in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park.

A temple in Bangkok, Thailand.


Air Signs

Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini

“The air signs might want something a bit more casual and laid back,” says Rogers. “Probably someplace that’s quirky or eccentric.”

Austin, Texas

You know the saying: Keep Austin weird. So, what better way to embrace each other than with a trip to this southern town? Enjoy a romantic stay at The LINE Austin, a chic 1960s jazz club turned boutique hotel.


Air signs who love historic cities, world-class architecture, and five-star cuisine should head to Barcelona for a romantic trip along the Mediterranean, where sun, sand, and Catalan culture make for endless fun.


There’s no shortage of things to explore in Bangkok. Couples can spend days ambling through open food markets, adventuring around centuries-old temples, and sightseeing day trips. Book a suite at the Mandarin Oriental Bangkok to experience some of the city’s best luxury, food, and hospitality (and don’t miss the high tea!).


A Guide to Romantic Winter Getaways

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