15 Most Romantic Flowers and Their Meanings

Consider incorporating these classic beauties!

romantic flower bouquet

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Wedding flowers can truly make a statement in so many forms. As you’re planning your wedding, you’ll get to choose the type, color, and style of blooms that will be utilized for centerpiece arrangements, bouquets, and sometimes even other décor elements such as arches, altars, or hanging installations. But with so many types of flowers out there, where is a couple to start?

While punchy hues and modern-style blooms certainly have their own time and place, more often than not, couples are tying romantic flowers into the mix for the perfect touch. What are the most romantic flowers? We consulted floral experts Shean Strong and Amanda Theodoropoulos to find out.

Meet the Expert

  • Shean Strong is the owner and floral designer behind Shean Strong, a wedding planning and floral design company based in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Amanda Theodoropoulos is the co-owner of Twisted Willow Flowers, a mother-daughter team focused on garden-style wedding arrangements.

"Whether hand-selecting specific blooms for your wedding day or trusting your designer to bring a vision to fruition, we can all agree flowers are one of many important contributions in creating a beautiful wedding day," says Strong. "Choosing romantic flowers for your day creates a level of sophistication and timelessness to the overall feeling. You will happily be able to look back 10, 20, 50 years from now and see the classic beauties still being used."

Read on for 15 of the most romantic flowers, along with their special meanings.

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Garden Roses

centerpiece with pink garden roses


Garden roses are specifically bred for their stunning size and shape. They're a bit larger with fluffier petals, in comparison to a traditional rose, but they hold the same meaning of love and romance. "Garden roses are an expected romantic flower," says Theodoropoulos. "Flowers help exude romance in their pairings, shapes, and color combinations. Using more romantic blooms with the addition of candles really pushes the overall vibe towards romance."

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pink peony bouquet

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The large, fluffy petals of peonies scream romance right off the bat, but their meaning takes it further. Peonies symbolize a happy relationship and serve as an omen of good fortune. "Garden roses, Japanese anemone, sweet pea, and peony are some of the timeless romantics that not only come in a variety of colors but are full of potential for new ways to make these beauties seem fresh and new," says Strong.  

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carnation on wedding place setting

Photo by Kristin la Voie

Carnations are classic blooms that have been gifted to loved ones for decades. With fluffy petals and a variety of hues including pink, red, and white, they're truly a popular choice for playful romance. The blooms symbolize affection and true love, making them a beautiful addition to any wedding, whether you're using them in a bouquet or dressing up a table setting.

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orchid wedding bouquet

Photo by Jenny Quicksall

It goes without saying that orchids exude elegance in a way unlike any other bloom. But these stunning flowers also hold a meaning of love, strength, and charm, making them entirely romantic. They're stunning in a bouquet on their own, or orchids can be beautifully incorporated into statement centerpieces.

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Traditional Roses

bouquet of traditional roses


Traditional roses still certainly shine as wedding flowers, whether used in a bouquet or a table centerpiece. They're the original romantic flower, representing love in any shade. To take their symbolism even further, each shade of rose has a different meaning. Red means passion and pink means gratitude, while white roses symbolize purity and grace.

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boutonniere with gardenia

Photo by Erich Mcvey

Gardenias are a fragrant bloom with dainty star-shaped petals. They're charming flowers that symbolize beauty, hope, purity, and love. Use this romantic flower in a boutonniere or to add texture and interest to a bouquet.

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bouquet with tulips

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According to Strong, a tulip is compared to deep love. This stunning springtime bloom exudes beauty and grace, with a variety of color options including white, pink, yellow, and red. Tulips symbolize enduring love, making them special to feature in a bouquet or on reception tables.

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Sweet Peas

Sweet peas centerpiece


Sweet peas give off such a romantic, cottagecore vibe thanks to their fluffy petals and dainty size. "Sweet pea means blissful pleasure," says Strong. They're enchanting and entirely vibrant, making for the perfect addition to a bouquet or to make a statement as a centerpiece.

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bouquet with pink clematis

Photo by Rebecca Yale

Clematis is a climbing vine that flowers with stunning blooms in a variety of shades such as white, purple, pink, and yellow. It symbols ingenuity, wisdom, and aspiration, and provides a great pop of color and texture to a bouquet or centerpiece. "Blooms like sweet pea, clematis, and ranunculus are romantic in their shape and the movement they give the arrangements," says Theodoropoulos.

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bouquet with ranunculus

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Ranunculus is a truly unique flower thanks to its intricate shape. Each bloom features delicate layers of petals, making it a charming addition to a bouquet or centerpiece. Ranunculus radiates beauty and symbolizes grace, elegance, and pure love.

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boutonniere made with anemone

Photo by Sylvie Gil

Anemones make a subtle statement thanks to their large, delicate petals and bold center, whether included in a bouquet or displayed on their own in a boutonniere. The bloom itself symbolizes anticipation and fragility, while white anemones specifically symbolize sincerity.

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Cherry Blossoms

cherry blossom wedding cake


It’s hard to ignore the beauty of cherry blossoms when they begin to bloom in spring. They’re nothing short of incredible with such a lovely scent. This tree blossom represents love, strength, and appreciation. Incorporate cherry blossoms into a cake design or use branches to create a sweet and simple tree centerpiece.

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Lily of the Valley

lily of the valley bouquet

Photo by Rachel Havel

Lily of the Valley has been a popular wedding flower choice for centuries, most often used by royals in bouquets. The flowering plant with small bell-shaped blooms is entirely charming. Lily of the Valley holds a meaning of purity, joy, and sweetness.

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centerpiece with hydrangea


Hydrangeas are well known for their unique texture and full-bodied nature. Made up of plenty of dainty petals, they're blooms that exude romance and elegance. As for their special meaning? Hydrangeas symbolize heartfelt emotion.

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Daisies in a cocktail


Daisies are known for their cheerful appearances thanks to tiny white petals and bright yellow centers. They’re playful, romantic flowers symbolizing true love and new beginnings. They can be included in a whimsical wildflower bouquet for great color and texture, or even in charming bud vases on reception tables. Another great way to incorporate daisies? These edible flowers can be used to garnish desserts or drinks.

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