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Whether you just started dating, are engaged and planning the wedding, or recently tied the knot, taking time to prioritize and strengthen your relationship is important. Our expert-approved advice and tips will help you keep your partnership on solid footing.

Bride with bridesmaids embracing and toasting
How to Be Happy for Couples When You Hate Being Single, According to Experts
We Tried Talkspace's Online Couples Counseling—Is It Worth It?
we're not really strangers
This Card Game Helped My Partner and I Stay Close, Even in a Long-Distance Relationship
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4 First Date Mistakes to Know and Avoid
Best Online Premarital Counseling
What Is an Intuitive and How Speaking to One Can Be a Gift Before Marriage
Valentines Day Mini Journey 2023
The Best Valentine's Day Vacation Ideas, According to Relationship Experts
A bride in a white wedding gown and bridesmaid helping fix her train.
What to Do When Your Sister Doesn't Want to Be Your Maid of Honor
A happy couple cooks dinner together in a white-tiled kitchen decorated with plants.
How Cooking Together Can Help Foster Healthy Relationships
A couple sitting in front of the ocean with champagne.
First Anniversary Traditions and Where They Come From
A couple in their kitchen kissing over the kitchen table.
What Is Codependency in a Relationship?
A gay couple cooks pasta together in their kitchen at home.
Domestic Partnership Versus Marriage: What Are the Differences?
A woman sits on the couch writing a letter.
How to Write a Future Husband Letter
A young lesbian couple sits on the couch having a serious conversation at home.
How to Initiate a Conversation About Couples Counseling
Ours Online Couples Counseling Review
A woman smiling holding a letter for her husband.
How to Write an Anniversary Letter for Your Husband
A distressed man sits on the couch thinking.
5 Signs of a Toxic Relationship
Groom in a burgundy tux and bride in a high-neck floral dress
7 Core Values Every Couple Must Agree on Before Marriage
A Guide to Happy Marriage
5 Signs Your Relationship Could Benefit from Couples Counseling
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What Is Polyamory and Why Is it Having a Moment?
A couple sits on the floor on yoga mats while meditating in a yoga studio.
How Meditation Can Help With Communication in Your Relationship
A couple sips wine while sitting on a wooden dock overlooking a lake and mountains in Italy.
5 Tips for Managing Stress Before and During Your Honeymoon
A bridesmaid wearing pink nail polish helps the bride button up her white wedding gown.
How to Navigate Being a Bridesmaid and a Bride at the Same Time
Couple drinking wine on a dinner date
This Is How Often Married Couples Should Plan Date Nights
A Guide to Happy Marriage
7 Simple Habits for Marital Happiness
A mother and a daughter have a conversation at home in the kitchen.
How to Talk to Your Children About Wedding Budget
Happy couple
This Is Why Marriages Succeed or Fail
A man in a blue suit proposes to a woman in the library at the Chatham Bars Inn on Cape Cod.
The 10 Most Unique Hotel Proposal Packages Around the World
Couple standing in the kitchen making the wedding guest list
Here's How to Talk to Parents and In-Laws About the Guest List
Overthinking relationship
How to Stop Overthinking Your Relationship
Happy couple
5 Ways to Champion Your Relationship
Couple holding hands and talking while walking on city street
What Are the 4 Attachment Styles?
Young Couple Looking at Each Other on the Beach at Sunset
What Is a Soul Tie?
Best Online Cooking Classes for Couples of 2021
Best Online Cooking Classes for Couples
Best Date Night Subscription Boxes
The Best Date Night Subscription Boxes of 2023
Two bridesmaids holding bridesmaid bouquets stand together at a wedding.
What to Do If Members of Your Bridal Party Don't Get Along
A bride and groom getting married with guests.
65 Wedding Guest Captions to Use on Your Next Social Media Post
bride and bridesmaids in matching nude pajama sets laughing
55 Valentine's Day Quotes for the Friends You Love Most
woman trying on clothes
What to Wear When Meeting Your Partner's Parents
escort cards
How to Deal With Toxic Family Members During Wedding Planning
bride and friends
7 Ways to Consider Your Single Friends When Planning Your Wedding
8 Conversation Topics to Chat About With Your In-Laws
group of people
How to Introduce Your Parents and Your In-Laws
mother in law and bride
6 Conversations to Have With Your Future Mother-in-Law
How to Get Along With a Difficult Sister in Law
How to Get Along With a Difficult Sister-In-Law
The Complete Guide to Groom's People Duties
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30 Things Your Son-in-Law Wants to Tell You
Mother and daughter arguing
What Should You Do If Your Parents Aren't Excited About Your Engagement?
30 Things Your Daughter-in-Law Wants to Tell You
Does My Sister Have to Be My Maid of Honor?
High angle view of bride and bridesmaids holding blue and white flower bouquets
Why Weddings Can Ruin Friendships
6 Creative Ways to Honor Your Dad at Your Wedding
Young woman hugging older woman, both are smiling
9 Creative and Stress-Free Ways to Bond With Your Mother-in-Law
Taylor Swift performing during Eras Tour
One Couple Got Married During Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour Concert
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The Complete Proposal Checklist: Everything You Need to Do Before Popping the Question
Lizzo Helped a Fan Propose to His Boyfriend During Her Glasgow Concert
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10 Casual Engagement Photo Outfit Ideas for Brides-to-Be
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How to Pull Off a Surprise Proposal
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Just Got Engaged? Here are 5 Things You Should Do Right Now
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15 Unique Places to Propose in New York City
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10 Celebrity Proposal Venues to Pop the Question At
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6 Major Proposal Mistakes to Avoid, According to Experts
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How to Plan the Perfect Beach Proposal
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Should You Propose Before or After Dinner?