How to Plan a Regencycore Wedding

Embrace sophistication and royalty on your big day.

A regencycore wedding in a castle with a hanging chandelier behind the bride and groom

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Between the success of period pieces like Bridgerton, the legacy of 19th-century authors like Jane Austen and her iconic characters, and the cultural obsession with the British royals, it's no surprise that regencycore has found its way into the wedding world. This elegant and regal aesthetic comes together with elements like ballroom receptions, vintage gowns, pearls, palatial venues, and bountiful fresh roses. The combination yields a beautifully romantic celebration, full of the nostalgia and opulence of a bygone era.

"Regencycore harkens back to the Regency period in England," explains Ashley Lynch of Festoons and Flourishes. "Even though this time period was actually only nine years long (1811-1820), it brought the aristocracy and the height of fashion from restrictive corsets and bustles to a time that was more free and easy." Lynch notes that for a regencycore wedding, couples should focus on creating the experience of "the aristocratic ball" for guests. "Whether it be at your home or a grand ballroom, guests should feel as if every detail has been considered, from white-glove service attending to every guest’s need to the perfect selection of canapés served on the best silver, and, of course, endless crystal glasses of champagne."

If a regencycore aesthetic sounds like the wedding of your dreams, we've got expert tips for how to make this regal vision come to life in the most romantic way possible.

How to Plan a Regencycore Wedding

If you love the idea of planning a regencycore wedding, go all out with it; after all, it's the type of theme where more really is more. Invitations are the perfect way to introduce your guests to your regal wedding theme from the very beginning, and the options for sprucing up your stationery are truly endless! From elegant script fonts to crests and vintage stamps, feel free to get creative and embrace the theme with your invitation suite. We love the idea of creating a custom monogram or crest (so regal) for your envelopes or using wax seals, which are reminiscent of the Regency era.

After your invitations, one of the first elements of planning is selecting the right color palette for your regencycore wedding. Lynch recommends focusing on bright pastels with gilded accents. In terms of décor, she suggests "large-scale statement spring florals decorating the perimeter of the room, and plenty of taper candles and candelabras everywhere to give your event a magical glow." Consider finding ways to incorporate 19th-century wallpaper (which you might be able to achieve with your venue if it's from another century). When setting the scene and creating a vibe, you want your guests to feel like they're at a celebration for the ages. "Overwhelmingly, the mood should be set for feasting and dancing into the wee hours of the night," she says.

A ballroom wedding ceremony venue with paintings and a chandelier for a regencycore wedding

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Regencycore Wedding Venues

Choosing the right wedding venue is always important, but where you say "I do" is especially crucial when trying to drive home a regencycore wedding theme. While you don't have to book a ballroom in order to perfect the regency aesthetic, but this type of venue is an ideal option as it epitomizes the opulent parties representative of this era. Any space that has tall cathedral ceilings, chandeliers, or vintage wallpaper will do the trick. Alternatively, if you're planning a destination wedding, opting for a chateau, palace, villa, or castle is just the ticket. Any space with manicured lawns is the perfect spot for an outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour, too. For those planning their regencycore wedding at home, you can certainly transform your own interiors by emphasizing lots of moody candlelit corners, lots and lots of flowers, pastel bunting, and vintage paintings (ideally with opulent gold frames).

Regencycore wedding reception table with pink roses and greenery, accented with tapered candles.

Photo by Jessica Mangia

Regencycore Wedding Flowers

During both the ceremony and reception, a regencycore wedding is a perfect opportunity to put flowers at center stage; as Lynch notes above, large floral displays around the perimeter of your reception room (or tent) will create all the romantic vibes. Thread this romantic and nostalgic theme throughout the day with sumptuous bridal and bridesmaids bouquets consisting of a variety of types of roses in blush pinks and cream hues, accented with delicate greenery or dainty vines.

Reception tablescapes should also overflow with flowers—roses, or something similarly delicate like peonies or ranunculus—accented with flickering candles of varying heights. When it comes to glassware and porcelain, this is the perfect time to let the theme shine through. Consider using formal china plates with a pastel-hued pattern, paired with sterling silver cutlery and crystal glassware.

Regencycore Wedding Fashion

One of the most exciting elements of planning a regencycore wedding is, of course, the dress. "For a modern take on Regency fashion, brides should look at empire waist and column gowns that are less structured, free flowing, and easy to move in," suggests Lynch. "But even though the dress seems more simplistic, don’t be afraid to have fun with fabrics, accessories, and embellishments," she says. Lynch explains that this is the time to opt for gold and silver brocades, trims, silk buttons, bejeweled embellishments, pearls, a cape, or even a tiara for the ceremony. "And don’t forget your long opera gloves for your dinner and reception."

Regencycore Wedding Cakes

After the ceremony and lavish dinner (multi-course meals served with wine pairings certainly fit the bill for this theme), it's time to cut the cake—which is an opportunity for understated elegance. "Believe it or not, fully frosted and decorated cakes did not become the fashion until Queen Victoria’s wedding about 20 years after the Regency era ended," notes Lynch. "If you want to be true to the time period, couples should look to a traditional fruit-based cake, piped with elaborate iced patterns and details, bringing a similar but a much more ‘royal' vibe."

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