Reddit's 2020 Year in Review Reveals Biggest Topic in Wedding Threads

No surprises here.

Reddit Year in Review—Covid Weddings
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This year has no doubt been an incredibly challenging year for everyone—brides included. And whether you were planning a wedding or not, this topic most likely affected you in some way or came up in your conversations. 

Reddit’s 2020 Year in Review report is in, and it’s total proof of this. The platform released a “Community Reflections Report,” featuring the thread r/weddingplanning, which was seen in the top 5 beauty communities by activity. Mods (moderators) of the thread r/weddingplanning reported that with March and the coronavirus lockdown came panic in mayhem in the community, with a 6600 percent spike in the mentions of postponing weddings just in March. 

And not just that but an influx in Covid-19 posts created the need to consult their mods with science backgrounds to correct misinformation or misunderstandings surrounding the pandemic—a very unusual and unprecedented need for a wedding thread. Unsurprisingly, an increase in posts about small weddings and elopements was seen—even for users who had had a larger wedding planned.

Typically the online discussion board brings funny or crazy stories (like a maid of honor who was forced to clean up 99 dead goldfish or the bride who kicked out a guest for wearing a dress that was five percent white), advice to brides on their special day, and beauty and dress trends. But in a year like this one, the wedding Reddit communities rallied together in support of each other during this uncertain time that left wedding plans very up in the air.

And even though masks covered the bottom half of our faces this year, beauty topics still thrived on the platform—so soon-to-be-brides, take a look at these threads if you’re looking for beauty inspiration for your special day.

And if you’re curious to see what other topics were being discussed on Reddit in 2020, you can find the whole report here. And 2021, please take us back to more light-hearted wedding discussions.

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